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Facebook Covers InformationFacebook Quotes Cover - you don't know him like i do you'll never understand and you don't know what we've been through that boy is my best friend there's no way your gonna help me he's the only one who can no you don't know how much i got to lose and you don't know him like i d made by our users. MenuFearless doesnt mean you're completely unafriad and it doesnt mean you're bulletproof, it means you have alot of fears.. The word “feels” was popularized by the Internet slang expression “I know that feel bro”, with the earliest instances rumored to have appeared on the German image board Krautchan in May of 2010.
On March 30th, 2012, Urban Dictionary[3] user Alice707 submitted an entry for “feels,” defining it as a shorthand for the word “feelings.” On June 25th, the Cheezburger site Roflfazzi[4] highlighted an image macro featuring an animated GIF from the 2012 super hero action film The Avengers with the caption “Right in the feels” (shown below). On October 11th, a Facebook[9] page titled “That post hit me right in the feels” was launched, which gained over 2,800 likes in the following eight months. On May 6th, 2013, YouTuber enjoylifeingeneral uploaded a video titled “The Feels,” featuring a speech directed at an air conditioning unit accompanied by dramatic music (shown below). I have my first boyfriend right now and this really reminds me of him and those words hit me and I miss him without being near him. My boyfriend and I met in my grade ten year in geo class, we walked in a week after class first started. How to solong tattoo complete tattoo kit 2 pro machine guns 54 inks power supply foot pedal needles grips tips tk220?
Word on the curb is that media mogul Tyler Perry is engaged and planning a huge wedding for his gorgeous Ethiopian model chick, Gelila Bekele. The super-producer shares his joy at finally finding love in an interview with Jamie Foster-Brown featured in the March 2012 issue of Sister2Sister magazine. Perry reveals that it was only after that therapeutic appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show, where he discussed being molested as a child, that he was finally able to release his demons and allow someone in his heart.
Wesley is jolted out of his predictable routine when he meets Lindsey (Thandie Newton), a down-on-her-luck single mother who works as a cleaning person in his office building. It’ll be quite interesting to see if TP can actully pull off being the lead in this film without donning his Madea wig, but perhaps having LOVE in his life gave him what he needed to make this role believable.
Maybe you should sit your ass down and enjoy the show instead of running around trying to be noticed.
Now if you know someone whose monthly income is $130.00 they need to get a better job or some education one. I think that a fine man like Tyler Perry deserves a real chance at happiness.He has dealt with his demons of his past and I believe that God has delivered him completely.
As a former child protection worker I know how deep this issue goes in our society.However it is also highly unlikely that talking about the abuse one time on the Oprah show qualifies as treatment. I believe that Tyler Perry has been sexually abused so much that his identity is skewed and he is unsure of what he is or who he wants. Until he gets counseling and seeks justice through the courts he will never truly be happy in his own skin.
This is an Odd couple to say the least and I think this girl was exited to be dating Tyler P in the beginning,but the look on her face now says loud and clear that I’M OVER IT! These comments read like a tabloid all this I heard and we speculate and blah blah blah why is it when a black man is successful he is automatically gay?

The term is also commonly associated with the phrase “right in the feels,” which indicates that something has deeply affected the speaker.
On February 6th, 2012, a user named “Voyack” posted an “ask me anything” (AMA) thread on Reddit,[2] asserting that he was the Krautchan user “Wojak” who created of the meme.
My boyfriend and I met in the ninth grade we became good friends and he had the biggest crush on me and I secretly liked him as well. Outspoken, impulsive and proud- and also recently evicted- Lindsey struggles to make ends meet for herself and her young daughter. Tyler knows good and damn well he’s gay, so why would he ruin this girl’s life? Some women are willing to live a lie as long as their being compensated, but how long will it last?
Oh and before you go there on how much yo hair cost, yes sweetie I know Remy is at least 100.00 maybe more a pack I used to wear it back in the day b4 most people knew what a Remy was.
So you mean to tell me you never addressed those Gay Demons until you appeared on Oprah right before the premiere of your movie? He will NEVER openly admit that because the movies he does, always have a religioius undertone. Hopefully it will inspire thousands of men who have had the same horrible secret they have been keeping inside. I do believe he is confused about his sexuality and doesn’t seem all that comfortable in his own skin, this girl looks like someone who would date him only to advance her career and it looks like she is just some young Trophy Piece for him to have on his arm. Why is it comedians have been putting on dresses for years starting with flip wilson who made his character geraldine a household name no one ran around saying flip was gay.
There are plenty of black, successful men who are both homosexual and heterosexual, and plenty of poor black men (and women) who also are. But when Wesley offers to help her get back on her feet, his innocent good deed ignites and unexpected attraction- and suddenly Wesley finds himself caught between the life he thought he wanted and the powerful desires of his heart?.
Unless he has came clean with her and she agrees to go along living a lie to cover up his sexual orientation, then he’s dead ass wrong.
AND THE BLACK CASTS OF THESE MOVIES HAVE BECOME A WHO HASNT BEEN SEEN IN A DECADE AND WILL WORK FOR GRITS KINDA MOVIES! Yall know how black church folk is about homosexuality and black church folk are his main audience for his plays and movies. This unfortunately is not an isolated situation but is just recently being openly talked about. He will be better off getting some professional counseling for himself…because he is not alone with this issue. Why is it all this bashing Tyler when the man has done wonders for the city of Atlanta and put a lot of people to work. I don’t talk about it,” he says while remaining tight lipped on the subject of his personal life. When I attending his last two shows in Miami for no reason he chose to comment on me on both occasions.

These gay men pretenting to be straight ruining women’s lives is plain out selfish and sickening.
Whatever stains that may have been there as a result of the abuse (failed relationships, questioning his sexuality), I believe that he is a strong Christian brother that has allowed God to deliver him and make him whole. He’s knows that black folks are fine with you being in the closet, but the moment you open the door ALL Hell breaks loose.
Tyler aint no damn fool, he knows that if he came out as a gay man, them church folk would act a dayum fool. The one who claims to like women dating a few here and there along the way, but then only has other women as his closest friends. All this ugly ignorant speculation of a man that puts out quality product and keeps bringing enlightenment to people and helping people and changing lives and being a blessing to folks and all y’all can do is sling hate really folks really? Tyler does a lot of positive things for his city and employs many people, including our talented black actors and actresses overlooked by other studios. Abuse in any form is destructive and one can self heal but it takes a lot of mental work and confrontation to succeed.
Never let yourself think that you are wiser than you are; simply obey the Give thanks to God always. Never let yourself think that you are wiser than you are; simply obey the made by our users. When he’s around the fellas sure,he can go into kickin it mode and crack some jokes,but when they go off to shoot hoops or play football he would rather go shopping with the girls, advise us on the latest fashions to wear,hair styles to get or stay up late at night on the phone for Marathon conversations with us. I don’t see any other black director, writer, producer doing the things that tyler is doing. True enough, my then fiance now husband came in a little late, but when the usher showed us our seats that were in the 2nd or 3rd row somebody was squating in my seat. HE is the one consistently employing the black actors and actresses in Hollywood who else is doing that?
A short poem can be the ultimate act of romance when it is given the time and effort that it deserves. They always are revealed no matter how well they try to cover it up,the truth rears it’s ugly head eventually! The second time I had front row seats got their early and sat down with my husband, but I left to go get me a magarita on the rocks with salt and when I got back he was already on stage. Never Let Yourself Think That You Are Wiser Than You Are; Simply Obey The give thanks to god always. As i made it to my seat he once again pointed me out of a whole lot of people on BP time, to say "welcome Wendy Williams" sure enough I had my 23-26 inch virgin indian remy in my head but damn!

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