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More human anatomy diagrams: nervous system, skeleton, front view of muscles, back view of musclesOrganise the organs in our interactive body. BBC SCIENCE is provided for general information only, and should not be treated as a substitute for the medical advice of your own doctor, psychiatrist or any other health care professional.
At the end of the 1990s, Dr Valerie Curtis of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine began to survey people in different countries to find out what things they found disgusting. These universal sources of disgust led Curtis to hypothesise that disgust might be genetic; hard-wired in our brains and imprinted on our biological code by millions of years of natural selection.
The genes for disgust probably arose by accident and then became common through natural selection. Curtis still believes that upbringing plays an important role in determining what we find disgusting.
Crucial to this instinctive reaction are visual rules of thumb, which we use to decide what is and isn't a disease threat. The photograph on the left is of an elderly Israeli man who is thought to have been infected when he sat down under a tree to sleep.
Lemon juice experimentSucking a lemonThe amount of saliva you produce after putting a drop of lemon juice on your tongue might tell you something about your personality.It’s to do with a part of your brain called the Reticular Activating System (RAS) which responds to stimuli like food, or social contact. The BBC is not responsible or liable for any diagnosis, decision or self-assessment made by a user based on the content of the BBC SCIENCE website. Perhaps it's the sight and smell of a decomposing pigeon at the side of the pavement, maggots wriggling from its vacant eye sockets. This link convinced Curtis that disgust was a biological mechanism for avoiding infectious disease. But she believes that we have evolved genes that predispose us to find some things more disgusting than others."Imagine a child had never come into contact with either a rat or an orange. Visual cues are so powerful, we often squirm at the sight of things we know are harmless, simply because they happen to look like a disease threat. While many species of worm are harmless - like the humble earthworm - some have evolved to become human gut parasites. A sarcophagid or 'flesh' fly crawled inside his mouth and deposited its live larvae in the gaps between his gums and teeth. Just when teenagers are most sensitive about their looks they suffer an outbreak of zits.This can vary from a few mild pimples to severe acne which can be quite difficult to live with. They are deeply private people who only share their insights with trusted friends; however, they will defend their values if challenged. However, their warm nature may mean they have trouble making tough decisions that affect others negatively.In situations where they can't use their talents or are unappreciated, Mentors may focus too much on the needs of others. The BBC is not liable for the contents of any external internet sites listed, nor does it endorse any commercial product or service mentioned or advised on any of the sites.

Faeces, pus and corpses are all sources of dangerous bacteria and viruses; faeces alone being the source of more than 20 dangerous bugs.
If you showed the rat and the orange to that child for the first time, they would probably be fascinated not disgusted," says Curtis.
Over millions of years, we have evolved an instinctive avoidance of gut parasites in animal meat. All of these muscles can stretch and contract, but they perform very different functions.Skeletal muscleThe tissue most commonly thought of as muscle is skeletal muscle.
In situations where they can't use their talents or are unappreciated, Counsellors may withdraw from the people around them or become resentful. And this same visual aversion to long, slimy, wriggly animals makes us squirm at the harmless earthworm.The gum of a man's mouth infected with larvae from a sarcophagid fly during a nap in the open.
Smell causes such a powerful response in the brain that the US Army has been trying to develop a stink bomb with an odour foul enough to be used for riot-control.
Squeezing lemon juice on to your tongue makes your mouth water, and it does this because your RAS is responding to the lemon juice.Scientists now think introverts have increased activity in their RAS and therefore increased production of saliva. Boys are more susceptible than girls because testosterone tends to make spots worse, whereas oestrogen prevents them. The Metropolitan Police have already expressed an interest in the weapon.But we can override the disgust response. The theory is that the RAS in introverts has a high level of activity, even when it isn’t being stimulated.
They are attached to your skeleton by strong, springy tendons or are directly connected to rough patches of bone. The face is the most common area to be affected, but spots can appear on the neck, upper back, shoulders and chest.Spotting the cause of acneAll over the skin, particularly in the areas most prone to spots, are thousands of sebaceous glands. Skeletal muscles are under voluntary control, which means you consciously control what they do.Just about all body movement, from walking to nodding your head, is caused by skeletal muscle contraction. They produce an oily substance called 'sebum' and they tend to become over-active in teenagers. And when it comes to sex, we compromise between our instinctive avoidance of disease and our urge to reproduce.Opposing viewsBut not everyone believes that we have a genetic predisposition to be disgusted.
This means that introverts are likely to produce a large amount of saliva in response to lemon juice. Your skeletal muscles function almost continuously to maintain your posture, making one tiny adjustment after another to keep your body upright. Unlike Curtis, Paul Rozin of Penn State University thinks that disgust is culturally acquired.
But because the RAS also reacts to social contact, introverts react more strongly to meeting people too.In extraverts, on the other hand, there is a low level of activity in the RAS when it isn’t stimulated, so they require a much larger stimulus to generate a response.

Skeletal muscle is also important for holding your bones in the correct position and prevents your joints from dislocating.
When too much of it is produced, it blocks the tiny holes at the base of the fine hairs on our skin. Rozin carried out his own survey on the things people found disgusting and discovered that causes of death rated the highest amongst his North American subjects. These blocked holes trap bacteria, which then begin to multiply, producing toxic chemicals that turn the skin red.As the bacteria continue to grow, pressure in the pore causes the walls of the hole to get thinner.
The slightest contraction of one of these muscles changes your facial expression.Skeletal muscle generates heat as a by-product of muscle activity.
Eventually the spot bursts and the bacteria and sebum are ejected onto the skin surface as a small dot of white pus. acne is not caused by forgetting to wash, or even by eating a plate of chipsKnow your spotsIf the swelling in a pore is in the upper layer of the skin, a white head appear on the skin's surface. This heat is vital for maintaining your normal body temperature.Smooth MuscleSmooth muscle is found in the walls of hollow organs like your intestines and stomach. Professor Paul Ekman of the University of California, San Francisco found that this was identical in different cultures across the globe.
If attempts are made to squeeze these kinds of spots the inflammation will spread, making the problem worse. This often leads to the typical pitted acne scarring.Sometimes there is no inflammation in a spot. Smooth muscles in a woman's uterus (or womb) help to push babies out of the body during childbirth. Despite rapid advances in medicine, disease still poses an unprecedented threat to human life in the 21st century. The pupillary sphincter muscle in your eye is a smooth muscle that shrinks the size of your pupil.Cardiac MuscleYour heart is made of cardiac muscle.
Sometimes the top of a blackhead is under the surface of the skin, in which case it appears as a small, raised, white pimple and is called a 'white comedo'. These are particularly common on the forehead.Spots come from withinAcne is not caused by forgetting to wash, or even by eating a plate of chips. The good news is that it can be treated in a number of ways, such as medication and anti-bacterial products.

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