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This will not be an exhaustive review of Office 2016, but rather covering some of the exciting new collaboration features – built around Office Groups and OneDrive for Business – which are integrated into peoples’ work patterns. The other thing that’s new is an increased emphasis on OneDrive for Business as an enterprise file sync and share service. It allows you to build groups, view profiles, have conversations, subscribe to events, create and upload documents, and attach links to emails. Office 2016 has nothing new for structured, enterprise collaboration.

It’s a way to reach out to a group like an individual without having to explicitly entering all the group members each time. This is what happens when you invite the project team to a meeting or send the weekly report to the marketing group.
And although not effective for more structured collaboration associated with business initiatives; it is still the standby for most ad hoc collaboration, and the reason is simple. Email is still really the only way to exchange messages with people without having to have the same infrastructure.

We will see some examples where email is the perfect tool and some where you should look elsewhere.

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