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How to Create a Shopping Cart Icon How to Create a Shopping Cart Icon By Alexandra is not fully protected from being read from outside parties. Many Times, The Same Products Are Sold On Multiple Websites, So You Can Compare Prices And See Which Is The Most Affordable. And while The Romantics gained some popular acclaim with their 1980’s hit song, suggesting that sleep talking is a window into the unconscious or into secrets of the heart, the reality is—like many things spoken by sleep talkers–more humorous than serious. Sleep talking, also known as somniloquy by those who prefer multi-syllabic medical terminology, is the act of, well, talking during your sleep. Occasionally sleep talking can accompany other somnabulent conditions like night terrors (previous post) or sleep walking. In a few cases, sleep talking might be a sign of a more serious sleep disorder or health condition. And while the romantics among us might wish that our somniloquys revealed our deepest thoughts and feelings, the reality of sleep talking is that it is usually a window into nothing more than wackiness.
Wonderful post however I was wanting to know if you could write a litte more on this topic? I’m not talking about small secrets – though who’s to say what’s small when it comes to secrets? And a new report from the Prudential has found that 18 per cent of over-40s kept hefty stashes of cash secret from their partners. The damage a secret can do depends on what it means to you, and what it’s likely to mean to the other person. A one-night stand back in the day might have been meaningless once, but deception maintained over time gives it added weight. Secrets about behaviour that’s still going on – such as a mounting debt, a porn habit, or an affair – allow it to continue.
There is a powerful TED talk by Kirsty Spraggon, an Australian woman who told no one for more than a decade that she has herpes. Of course, the danger is that the truth will get out: a child comes across an old diary, perhaps, or your partner chances on a sexy text.
The underlying fear of exposure combines with anxiety that if other people discovered the real you their love and trust would be withdrawn.

Research by Anita Kelly, professor of psychology at Notre Dame University in Indiana and author of The Psychology of Secrets, found that people who concealed information were more likely to suffer headaches, nausea and back pain. A study by Michael Slepian at Stanford University found that people were literally physically weighed down by secrets. One man who had an affair says, “When I admitted I’d been having an affair it was the best thing that had happened since it started. Relate counsellor Christine Northam says coming clean is a test of your relationship: “It’s nearly always better not to have secrets, but sometimes it might be better to keep a still tongue in a wise head.
It’s generally advisable to count to 100 (at least!) and think carefully about your motives before you give away too much about your life.
Make it clear that you believe honesty is a risk worth taking because you value the relationship so highly.
Remember: if your relationship is strong, and you’re prepared to work at it, coming clean can lead to a new honesty and closeness. POP VideosAdded by Ciaran Arthurs 18 September 2015 - 11:35amWatch our videos to find out how easy it is to make POP NI work for you and your group.
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In fact, nearly 10% of young adults and 5% of adults have occasion to keep on talking after they go to sleep.
And it’s a pretty reliable rule of thumb that honesty is best with the people you love – your partner, your children, your best friend – because secrets get in the way of real intimacy.
A survey earlier this year by law firm Slater & Gordon found that 20 per cent of couples kept major secrets from their spouse – some for over 25 years. The longer you keep a secret, the more powerful and destructive it becomes, and the harder it is to confess.
So it’s hardly surprising that secrecy can take a toll on psychological and even physical health. You have to think about what you’re hoping for by revealing the secret, what benefits it will have.
Some couples insist their children don’t need to know anything about what goes on between them. But that doesn’t mean revealing all the grubby details of a break-up, or your bad behaviour at uni.
Often the kids don’t want too much information anyway, although it’s good practice to answer their questions.
But never underestimate the impact of revealing secrets to your kids – however cool and preoccupied with their own lives they seem to be.
But there are all sorts of reasons why, sometimes, coming clean may do more harm than good. There’s no way of knowing how they’ll react, because secrecy is a kind of cocoon, where you are the only judge of your behaviour.
But, increasingly,  parents regard their adult kids as friends, and in that case it’s easy to be a bit too frank – especially when you’re upset or you’ve had a few drinks.

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