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Juno Watt is a tremendous talent, whose music ranges from euphoric to mildly aggressive, but with one eye always on the melody, his vocals being bitter sweet and his lyrics top of the range. Don't Panic attempt to credit photographers and content owners wherever possible, however due to the sheer size and nature of the internet this is sometimes impractical or impossible. Next time you find yourself somewhere noisy try and focus on the quietest sound you can hear and see how long that lasts. When I hit 19 I teamed up with Trufix and worked on a project called Flatbox in my mum’s cellar back in Kent.

The rest of the sound you think you are hearing is just an audio illusion that your brain has created to give a sense of everything else. Soon after, we both stumbled across Mi7 and have been there ever since working up the ranks from sleeping on the sofas and making tea up to getting on the production and mixing.
The rest is a mush of colour that you’re assuming is the same as it was when you actually saw it.
Working with this principal I’m constantly trying to steer the listener to the forefront elements whilst giving the sense of a space with the background elements.

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