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Invisible puppet-masters and corporate manipulators, they crave power and wealth by any means necassary. Acting silently, unless the occasion calls for gunshots, the Illuminati push for the New World Order. To determine which one is the right secret society for you, try taking the official initiation test. With roots in ancient Egypt, the Illuminati have grown and are today a powerful global secret society. The Illuminati operate like a giant organization, with power as the major currency that motivates everything they do.
To protect their assets from the rising darkness, the Illuminati have directed their considerable resources in pursuit of preventing the end of days. Notorious bad boys and girls of the secret world, the Illuminati are also the most ambitious, cut-throat and furtive of secret societies. From the gilded halls of the ancient pharaohs to the private clubs and decadent parties of the famously rich and egocentrically famous, from leaders of industry and Hollywood agents to presidents and popes, the Illuminati have weaved their intricate web with ruthless cunning and acute skill. They rule their corporate pyramid with cold opportunism, and only the strongest members survive. The Illuminati seek to plunder heaven and hell by any means necessary, and god help those who stand in their way. Their massive wealth enahbles them to maintain influence over the world via their unchallenged network of puppets and puppeteers.
If you look at the end of that video in my first post you'll see the final boss of the first instance you'll run in the game. This game is really well done, barring Madican's desire to see the Gods duke it out right in front of you. They were driven out of Europe by their long hated arch rivals The Templars hundreds of years ago, but they set up a new power-base in the new world.
However, just like the other secret societies, they seek to ensure that they alone will wield absolute control over the world when the dust settles. Their secrets can make you rich and powerful beyond compare - or they may destroy your soul and sanity with it. As individuals of privilege they are not afraid to splash their considerable fortune around, earning the society a reputation of "Sex, Drugs, and Rockefeller".
Operating behind the scenes, they whisper into the ears of those that they have bought or blackmailed, influencing policy and business decisions to fit their own needs.

They don't like things that they don't understand, so seek to quantify and contain such magical elements. Although individuals may display gross extravagance, it is never in connection with the society. Your starting area is on an island off of Maine called Kingsmouth where a strange fog has rolled in and the dead have been rising (among other things.) Your job is to investigate and stop it if possible.
Have Free to Play MMOs gotten so prevalent that we need a acronym for the conventional MMO?
Stealing the Americas from under the Templars noses, they grew with the United States to become a shadow superpower. They feel they have earned this privilege because, unlike the Templars, they don't believe in blood and heritage.
There are 500+ skills that you can train and you do get exp that grants you ability points to train skills and skill points that let you train weapon masteries that let you equip higher quality weapons and they also grant bonus passive effects. Meanwhile Cthulhu has woken and devoured Hawaii and part of California, pissing off the Native American gods enough for them to revive and kick his booty, which then prompts Izanagi and Yamato no Orochi to join in the attack to finish him, hoping to get on the Americans' good side to prepare for an assault on China.I do not really care about the mortals unless they're pissing in a god's face and escaping handily.
Their corporate headquaters, the labyrinth is in an undisclosed location beneath Brooklyn, New York. What appears to be nothing more than a lone door in a run-down warehouse, is in reality the entrance to their heavily defended hi-tech underground headquarters.
You said there's no visible armor, but is there gear that's better than others so you have some sort of tier rating and an upgrade is meaningful?
Pretty much every legend of gods and mortals is the gods fucking up mortal lives either for the hell or it or as some kind of test. Their arsenal is the ambition of a news media startup, the rhetoric of a congressman and mongul business sense.
There's so many games nowadays, I have a lot of free to play games on my computer that were once subscription games before they transitioned.
Also Vikings arrived to help the Native Americans (and you) fight back the Mayan sorcerers and the whacked out demons they brought with them. I really should test it with a damage meter.You are only allowed 14 skill slots, 7 for actives and 7 for passives. There isn't any visible armor so if you wanna run around in bunny slippers and a bikini while fighting zombies have fun.
There aren't any classes or levels either so you can wield whatever weapon you want and equip whatever skills you think would fight your play style.

The chat speeds along because there's so many people but the lag isn't as bad as you'd think. Another npc also states that the gods of the north are on your side when you're running the story quest.I've just arrived in Egypt where you find that deranged Cultists are ACTUALLY trying to revive their murderous god. I think having a limit on how many abilities you can have on your quickslot is a pretty good idea since it allows for wider customization than if they let you equip everything you could get your hands on. If you weapon quality is too low your attacks will glance and miss more than they would on higher strength monsters.
Although there can be up to 75 people per faction in Fusang Projects so some low-end computers can't handle loading everything that happens.
You can add passives from other weapons and get their benefit, so long as they don't require that you have that weapon equipped for it to work. So far the community is really nice and helpful with quests, although there are some bad apples who seem to think that if you can't figure something out yourself you must be a failure.
I'm speculating that you do end up fighting the Pharaoh but they say that if the Pharaoh awakens then so does Aten their god.I gotta say though, the voice acting is REALLY well done. There is an active dodge system kind of like Tera where you can dodge aoes and some non-targeted attacks, and you should dodge them whenever possible. That's seen in A LOT of MMOs lately though.Unfortunately Cabals(Guilds) can only be made up of the same faction at the moment, and I'm not sure if they're planning on changing it. The no levels thing means that I don't feel like I have to sludge through killing 300 pigs in order to finally be able to equip that fancy piece of steel that becomes obsolete after I kill another 300 pigs. If all of that hasn't made you want to buy the game just check out this launch video that they've put out, hell check out all their videos.
There is actually a mission that has you translate archaic Arabic and another that has you decode a Roman cipher in order to progress. So the game isn't just running about killing X amount of monsters and then returning with X amount of leathers so that this or that npc can make a shiny new belt that he immediately hands to you as your reward.
The crafting is A LOT like Minecraft's in that you have to make the general shape of what you want with the required materials in order to make that item.

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