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One of the smallest and most ordinary of the IMAX films that I've seen, "Momentum" takes viewers across Canada's landscape, stopping at various points along the way to focus on some scenery. In other words, we're offered a Canadian version of "Koyaanisqatsi", only without the deeper meanings and Phillip Glass score. VIDEO: Criticisms of the film itself aside, the image quality of Image Entertainment's release is quite beautiful. Final Thoughts: "Momentum" is the rare IMAX film that I felt I really didn't get anything out of. Compelled by a mysterious force, Kaena, a rebellious, high-spirited teenage girl will defy the High Priest and her people's ancestral beliefs to take the perilous journey through the Axis and discover what dark secrets lie beyond the clouds. Liebe, Tod Und Eisenbahn The Disappearance Of Eleanor Rigby: Him The Program Save The Green Planet!

On the other hand, it's a little difficult to be tough on "Momentum", as it's an IMAX film that doesn't seem to have translated well at all from the stories-tall IMAX screen. There's not a great deal to the soundtrack, with only occasional sound effects and a light, rather forgettable score.
Images of various buildings of importance, woodland creatures and people going down ski slopes (not exactly the kind of ambitious subject matter that most IMAX films show) may have been visually more involving - although I'm not sure how much - in an IMAX theater. As previously noted, this IMAX feature differs from most in the way that there is no narration. At 20 minutes, the 10-year-old picture is also one of the shortest IMAX features that I'm aware of - it's over before it ever really begins or makes any impact.
Still, with so many other, more interesting IMAX titles currently on DVD (Check out "Beavers", "Super Speedway", "Shackleton's Antarctic Adventure" or "Dolphins" from Image or titles like "Secret of Life on Earth" from Warner, for example), this one really isn't worth the time.

That certainly isn't a statement against Canada, it's against the approach that the filmmakers have taken: there is no narration here to tell us anything about what's going on or what historical significance there is to what we're looking at.
We get image after image of different landscapes, tied together with no apparent reasoning.

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