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Alexa rank is one of the metric that determine the popularity of your website compared to all the other websites on the internet. This is because normally alexa can count the visits of only those people who have the alexa toolbar installed on their computer.
Are you measuring the positive things in your job search?  Or, are you focusing on how many calls you have not received on your resume, how many interviews you’ve messed up, or how many months you’ve been out of work?  Change your focus, and measure the positive results so you can improve them! Previous PostI Can't Wait Until I Retire – Then I Can Do Something I REALLY Enjoy!
Join Our Mailing ListGet our free monthly digest packed with powerful career and job search tips. Simply enter your email below and hit the subscribe button, and know that your information is safe with us. Note: We value your privacy and will never ever sell or lease your email address to anyone. In today’s globalized world English is the common language that connects everyone, even within non-English speaking multicultural countries. There are three core areas you need to work on in order to improve English effectively: vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.
Grammar is to language what skeleton is to the body and this is where any journey to learn English must start. Do not feel ashamed to pick up a basic grammar book to brush up your tenses, prepositions and other areas that need improvement. Pay attention to common errors: its and it’s, your and you’re, compliment and complement are often used incorrectly in sentences.
Check online for English tutorial articles to have specific questions on common errors answered and explained.
Inventing words is alright as long as the use is confined to your circle of friends, but don’t start using them elsewhere. Punctuate your sentences when you speak, read and write (even text messages) because these symbols add tone to your written voice. Good vocabulary is important not so you can impress people with flowery words, but so that you can communicate accurately. Consciously abstain from using fillers like ‘you know’, ‘stuff like that’, ‘and all’ in your sentences.
Install games like Ruzzle and Scrabbles on your android phone to make learning words more fun. You cannot perfect English only by reading or listening, you must write to seal what you have heard or read. Our minds work through stream of consciousness, and so it’s not unnatural to skip details while writing because the mind is thinking too fast. When writing, never deviate too much from the topic of discussion and always be mindful of your argument. If you are unsure of your English, then run a spelling and grammar check on your documents before sending them across. To learn how to speak English fluently and flawlessly, you must actually speak in English a lot.
Follow the subtitles while watching English movies and TV shows to learn the correct pronunciations of words.
After some practice, watch the English shows without subtitles and try to follow whatever is being said on screen. A simple tip to avoid a very common mistake in pronunciation: say “thee” if a word begins with vowel sound or to imply special stress and say ‘the’ otherwise.
English words have stressed and unstressed syllables with only one stressed syllable in every word. Every word counts and every word adds a different value to your sentence, so use words accurately and economically.
And finally, never ever feel small or inferior for not being as good in English as someone else is.
Learning English well is really a step by step process: perfect your grammar, build your vocabulary, improve your spelling and avoid errors in pronunciation.
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If you publish magazines, books, leaflets, catalogues, videos or other service or product promotional material, could they benefit from use of related images and illustrations? The services I provide are tailored to the customer needs and I take a lot of pleasure in finding the right solutions for them. Almost all of my current customers have come from referrals and most have been using me from the start, which is probably testimony to them having been satisfied with the service I provide. Perhaps if you are looking for support in one or more of the services I provide, you might like to talk to me about what you need and we can see if I am the right person to provide you with support. When you are reading, you expand your knowledge of your vocabulary, and enhance your imagination skill and you start improvising your writing better.
You may also try reading essays or masterworks to understand why it was so effective and influential.
I know the blog writing is a little different than the real writing because one can afford to be a little casual here. If you have a professional editor, its ideal, but if this isn’t affordable, choose someone to proofread for you. If you want your readers to read your article, understand and absorb all that you write comfortably. Use more of associative or expressive words, paired with some good images because images can do miracles to your writing. This is an imagination portal that encourages you to use to get your imagination rolling a little.
This is actually the set of ideas, can be just what the jammed writer needs to motivate new ideas and get imaginative. Use both to find out if you are using the same words or phrases too frequently in the same piece of text. This is a source that has a massive amount of possible errors that your grammar and spelling checkers are going to miss. Filed Under: How ToAbout Saurabh ShuklaSaurabh Shukla is the founder and editor of Swift Bud.
Once you install the alexa toolbar, every time you visit your website, it will be counted as a visit by alexa and the alexa rank of your website will improve gradually. This will improve your alexa ranking quickly because internet savvy people have higher probability of having the alexa toolbar installed on their computer and the more such people visit your website, the faster the alexa rank of your website will improve. Again this will increase the traffic of tech savvy people on your website, thus improving the alexa rank of your website quickly.
But if you have the rank widget embedded on your website, then each visit to your website will be counted, thus improving the alexa rank really quickly. Effective communication being the key to professional success, knowing how to speak English has become more important than ever.
Well, here’s a rule of thumb: locate the subject noun and use the verb that is appropriate for that noun. For example, ‘Good’ and ‘brilliant’ are both positive adjectives, but the degrees of positivity they signify are different. Chances are that more than 50% of the words used will be new to you when you read a poem for the first time.
But the reader will find such writing to be disjointed for he is unfamiliar with the context. Knowing how to speak English correctly is just as important as knowing how to read or write it.
If confused about the correct pronunciation of a word, shift the stress from one syllable to another until the word sounds right.
It could be a teacher or even a friend but make sure that he himself has his English in place.
If confused about the spelling or the meaning or the usage of a certain word, look it up immediately.

The learning never stops but once you’re past the rough initial stage it’s a uniform ascent therefrom. This is achieved by looking closely at them and their business at the start and creating some outlines of what might be possible. Just pick up any newspaper, magazine, book, or something online blogs to read and try to know the works of important people. Move out of your habitual comfort zone and read something special to improve your writing skills. Sometimes you get so inspired by reading someone’s blog or article that you start copying them. These could be from blog articles you read, phrases, comments, characters, topics, titles, subtitles, events, or just anything. You would be amazed to see your enhanced writing skills now as compared to what it was earlier. These are ways to expand your writing and stay motivated because you learn from others when you chat to them and get regular feedback on your work.
Try some changed places or different times of the day to see which is suitable for you to write.
There is nothing better than writing daily, if you really want to develop your writing skills. Don’t hurry through your writing, for advance writing, you need to write at least 5-6 days a week, and it can be more.
Be specific when you write, without repeating the same words, unless you really have to – as in rhyming words. That would make your first revision, where you can remove the unwanted phrases, words, and check the grammar.
Instead, you need someone to give you feedback on how your tone and points are coming across. So, short is the answer whatever you write, you need to write openly, briefly, and prevent doubt of any kind.
Write on focus keyword with explained manner using identical words and synonyms and also ensure your writing is relevant and related. Have you gotten into the habit of writing, It may even be that you have frequently used a phrase that could be shortened down to make the text easier to understand. He is a Professional Blogger, SEO Consultant & Web Developer, running a number of sites from the India. Advertisers also determine the worth of the site based on its alexa rank, so its a good idea to invest some time and efforts in improving the alexa rank of your website.
More good reviews for your website on Alexa are always good for your website’s alexa rank. This increases the probability to get viral traffic from social bookmarking and social networking websites like stumbleupon and Facebook, improving the alexa rank of your site quickly. Further, as irrational as it may sound, the first impressions about ones educational background is formed by the quality of English one uses.
So, “a basket of oranges ‘is’ being brought” since ‘basket’ is the subject noun and it is in singular. If you can manage to argue in English without erring much then you’re fluent enough already. You may try writing the same post or story in different tenses, or a different perspective.
Possibly you have writer’s block at night, so try to wake up 15 minutes earlier in the morning, and write.
Once you verify your website on alexa, you get some brownie points from them which reflect in your alexa rank. Revise writing if necessary – don’t hold yourself if you feel you need to work on your writing to make it better.

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