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Your information may be shared with other NBCUniversal businesses and used to better tailor our services and advertising to you. Between Dennis Rodman and a bootleg copy of “Olympus Has Fallen” North Korea’s Kim Jong Un probably feels like he’s having a good month.
In it Aaron Eckhart (“The Dark Knight”) plays the President and Gerard Butler (“300”) is his former guard, Mike Banning. Instead, the administration gives in to demands and Banning is the only tough love candidate outside the Secretary of State who takes the film’s worst beating for principal. The movie’s first hour is engaging but after Banning becomes “the only guy that can save them,” it becomes pedestrian at best and uninteresting. Also, who didn’t see it coming that a nuclear attack against the united states was coming when they wanted to disarm our nuclear weapons.
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This Hollywood fantasy (the first of two this year) of terrorists-take-the-White House has plenty of action and pyrotechnics but falls short of anything else. After leaving the President’s detail and now working for the Treasury Department, Banning finds himself at the center of an attack on the White House after North Korean terrorists storm 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue by air and ground assault.
At first it seems the filmmakers are going for realism but ultimately becomes clear it’s just heightened, bloodier cartoonish violence in a video game culture. Yes, this is a movie where a huge chunk of logic must be set aside – powers that be argue over stupid things or security forces always seem at bay or on the way. Eckhart as the President is given little to do and Banning never ventures far in the White House.
What really bothers me is the stupid plot hole that by activating the self the destruct the nuke actually goes off. One problem I do have with these terrorist themed films is…why are the terrorists never Muslims? From theater and all manner of music to visual art, dance, festivals and more, The WAE is populated by people who are immersed in local A&E. The set piece of the ground assault, ugly though it is, is done well in terms of production design.
It also shamelessly borrows from “Die Hard” with its premise, Xeroxing scenes outright – a rooftop shootout, Banning calling his wife when things look grim or a two-faced character.

While this is at least an interesting plot device in that it’s fresh, the problem is what to do after the high concept of rogue North Korean terrorists successfully taking the White House.
He does play a tough guy, far from the romantic comedy drivel he’s been doing for years, but it feels as if the screenwriters are dancing all around politics.
Any responsible acting president would order the bunker be stormed and as a last resort then you throw a missile at it. The characters are one dimensional at best and the plot is an all action, watered down version of the seventh season of “24.” Outside of violence, there’s not much going on inside the protective bunker with the President and the terrorists and Banning says little to have you cheer him on.
Sure, it’s okay to indiscriminately kill the bad guys wearing masks and random cabinet members for effect but there’s little in the way of a stance on justifiable self-defense. Given the movie has little point to all of this destruction it comes across much emptier than it probably should.

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