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Actors Brittany Robertson and Chris Zylka on the set of 'The Secret Circle' in Vancouver, Canada. Newcaster Chris Wragge attends the 2011 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show at the Lexington Avenue Armory on November 9, 2011 in New York City. Then one day those dreams explode into reality as he is whisked off to Mars, where he is welcomed by a race of humans who have developed a unique and peaceful way of life. When he returns to Earth with the help of his new Martian friends, he finds himself the victim of greed and betrayal. Races along with the imagination of Harry Potter and the high spirits of Escape to Witch Mountain. Bill Steadman and his friends may still be average teenagers, but now the grave responsibility of saving Planet Earth has landed squarely on their young shoulders. Operation Stargazer is the sequel to Secret of the Red Planet, and the second book in The Mars Series. It is a race against time for Hermann Winke and the Russian scientists to perfect the technology, the only technology that is capable of dealing with the monster that threatens to blow the Earth to pieces.

Hermann Winke, the brilliant inventor of the Magnobile is dead, and the manner of his death is shrouded in mystery. Having helped the Martian people defeat Zigismo, the evil dictator of Zeronera, and having saved the world from annihilation by the massive asteroid, appropriately named Attila, Bill and his friends have been asked by Zeris, the Chief Elder of Similaria, to undertake a dangerous mission that involves travelling back in time, a mission that no Martian would dare to even contemplate. Born and brought up in the UK, Chris took his young family to work in Nairobi, Kenya and later operated tourist hotels in Lamu on the Kenya coast.
In his spare time Chris has been a water colour artist, poet, short story writer and finally a novelist.
He is shown the wonders of The Red Planet and learns their deepest secrets, some terrible secrets that might just mean the end of their existence and perhaps even mankind’s existence on Planet Earth.
He also has to face the American secret service, who want him silenced – permanently, and the Russians, who want his secrets to achieve their cosmic ambitions. It tells how Bill and Sonia, together with their friends, Ben and Tim, involve themselves in the battle to save Mars from Zigismo, the evil dictator of Zeronera, who is intent on enslaving the inhabitants of the Red Planet.
In his will, he leaves his valuable papers to his only son, Ernst, who has just returned from years in the Amazon jungle.

He also founded a charitable trust for destitute children and worked with Kenyan teachers to promote human values. Chris is married with three grownup children, four grandchildren and several adopted African children.
Chris replaced Louis Hunter who was fired after three episodes for his poor acting abilities. An act of betrayal and a chapter of accidents befall the party, causing deep rifts in their togetherness, and casting doubt on their ability to return to the 21st Century.

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