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Maybe we'll add stuff later, we can make it all pretty when we get to 25 or 50 or something but for sure we need tons of future titles! The Cake stuff that they gave us before Balcoin was great, it feels like two different people to who they are now on TSC. Doesn't it feel the writers seem to be writing Adam to be what Jake was to Cassie in way more enforced. And Jake should have her remember these moments: What does the guy have to do to win her back?

I think that the 'I chose you' was a future reference to Jake choosing Casie over everything and maybe a foreshadow of the next few episodes, that is what I think. The stuff with Cassie and Jake was just right, from their first meeting all the way up to Witness, everything felt CAKE driven, then coming from Medallion to Valentine, its like the writers went and changed Cassie to a complete 180 almost as if she's forgotten her feelings for Jake.
It's mostly copy-paste, but you have to remember to change the thread number, add a previous thread link and add the tags. Also, in Valentine, when Adam called Diana and she totally told him to take a hike and Faye told Diana how does it feel to be replaced?

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