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The intended action might take place at one or several levels: the school system, a school or college, a grade level, or classroom level. Among the first steps in Action Planning is identification of the baseline or current status of global coverage in the level or levels being considered. Features festivals, flags, and ethnic food, coverage of one country or region with minimal reference to issues or the relationship to other cultures, countries, and regions. Subjects taught through themes and issues that cut across traditional disciplines and subject areas. A global school, or a global curriculum, or a global course of study in a college, where curricular content, teaching and learning methods, and the school or college and community environment express a global commitment and perspective. Objectives: Are more specific, and express what will be different as a result of implementation.
Objective: Every administrator, teacher and program coordinator will be trained in global education approaches, concepts, and teaching strategies. Objective: Every grade level curriculum will contain ideas, content, and activities that teach students to analyze and make global connections. Objective: Information technology will be used to cross continents and cultures and to gain access to global issues and country profiles. Each school, school system, and college should have a Global Education Committee, both as an expression of a widely shared commitment to work toward a global perspective, and to gather activity ideas, help build support for global education, and monitor progress toward objectives. Do you have information that you would like to share with other educators across the state? If you have comments about any of the information contained in the Global Update, shoot us an email! World View at UNC-Chapel Hill provides information, resources, and announcements for educational purposes only.
World View's fall programs will explore broad science themes, including technology, the environment, and global health.
To register online visit the World View website or call (919-962-9264) for more information.

Reservations: Send a check, in the amount of $15 payable to UNA-West Triangle Chapter, to Barbara Berke, 595B Fearrington Post, Pittsboro, NC 27312.
This is a great way to learn how monitoring helps to protect our waters No experience is needed. World View has developed a useful template or framework for helping schools internationalize or globalize their classrooms, curricula, and environment.
It should focus on the most important outcome to be achieved, or benefit that will be derived from implementing an Action Plan. In many ways, objectives express the strategy that has been decided on and the desired accomplishments. What resources from the school, school system, or community are necessary to implement and evaluate the activity? Establish measurable indicators, such as rates of participation or attendance that demonstrate evidence of progress. How will the indicators be measured or the evidence gathered, and how often should this be done? The Committee members, if drawn from a variety of disciplines, can create a network that promotes, accelerates, and helps to create the conditions for change as it is expressed in the Action Plan.
It requires monitoring, discussion of progress, changes and revisions where indicated, and updating.
You are welcome to submit interesting global education programs that are going on in your schools, announcements about global education seminars, new resources that others might find interesting, etc. It does not represent an endorsement of organizations or point of view by World View or The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The programs will address how our world is changing in significant ways, what educators need to know about science-related issues, and how global themes can be infused in classes. He has written extensively on Islam and the Middle East and has received a number of awards and grants for his academic work.
People interested in helping to monitor the quality of local streams, rivers, lakes, ponds, and other water resources are needed anytime between Sept.

The focus is on integrating and infusing global content, ideas, and activities to connect subject areas and issues that arise from them. Answering these questions is at the heart of the Action Plan, leading directly to the formulation of the Goal and Objective (or Objectives). Resources may include personpower, technical assistance, funds, books or other materials, websites, students with international experience, etc. Establishment of a Global Education Committee could be written into the Action Plan as an activity, or if a Global Education Committee exists, it can be used as a source of action or a resource to be tapped during an activity.
Without creativity and idealism, the vision may be too conservative to attract sources, resources and widespread support and enthusiasm. The October program is appropriate for K-12 educators of all subject areas and grade levels.
Through La Fiesta, El Pueblo has brought the arts and cultures of Latin America and the Caribbean to hundreds of thousands of people during the past ten years.
Learn how to sample for dissolved oxygen (DO), acidity (pH), temperature and turbidity and what each of these mean to the water’s quality! Educators who have attended World View programs in the past are familiar with the Action Plan and recognize that developing a course of action is an essential step in global education. The Committee should hold regularly scheduled meetings to monitor progress and keep the school, school system, or college focused. The Global Education Committee might recommend expansion of its membership to include community leaders or parents, bringing potential for new resources to be applied during implementation.

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