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So, I got the opportunity to try out the new Infiniti Pro by Conair Curl Secret and I’m really excited to tell you guys all about it.
Basically, in a nutshell, the Conair Curl Secret is basically like an automatic curling iron.
You can get the Conair Curl Secret for $99 from Wal-mart which, while it is pricey, is a MUCH better price than the $150 it costs elsewhere.
I’ve read so many things about this tool, my problem with all conair products is that my hair style will fall within hours. I have to say that I had a HUGE concern about that at first but I’ve had great results of my curls lasting all day with this. I was so curious about this when I saw how awesome your hair came out on instagram (and how nutty the device looks).

I need to try this, I curl my hair every morning the old fashion way, so It would be cook to do 5 second sections and be done in a small amount of time! I did a Instagram video on this as well as posted a pic, if you’re interested in seeing the Curl Secret in action. This collection invites the pro artist to explore the lush potential of the monochromatic while offering chic contrasts. Referral Links Hmmmmm… isn’t it adorable how every month I say I am taking a break from Little Black Bag and then I appear with another bag the very next month. When you put your hair in the barrel, it brings the hair in, twirls it around the hot iron portion, holds it in there for a specified amount of time, and then spits it back out perfectly curled! My hair is shorter and holds curls pretty well so mine tend to be tighter even on the lowest setting.

The contraption kind of scares me, but it seems like such an easier and quicker way to curl hair than using an iron. I curled mine at night before bed just playing around and they ended up lasting until late the next evening.
Bed Bath and Beyond carries it online so you can always use one of those great 20% off coupons!

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