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Inner peace is a concept in the Kung Fu Panda universe used to describe a peaceful state of mind and spirit. It was inner peace that allowed Po to defeat Lord Shen's cannon using a special kung fu technique involving gentle tai chi movements, which can only be accomplished by having inner peace. The concept of inner peace was presumably created along with kung fu by Master Oogway centuries ago.
The concept of inner peace is first illustrated with the relationship of Shifu and Tai Lung. In the film's present time, Oogway shared with Shifu his vision of Tai Lung's return to the Valley of Peace. Shifu was later seen trying to meditate, but struggled to do so because of his spiritual imbalance. After destroying Shen's cannons, Po faces him and tries to share the wisdom of inner peace, encouraging Shen to let go of his pain from the past.
Early in the development of the movie script for Kung Fu Panda, Po's final training "test" was to catch a single droplet of water as it fell off a mystical root found growing down into a sacred chamber underneath the Jade Palace.[2] This idea was later used in Kung Fu Panda 2 to help explain the concept of inner peace.
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If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file. In the words of Master Shifu, it is the ability to "harness the flow of the universe", enabling one to do the seemingly impossible. Through meditation, the power of inner peace was shown when Oogway's senses were heightened immeasurably (for example he could hear a butterfly's wing beat).
As revealed in a narrated flashback later in the film, Shifu had adopted and raised Tai Lung as if he were his own son, promising him a destiny full of greatness, which Tai Lung truly took to heart as he trained.
When future students (such as Tigress) eventually came, Shifu didn't treat them with the same love he did with Tai Lung.
In response, Oogway decided to hold a tournament to find and select the only one who could stop him: the Dragon Warrior.
It was moment later that he received word from his trusty messenger Zeng of Tai Lung's recent escape from prison.

But despite Po's major improvement at the end of their training, Shifu still didn't believe that Po could defeat Tai Lung.
He can do seemingly impossible things, like appearing to teleport and using tai chi movements to catch a drop of water and redirect its movement without breaking it. After much pain and suffering through his encounters with Lord Shen and his own repressed memories, he eventually finds it in the remains of the village where he was born. Unfortunately, Shen rejects this (though agreeing to what he chooses to be now) and lashes out at Po in a desperate last stand, only to be crushed by one of his own cannons and it explodes right on impact, killing Shen.
Written by Jonathan Aibel, Glenn Berger, Charlie Kaufman & directed by Jennifer Yuh Nelson. The individual who uploaded this file and first used it in an article, as well as subsequent persons who place it into articles, assert that this qualifies as fair use of the material under United States copyright law. Inner peace thus became one of Oogway's final teachings, according to Shifu, and every kung fu master was required to learn this concept in their own way (such as meditating in a cave for fifty years while fasting, or suffering through extreme emotional pain). But when Shifu finally presented his star pupil to Master Oogway to see if he was the prophesied Dragon Warrior, Oogway had seen darkness in the young leopard's heart and denied him the title. His broken spirit formed the stern personality that he used to treat his students with strict and vigorous training. On the day of the tournament, before officially starting the event, Oogway mentioned to Shifu, "Whomever I choose will not only bring peace to the valley, but also to you." Through a twisting turn of events, Po the panda was chosen as the Dragon Warrior, seemingly by accident. While he, the Furious Five, and the rest of the valley evacuated, he waited at the palace for Tai Lung. With the encouragement of the Soothsayer, Po allows himself to experience his lost memories, accepting the pain of his past and move on. As a result, Tai Lung rampaged the Valley of Peace in a rage of anger and confusion, eventually returning to the palace to take the Dragon Scroll by force. Shifu was forced to train him regardless, but he instead tried to give him the same kind of vigorous kung fu training he used with the Furious Five. Shifu made one last promise to him to try and believe in Po's potential, and then Oogway handed him his staff and turned into peach leaves which ascended into the Heavens.
The leopard eventually arrived and began to fight with Shifu in both a physical and emotional battle.

Inner peace was one of Master Oogway's final teachings and can be gained many various ways depending on the person.
By coming to terms with his inner conflict, Po achieves inner peace, signified by Po performing the same technique with a raindrop that Shifu had shown him before. Po replies that he had a good teacher and tries to hug him, but Shifu vanishes and reappears behind him.
Shifu was given the chance to stop him, but his love for his adopted son made him hesitate. Po had physically and emotionally suffered some, but still remained enthusiastic and stayed at the Jade Palace to train. Even though Shifu was able to hold back most of Tai Lung's punches and throws, Shifu was eventually defeated. He gives an example of one way being to meditate for fifty years without eating or drinking. Tai Lung, who did not hesitate, struck down his father and master, and was then stopped by Oogway with a nerve attack. He tried apologizing to his old student and adopted son, but Tai Lung still wanted what he thought was rightfully his. Another way, he specified, is to endure pain and suffering, which Shifu did in the first film. When he and his fellow kung fu warriors, the Furious Five, Master Ox and Master Croc (and even Master Shifu) are all beaten, Po stands up to the enemy forces alone.
He began to strangle the life out of Shifu, but before he could finish the task, Po came to Shifu's aid and faced off with Tai Lung, eventually defeating him with the Wuxi Finger Hold. To the amazement of everyone watching, he catches and redirects the cannon balls being fired at him. Po returned to the weakened Master Shifu to report his victory, and Shifu was immensely relieved.

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