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As I cannot attend the perfecting your Salah course I would appreciate if you could please send me the notes for the course. Quran Academy Cardiff will be a centre of excellence for Qur'anic education for children and adults alike.
At QAB Fishponds, we have a large prayer hall offering daily Salaah (see Timetable), regular Islamic Talks as well as other Special Events. This re-imagined peace sign proposes a shape based on the square, whose four sides evoke more a feeling of wholeness for me. I wanted to devise a symbol that could be scrawled quickly, especially during times of conflict or struggle. This design is the logo for CITYarts' Pieces for Peace project, which aims to build bridges of cultural understanding between youth in the United States and their peers around the world. The project consists of art education workshops that connect youth worldwide through the creative process. We hope that by asking children to visualize their dreams of peace through the creative process, we can empower them to become active participants in changing the future. As you discuss peace in your End of War series, I would love to share with your listeners CITYarts' efforts to engage children around the world imagining a peaceful future. This design was made in an attempt to update the peace sign yet still keep the nostalgic form intact.
After listening to this segment I decided to take a few minutes to stop what I was doing and redesign the peace sign.
I took a literal approach and took the circle and lines apart and used the exact pieces to put them back to gather in a new way. I played around a bit more with the angle of the lines, which created an arrow pointing to a united circle, a symbol of completion and connection. Personal training is currently available as well as classes and seminars for your professional or spiritual group.

Learn more about our audio programs for meditation, stress management, and personal growth. See the CBS WUSA TV 9  interview with Keith Hall, Andrea Roane, and Jeff Besougloff about T’ai Chi for stress reduction and self-mastery here. A concept that was created with the intention of achieving such a goal by spreading love to one another.
The workshop participants, ranging from 10 to 20 years old, are asked to create 6x6 inch artworks in the form of paintings, poems, drawings and collages to communicate their thoughts and dreams for peace. I have always felt a sign for peace should be a bit more opened up in appearance than closed inside of a circle. The funny thing is I created this person with arms open as if to embrace for a hug, a sign of love and comfort, but actually looked a great deal like the female sign.
The world is the circle, I am the top line which is shown partially out of world to honor that we are greater than our form.
This is done in a no – stress aerobic manner similar to yoga, but is much less strenuous and there is no need for yoga props or other yoga equipment. Additionally- to draw this sign is to experience these concepts on a non-verbal kinetic level, a silent emphasis that peace is a multidimensional process. It is the only time I've ever seen it done geometrically correct and there is a trick to doing it, I had to figure it out for weeks, and even had to show Alan how to do it the same way on computer!
The you is the bottom Y which not only means other people but all others - animals, plants, oceans and the earth itself. Based on the classical Taoist 8 Treasures, it also includes elements of Tibetan, Chakra Yoga and Bioenergetic practices. The Eight Treasures then move this increased vital energy through the Chakras (energy centers in the body), which is part of the secret to increasing and one’s life force (Qi, Chi, Ki) while creating Wellness, Mind Body Balance, emotional balance, and Harmony of Spirit. The idea was originally introduced by a friend named Roger Green, which I later created it into a symbol to share to all.

This is a human idea that aspires upward, yet nestles between two hemispheres, evoking the earth, or leaves, or hands.
I wanted to replace the abstraction of the current peace sign with very direct communication regarding concrete things - stop bombing. So far, we’ve received over 4,500 artworks from almost 100 schools in 65 different countries, each becoming a “piece” in our online mosaic puzzle.
The eight Treasures are able to be learned by anyone, regardless of their physical condition and result in increased alertness, vitality, clarity of mind and emotions, a sense of strength, stability, wellness, and empowerment. The course will include a training manual and on completion, you will be eligible for certification. We believe that art and the ideas of youth can create change, and in the case of this specific project, add to the movement for peace. How did those magnets quickly morph from a neutral stance in support of our troops to a pro-war, pro-Bush, anti-peace agenda? This symbol is activated, standing tall, arms outstretched reaching for participatory peace and not passive expecting peace to land on us. The Peace Ribbon™, based on the peace symbol, takes back the yellow ribbon, and represents support for our troops through striving for peace. It is like a tree of life, or a rune of the sacred man, the transendent man that contains and represents all things.
In representing I You and the interaction between us in world it also speaks to the idea of Father, Son and Holy Ghost - that triun celebrated and honored in all religions and philosophies considering how we interact with our reality is our choice. It is a core issue which when shifted permits us to live in love and harmony instead of enmity.

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