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Be that as it may, it sometimes happens that our ingenuity when it comes to making our lives easier backfires and we create gadgets and gizmos that don't live up to expectations. Gadgets and gizmos like these bizarre contraptions that, although meant to help consumers' busy lives get easier, instead only managed to make a lot of people laugh. Ever heard of the slippers that help mop the floor with minimum effort, or the mug that stirs your coffee for you? If you want to have a little reading session but can't be bothered to turn the pages of the book, the automatic book reading chair will do the trick for you.
If putting your socks on takes too much effort, the sock buddy is a metal device that will help you with this ordeal. Although the man from Milton, Ohio purchased many of his patents and is falsely credited with others (like the lightbulb), he was responsible for many useful creations. Citing both the Thomas Edison Papers, a research project at Rutgers University, and the Edison Birthplace Museum, we have compiled an official list of Edison’s greatest inventions.
Teachers around the world talked in school about Edison and about his invention of electricity and the incandescent light bulb.
About Latest Posts Karl OdburicI'm from France, but my heart is 100% Serbian and I love my country, Serbia, and I'm proud of that. The “Serbia’s Ambassador to the world” now “ Za Srbe – For the Serbs ” blog is the first, ever, dedicated public relations effort for Serbia. Creative and innovative, Romanian inventors have successfully contributed to the world development.
The jet engine used by modern airplanes was invented by Romanian inventor and aerodynamics pioneer Henry Coanda. In 1910 he designed and built the first jet powered aircraft, presented at the 2nd International Aeronautic Salon in Paris. The monoplane (1903) and the steam generator with internal combustion were designed, built and tested by Romanian inventor and aviation pioneer Traian Vuia.
The fountain pen was invented by the mathematician, engineer and inventor Petrache Poenaru, invention which has been patented in 1827. The parachuted chair, the early version of the ejection seat was invented in 1930 by Romanian inventor Anastase Dragomir.

Grigore Briscu was the first engineer to begin experimenting in 1909 with the cyclic variation of rotor blade pitch to ensure horizontal flight and stability in helicopters.
Gheorghe Cartianu-Popescu, a well-known professor, worldwide researcher, founder of the Romanian school of radio engineering and radio communications, inventor and Romanian Academy member, invented an emission-reception device for radio telex bilateral communication system in the world for mining galleries. Alexandru Ciurcu was a Romanian inventor and publisher, famous for his invention with Just Buisson of a reaction engine. Gogu Constantinescu, Romanian scientist, engineer and inventor, member of the Romanian Academy, registered during his career over 130 inventions for sonic rotary engines, sonic perforators, sonic hammers and other applications of the sonic principles.
Teodor Dragu, Romanian engineer and inventor was the founder of the mechanical engineering in Romania.
Hurmuzescu electroscope’ was invented in 1894 by Dragomir Hurmuzescu, physicist, inventor, professor and member of the Romanian Academy. Elie Carafoli was an accomplished Romanian engineer and aircraft designer, considered a pioneering contributor to the field of Aerodynamics.
The avioplan, the first airplane with a tubular fuselage was invented by Rodrig Goliescu, a Romanian inventor and  engineer.
The first car to have the wheels inside its aerodynamic line, which we take for granted today was designed by Romanian engineer Aurel Persu, in 1922–1923. Anghel Saligny, Romanian engineer, most famous for designing the Fetesti-Cernavoda railway bridge (1895) over the Danube, the longest bridge in Europe at that time, planned and built the first silos in the world made of reinforced concrete. This website is a free web resource for whoever wants to really know Romania and its people. The information posted on this website is for educational and informative purposes only and no commercial gain is pursued. 11, 1847, Thomas Edison was an incredibly successful inventor, scientist, and businessman, accumulating 1,093 patents in his lifetime.
But, the truth is that Edison did not invent alternating current and better light bulbs which were the inventions and discovery of Serbian genius Nikola Tesla. Started in 2008 by Karl Odbur, this blog promotes Serbia with the best videos, photos, and true stories.
He is the creator of the theory of sonics, a new branch of continuum mechanics, in which he described the transmission of mechanical energy through vibrations.

He built various types of steam locomotives and the heating steam system for trains, in 1887. The originality of this aircraft was the shape of the fuselage, designed for minimum drag and acting as a tube fan, similar to the way the modern vertical take-off aircraft and helicopters are designed. Ionescu, Romanian physicist and inventor made remarkable discoveries in plasma physics, ionosphere physics, ion coupling electrons in dense plasmas, masers, magnetron amplifiers, and Zeeman effects related to controlled nuclear fusion and quantum emission mechanisms in hot plasmas. Eugen Pavel is a Romanian scientist and the inventor of the Hyper CD-ROM, a 3D optical data storage medium with a claimed initial capacity of 1PB and with a theoretical capacity of 100 EB on a single disc. Stories about Serbia which are read by around 8,000 visitors per day, making this blog one of the most popular blogs run by a single author in the world.
Timisoara International Airport Traian Vuia (TSR), Romania’s third largest airport, carries the Romanian’s inventor name. Among his inventions are a mechanical torque converter, a sonic engine and a hydraulic machine-gun synchronizer (or interrupter gear), which allowed airplane-mounted guns to shoot between the spinning blades of the propeller. In 1925 invented a microphone based on thermionic currents (currents emitted by heated bodies) and a light projector using the interference phenomenon.
Well, watch this movie talking about Serbian scientist Nikola Tesla, his life and his inventions. At that time, using the classic drill, Americans could not reach more than 1,500 meters depth. This was flown experimentally by the French aviator Paul Cornu, who built a prototype with an Antoinette engine.
His synchronization gear was first used operationally during World War I, and rapidly became standard equipment, replacing a variety of mechanical gears.
Pavel has published more than 40 books and articles, and he is the holder of 62 patents and patent applications.

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