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Windows Phone 8 provides an easy way to identify the IP address of the phone from the Windows Phone App.
Get the full source code of the solution with Windows Phone 8 and Window 8.1 projects in it. I am good in php and mysql and I would love to have someone point me to a resource to help me learn.
To be precise I wanna know how to upload and download images from a server and display it on windows phone.
Make sure that your Pc is connected to network to find the IP address as it is assigned to the PC’s that are connected to a network else not.
Now start searching for your active connection that can be present as Wireless Network Connection, Ethernet Connection, or Local Area Connection. Click on the network icon present on the tool bar or you can even open it through control panel. Right click on the active connection option once the network connection window is displayed. Once you click on the details button, a list of all the connection details will be displayed on the screen of which one is your required search (IP address). If you have the configure button, you can configure the IP Address for your printer at this time.
If you don’t want to mess with the bounce rates or the traffic from visitors in Google Analytics, then you may want to exclude your IP address using a filter. Also, more importantly, when you check your target keyword rankings (for SEO) sometimes you may Google your keyword then look in the organic search results to check if your site is coming up for that certain keyword.

Now you should be on the section in Google analytics where you can actually exclude your IP address. This entry was posted in Google Analytics and tagged google analytics, ip address, tutorial on March 26, 2013 by anna. Now you too can be a Successful Entrepreneur by reading and IMPLEMENTING the tips in this blog! Note that there are possibilities of having multiple network interfaces on your Windows Phone.
You need to proceed with the search until you come across IP4v and it’s not going to be easy one as the list is really a lengthy one.That’s it now you know your IP. And if it is connected to the both network and an internet connection, then it will have an internal IP address that is helpful to mark the location of your PC on the local network and will have an external IP address of your internet connection.
Once you have installed Google Analytics on your website, the next step is to remove your own IP address to keep your data clean.
Then you click BACK, Google actually measures how many times visitors click BACK, then it will add to your Bounce Rates (meaning when a user leaves your website, they Bounce). For example, the Windows Phone Emulator has 3 network interfaces as shown in the screenshot below. It is important to determine the IP address as it tells us whether our computer is properly communicating with the router or not.
There is even public IP address assigned to your PC that is visible to rest of the network users and can be determined through search engines. This is not really how your website is performing so if you do have staff you will want to exclude the whole range of IP addresses.

Bounce rate is an important factor for your SEO, you want to keep your bounce rate low because you want your visitors to go to other pages. Hostname has various properties such as Canonical Name, Display Name and Raw Name, but they all seem to return the same string. Here ipadd will give the IP address of the machine (localhost). It is required to connect with the internet, or at the time of any connection issues.It is too embarrassing when you are on line with the customer care regarding some connection issues and suddenly they may ask you for IP address to resolve the problem and you are like “How can I find it”. The more people that click BACK to the search results, the more Google thinks that keyword is not relevant to your website.
So you can create web-services for data in your server and parse XML to show the data in your app.
But now you need not worry as this article will truly guide you how to find your PC’s IP address. A good idea would be to exclude your own IP address for when you exit your pages yourself, you don’t want it to count.
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