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I personally have zero experience with Win8 so perhaps someone else will step in and help you with the problem. If the Dell is in warranty, contact the retailer or Dell and they should be able to help you. If you're well within range are there other wifi signals near you that could be interfering. If neither of these problems exist, I have to agree with Shnerdly and point the problem solely to the Windows 8 machine. The questions about how far away your Dell system is from the network device were to get an indication of signal strength. If the Dell laptop is near the Netgear CVG824G wireless router and the Asus laptop worked without problems with that router, then the problem probably isn't due to a weak signal at the location where you are using it, but sometimes making such assumptions can result in time wasted pursuing other possible solutions when such assumptions are wrong. Changing the radio frequency channel used by the router may resolve the problem, but since the steps to perform a channel change vary depending on the device, that is why Wimiadmin requested the model of the device. Changing the channel to 1 or 11 may or may not help address the problem, but, since it is fairly easily done and easily reversed, is an initial step that can be taken in the process of troubleshooting the problem.
In choosing between channels 1 or 11, if the current setting is channel 6, if one of those is not in use by any neighboring devices, which can be determined by issuing the show networks mode=Bssid command at the netsh wlan prompt, assuming that all the neighboring devices are turned on at the time you issue the command, that is probably the better choice. Note: no one on the Internet can log into your router with the default username and password unless you enable remote management of the device.
Are you online with the Dell system far more than your husband is with the Asus laptop or do they tend to get used about equally as much and usually during the same time periods? If you are able to successfully log into the router, under Setup on the main menu, select Wireless Settings. If, instead, you see a WPA option is selected, as shown below, make a note of the Pre-Shared Key. Once you have that information, I'd suggest as a first step to try changing the channel number from its default value of 6 to 1 or 11. If you are able to change the channel number, then post whether that does or doesn't alleviate the wireless disconnect problem you have been experiencing. It may be on the front of the device or the model number may be on a label on the bottom of the device. If you are only two rooms away, the issue probably isn't one of signal strength, but there is a command that can be used to verify that the signal strength is good and also show the channel number. Wimiadmin mentioned the channel number; there could be many other network devices in use by your neighbors using the same channel number. If you have a problem getting to the command prompt window, see Obtaining a Command Prompt on a Windows 8 System.
The output of the netsh show interfaces command will show whether the signal strength is good.
If the signal strength is good at the Dell laptop in the location where you encounter the problem, you could try changing the channel. I checked the Wireless Cable Voice Gateway Model CVG824G Reference Manual; it shows the default channel for the device is channel 6, which is a commonly used channel. Unfortunately, there is more than one possible cause for your problem, so you may have to try several possible solutions, which may take some time. Or you could just pick one to see if it makes a difference and if it doesn't try the other one.
You don't need to enable remote management, but if you ever do, make sure you change the default passwords.
Also, you mentioned that your printer is not working since you received the new Dell laptop. You mentioned that the Asus laptop is still working with an external monitor and it never has the problem.
When you received the Dell computer, did it have Windows 8.1 on it or did it have Windows 8, which you later upgraded to Windows 8.1? For the last two items, make sure you write down exactly what you see, including the case of letters, e.g.
The WEP or WPA key is like a password that your laptop will need to know to be able to authenticate itself with the router. The message tells me they have 'fixed' my wifi settings and that I don't have a 'valid' IP address. They represent an Organizationally Unique Identifier (OUI) and can be looked up using an OUI Lookup Tool. You can check what channel numbers are being used by your neighbors by issuing the netsh command netsh show networks mode=Bssid at the netsh wlan prompt.

I checked Netgear and there is noting that actually says 'Model No.' but I am presuming that CVG824G would be it! It's a simple change that you can readily undo if it doesn't help or you could leave the new channel number in place, since it shouldn't cause any problems even if it doesn't help. Does it plug into the laptop by a cable or were you using a wireless connection to the printer previously? Would you say it is about the same distance away from the Netgear device as the Dell laptop?
If it originally had Windows 8 on it, did it work fine until after an upgrade to Windows 8.1 or have you experienced the wireless access problems with the Dell as long as you've had it? To change the channel number, under Setup on the main menu, select Wireless Settings, then in the channel field, change the value to 1, but don't change the security option, i.e.
If I do have one then how do I make a channel change or would that be too difficult to explain here? I haven't been able to get my printer to work since I got this computer and it also worked perfectly fine before too! They will identify the manufacturer of the network device to which you are actually connected and would reveal whether you are connecting to a Netgear device or another device. You might have to re-establish connectivity to the router from other devices in the house after making the change, but that should only be needed once after the change. If you don't know, what is the manufacturer and model of the printer and how many cables does it have connected to it? Does the Dell laptop seem to lose Internet connectivity randomly or have you noticed any pattern, such as losing connectivity at certain times of day or when someone is using a cordless phone in the household, etc.?
If it just has a power cable plugged into it, then you were probably accessing it wirelessly previously.
It eliminates the unauthorized use of your personal information and details for illegal, inappropriate, or similar purposes. The one in that list that you are using will be the one that has the same SSID and BSSID as you saw when you issued the show interfaces command. I am using Windows 8.1 and the instructions look like they migt be for Windows 7 so I'll see how I go!
How many are using the same channel number as the one you got from the show interfaces command above? This method would allow you to eliminate the possibility of other people getting hold of these data and information.
Then someone helped me get the Asus running again by hooking it up to a monitor and my husband now uses that. What happens is I suddenly get a blank screen with the message 'you are not connected to the interner'.
You can even change the settings of your browser to delete the data and info immediately after you close or exit the browser. After trying a few times to shut down and go back again, I eventually have to log into Internet Explorer and get the same message but Internet Explorer offers to look for a solution. You can also download CCleaner software to do this task – with it, you just choose the data that you wish to delete, then with one click you can erase everything.
It eventually says that the Wifi adapter isn't connected (this part I'm not sure is the exact wording but basically means the same thing). And for a geekier and more advanced approach, you can create an auto hotkey script to do the same job automatically every time you browse the internet.Disposable emailThe second method of keeping your anonymity is through the use of a disposable email address.
This would allow you to get access to websites that require an email address without really giving away your personal information.
I haven't noticed a notification near the balloon but I can't say definitely that there isn't one!
Additionally, you can also email people without letting them know who you are and where you’re from.There are many platforms in which you can create your disposable email. What happens is my screen goes blank and the message across it says I am not connected to an internet.
Sometimes IE has not been able to fix the problem and then I have to reboot the computer and then it is working again. This platform is specifically made to cater to making email addresses that will later be disposed of or never be used again. Hope I've been able to answer your questions properly and hope this makes some sense to you. I have started using Chrome but when this happens I start Explorer and it says the same thing but Windows offers to fix the problem which it usually does but sometimes I have to reboot before I can get back on.

When Windows fixes it, it says they had to reset WiFi or something like that and tells me that I don't have a valid IP address. So yes I guess I have the two computers using my Internet connection and also my Apple iPhone. Hence, it reroutes your connection using a different server which makes it very hard for you to get tracked. There are three types of proxies that you can use – an open proxy, web proxy and private proxy.
The first proxy type, open proxy, is free and can be found all over the internet.You can search for them with your favorite search engines. In contrast, the web proxy is a web script that lets you enter a URL then it forwards all the traffic for you.
A private proxy, on the other hand, is a type of proxy that requires a username and a password.
It requires monthly fees to be able to use this type of proxy server.Identity creators                                                                                       In order to keep all online forms from getting your personal information and to remain anonymous, the forth thing you can do is create a fake identity or an alias (but you need to make sure you’re not using someone else’s name or identity).
You can make a name that is obviously not going to belong to someone else like Hagrid Potter or Tom Mcfakeowits. This name generator will allow you to fool obnoxious web forms which ultimately keeps your anonymity.Prevent detection of IP addressThe fifth way to keep your anonymity is by preventing anyone from tracking your IP address.
It also lets you hide your location, plus it eliminates the annoying ads and other marketing stuff. It’s like your online and secure firewall.There are several websites that offer to hide your IP address or prevent its detection. They have thousands of IP addresses and hundreds of different VPNs in different countries.Incognito modeThe sixth way to maintain anonymity is to use incognito mode or private mode. This technique is very easily accessible through Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera. For Firefox, you can click on the Firefox menu and click ‘new private window’ or just press Ctrl + Shift + P (also the shortcut for Internet Explorer). For Safari, you can go to Safari and click ‘private browsing’.Change privacy settings of social networksThe seventh, but very important, method for being anonymous online is through changing privacy settings of your social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
The reason for this is that these social outlets make your information available to different entities for profit, even to ones that you don’t want your information to be given to. So if you privatize your social media settings, you limit the access of other people to your personal information and data.There are a number of steps to reclaim some privacy and anonymity on social networks. On Facebook, you can go to the account menu in the upper right corner of the page and click on ‘privacy settings’. By doing this, no one can find your profile by means of external search engines such as yahoo, bing or google. You can also specify whether you will appear in the search results for ‘everyone’ or ‘friends’ including their friends on Facebook.Additionally, you can check your profile Information to change who sees what – more specifically your videos and photos.
You then can lock the availability of this info to the people you want to see them by picking from the drop-down menu beside each item. Lastly, if you want compete privacy, you can delete all your data on Facebook and deactivate your account.For LinkedIn, you can go to the settings tab and you’ll be brought to a page with different setting options. The options include email notifications, groups, personal information, RSS settings, home page settings and privacy settings.And for Twitter, you can access Secrettweet in order to shout out your secret tweets and confessions.
This would allow you to be anonymous for confessions that you want to voice out but you can’t be identified as the one saying it.Use TORThe eighth approach towards anonymity is using software called TOR or The Onion Router. With this, you improve your security and privacy through hundreds of randomized and different proxies that change periodically.
The software is free and readily downloadable.After downloading and installing, you have to follow some instructions for additional security (also applicable for other browsers).
First thing is to visit secured websites or the ones with ‘https’ instead of ‘http’ because, what else, these websites are secure.
In addition to that, TOR suggests that you never enable plug-ins on the browser because they can be manipulated to reveal your IP address.

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