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In the literary classics, the woman who dares betray her husband suffers a predictable fate: death, suicide, social condemnation. Today’s modern femme philanderers, if you believe a new book on the topic, seem to take it all in stride. Part of the answer, it turns out, may not be what you might have expected—particularly when it’s the men, not the women, who seem to be constantly caught with their pants down. Whatever these women’s stories—and there are many of them—one thing’s for certain: a life centered around one man is simply not enough. On some level, none of this should be particularly surprising: as far back as the 1950s, Kinsey noted that 26 percent of women had cheated on their husbands, and an additional 20 percent had engaged in petting without sex. But Krasnow quickly learned that there are plenty of men and women in long-term marriages that are working just fine—albeit through creative methods. Everyone in a relationship has likely wrestled with that nagging question: can one person really satisfy every need?
LOS ANGELES – It is being reported that Chris Brown and his former girlfriend Kryptonite are currently exchanging words via Instagram. The feud between Chris Brown and Drake appeared to be dead for the past few months until this situation. Kentucky implies in an Instagram post that she was better off without Brown and with someone else that can make her happy, which people believe to be none other than Drake. Chris Brown and Kleenex were pretty public about their romance and now the couple’s break-up is playing out right before our eyes too.

On Friday, Breezy revealed that he was now single during a performance at Power 106?s Cali Christmas concert and on Saturday (December 6) a couple of Instagram posts between the two only further confirmed the split, and suggested that Drake may have came between the two. So let me get this straight Killamanjaro was with breezy, but she like weezy who was I’ll and sneezy so Klondike ran off with flappy head fake sorry I mean drake (kind of the same thing). Just read the story about kanye west saying he should have pulled out, firstly her ass could hold you in anyway, second how ironic that his mother is probably wishing that from heaven too.
Through interviews with more than 200 women, and two years of research, Krasnow discovered the individual and often taboo ways that many women have managed to stay married for the long haul—some for as long as 70 years. Of those women, 71 percent said their marriages were perfectly healthy—even though their husbands either knew or suspected something was going on.
Research shows that 65 percent of women—and a whopping 80 percent of men—say they’d cheat if they knew they could avoid being caught.
And, hell, with men and women living longer than ever—don’t we need all the advice we can get? We will not share your email with anyone for any reasonBut she, too, needs more than just her husband to be happy: she has girlfriends, hobbies, but she’s also integrated ex-boyfriends into her life (as friends) and says that her husband loves it. Chris Brown explains how he and Kalamari did not last because she went on secret dates with Toronto rapper Drake and even taking secret flights to Toronto to meet with the rapper.
Drake, who was accused to practically stealing Rihanna away from Chris Brown, has not said a single word about to situation yet. Over the past three decades, Krasnow has documented marriage and family life—her first book, Surrendering to Motherhood, was a New York Times bestseller.

She readily admits that there are times when she gazes out her kitchen window, longing for a glimpse of Derrin, her next door neighbor—so that she can gush about her day. Many of Krasnow’s subjects glide through their affairs unscathed, save for a guilty or moment or two.
And then, of course, there was poor Hester Prynne—branded with a scarlet letter for mothering a child with another man. Her later works have delved into the battle scars of matrimony, raising children, and family.
Krasnow doesn’t condone this type of behavior—and she and her own husband are strictly monogamous. But after 23 years of marriage and years listening to the complaints of long-married wives, she wondered: how do the successful ones keep it all together?
Yet while the repercussions of cheating can be nasty, she knows they’re hardly as threatening as they might once have been.
Her husband, Chuck, is an architect she describes as “wise and fun and sexy.” They have four children, and have gone through their share of soul searching—particularly when the kids were young. Or take the approach Krasnow employs at home: find yourself a “boyfriend with boundaries”—a male flirtation, without the sex, to keep you on your toes.

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