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You've likely heard thatiKON's first concert 'Showtime', which is also their debut showcase, is coming up next month, a few days after their debut half album is dropped.
Fashion magazine Elle has revealed their pictorial with actor Lee Dong Hwi for their May edition. Lee Dong Hwi has taken the entertainment world by storm following the success of his drama “Reply 1988,” including racking up impressive advertisement contracts as well. In the accompanying interview, Lee Dong Hwi reveals that his roles in each of the upcoming dramas and movies show a different side of him, showing his talent in immersing himself in his acting.
We’re sure you know which one makes your heart flutter every time he flashes onto your TV screen, but based on personality, which SOA bad boy would be your ultimate soulmate? George Clooney And Julia Roberts Crashed Gwen Stefani’s Carpool Karaoke With James CordenOh Snap! There’s nothing wrong with being a bit of a hopeless romantic and believing that you might just bump into your soulmate on the sidewalk—but what if finding that person could be found through a social experiment? With just eight questions (each with eight answers), the quiz only takes a few minutes to complete. A ticker on the bottom of the site states that the test has been taken more than 236 thousand times and that nearly six thousand matches have been made.

We love this social experiment—why not give it a shot?!—but keep in mind that the project is about finding someone who answers identically to you. Other than his undeniable charm, he also loves to dance and looks up to top performers like Justin Timberlake and Usher. Being a street dance major, he really knows how to bring it on the dance floor like his idol, Chris Brown.
He’s made a lot of mistakes, but he’s such a sweetheart, never thought I would be drawn to him! A new interactive website—that’s totally independent of any company and is completely free—called 8^8 wants to give people the chance to meet someone they would otherwise have a 1 in 16 million chance of meeting. This means that your so-called soulmate could very well be in the form of a best friend and either gender—not necessarily someone who is compatible with you in a more complementary way. Which is about 2.4 percent better than the odds of meeting your perfect match in that bar tonight, right? He'll not only keep your heart on fire, he will keep you smiling, too, with his adorable antics! Youa€™d truly be mesmerized when he starts to play the keys while soulfully singing along to your favorite ballad.

Though it might seem like he doesn't care at times, he will always be there for you when you need it the most and take care of you in ways that you might not even notice.
You love the fact that B.I is so hardworking and focused when it comes to his work and career because you value those who can separate business and personal issues. What drew you towards Bobby the most is the fact that he is the life of the party and you are all about living it up like it's your last day.
Your relationship with Chan Woo will grow in love and respect towards each other as the days go by.
Reserved and conservative, Donghyuk prefers to netflix and chill than go out and that's perfectly fine for you since you're also notorious for being a homebody. Though he may get naggy at times and become overprotective like a parent, you're okay with that especially since you're not the most liberal person either. He's verly optimistic, so you never have to worry about Yunhyeong having doubts about your relationship especially since you also can't find anything wrong about it either.

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