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China Hunan High Broad New Material was founded in 2006, focus on the business in advanced new material and service.
Click HERE to view the flyer for detailed information about the many health benefits these products can give. Recevez gratuitement nos nouveautés, notre programme de conférences & ateliers et nos promotions ! I’m here to take you to the magical fairy land, where you can eat chocolate until you don’t want anymore and it won’t hurt you a bit! If you need a little more information, to convince your friends and family to join you for a chocolate breakfast, here it is. Magnesium also aids in the absorption of calcium and therefore leads to healthier bones and teeth. In all of the Guilt-Free Food Guides, I’ll make sure all the recipes have magnesium-rich foods in them, but for a serious kick of the good stuff, you can’t go past pure raw cacao. None of the claims, products, or programs from this site have been evaluated by a government health body. Hidden deep beneath the Earth’s surface exists the source of an amazing all natural anti-aging agent. Fed primarily by rivers of fresh water, the Zechstein Sea was surrounded by a much larger outer sea. On occasion, the salty waters from the larger outer sea would spill over the land that separated the Zechstein Sea from the outer sea. To get a better idea of the quantity of magnesium chloride created as a result of these natural forces, it’s important to put the size of the Zechstein Seabed in perspective. Schematic map indicating the extent of the Zechstein Sea during the Late Permian period over the topography of present day North Western Europe (dark blue = salt deposits, light blue = carbonate shelf).
Over the millions of years this ancient sea has been in existence, many other mineral deformations have taken place all over our Earth.
Over the course of millions of years, some salt beds have been almost totally dissolved by groundwater. The magnesium salts, or magnesium chloride, that’s mined from deep beneath the Zechstein Sea is far superior to other currently available magnesium salts derived from above ground contaminated water sources. Including: design, installation, material , engineering, maintenance and technical support. Click HERE to view the flyer for more information on the many health benefits. At participating stores only.

Implique dans les systemes de defenses naturelles contre les agressions de toute sorte, c'est l'oligo-element du stress.
Sure, we’ve all heard the rumours about some fanciful fairy land where gorgeous chocolate doesn’t ruin teeth and expand waistlines.
Sure, sugar gets us too, but the good news is that your cravings for chocolate are also (and more importantly) due to your body’s cry for magnesium. We are all about making food less about a battle between convenience and complication and more about creativity! The advice given is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease OR act as a substitute for a face to face consultation with a qualified medical doctor and, as such, should not be construed as medical advice. Unspoiled by the effects of man or the ravages of nature, this bounty of magnesium chloride created entirely by 100% natural processes is ready for its big reveal. The time is somewhere between 240 and 270 million years ago and the place is our planet Earth.
Rather than seven continents spread across the Earth’s surface, these pieces of land were grouped together in a single landmass called Pangaea.
Narrow strips of land separated the two seas, and it is because of these natural boundaries that there is even a story to tell. When this happened, it caused the salty outer sea water to mix with the Zechstein Sea’s fresh water.
Early on, salt saturated water from the seas was boiled in an effort to separate out the salt. This advanced technique makes it possible to reach magnesium chloride deposits hundreds and even thousands of metres below the Earth’s surface with the proper equipment. It is believed by many medical professionals to be capable of restoring magnesium levels in the cells of the body through transdermal use.
They’re in the foods we eat, the products that are absorbed into our skin, and the air that we breathe. Like many foods, heating cacao beans leaves little of their magic and adding dairy products and chemicals is devastating to the beans’ nutritional value.
And I’m serious, I loved commercial chocolate, and this stuff makes it taste like cardboard!
Magnesium is responsible for setting off over 300 healthy chemical reactions in your body that keep you running smoothly. A feed with an invalid mime type may fall victim to this error, or SimplePie was unable to auto-discover it..

All of our programs, books, recipes and posts are there to help others live a vibrant, delicious life! Stretching from the northernmost point of the planet all the way to its southernmost point, the midpoint of this giant landmass was the Earth’s equator. Then the hot, dry air that brushed across the surface of the Zechstein Sea would continually evaporate the water. Technological advances such as the pick axe and the saw made it possible to mine shallow salt deposits. While they’re being mined, the salts from the Ancient Zechstein Seabed undergo numerous processes including water injection, pressure, dissolution, precipitation and more.
When cells are normalized in this way, many people report positive health benefits such as a decrease in muscle and joint pain, promotion of healthy skin tissue, improved mood, and less stress. With so many dangers in our everyday lives, it’s good to know you can count on nature’s bounty from the Zechstein Sea and elsewhere to offer plenty of safe, all natural relief! In line with what we say about food here at HHFG, magnesium-rich food release energy in the body by setting off these reactions.
Far below the imaginary line that defines the Equator sat a large sea called the Zechstein Sea. The saltwater infiltration that had taken place over the years, combined with the natural water evaporation that was constantly taking place resulted in the concentration of massive salt deposits. And it’s the very same process that has triggered earthquakes and volcanoes and created new mountain ranges and oceans throughout Earth’s history. Some of the salt that has not been able to bubble up because of overlying rocks instead form what are called salt pillows. But, magnesium salts in various applications, have demonstrated a remarkable ability to introduce magnesium into the body through topical application – also known by medical professionals astransdermal magnesium therapy.
The end result of all these processes is magnesium chloride, also known as Bischofite or magnesium oil, in which nearly all of the impurities including gypsum, halite, sylvite, potassium and others are naturally removed.
There’s a big difference when it comes to their respective densities too, with rocks being denser than salt. However, although this dry technique eliminates the evaporation steps, it does nothing to remove impurities from the mined salts.

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