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However, since this blog is made of words and not pictures or sounds, you’ll just have to imagine extra hard.
Opening introduction narrated by Ron Perlman: Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer had been driven insane with a desire to kill. All the other reindeer had laughed and called him names and wouldn’t let him join in any reindeer games… Until one day it pushed poor Rudolf over the edge into a berserk killing frenzy. Rudolf was wheeled out of his cell strapped down to a dolly, and guarded by half a dozen of Santa’s guard elves armed with nightsticks and Tasers, because he was one scary reindeer.  Rudolf had a visitor.
The nuclear missile submarine surfaced, breaking through the polar ice near the Reindeer Underground secret headquarters. Lance Henriksen completed his remaining court mandated community service hours and was released as the Ghost of Christmas Future Past. Vixen and the surviving members  of the Reindeer Underground were interred in Guantanamo Bay until Attorney General Eric Holder insisted they be tried in regular federal court. Santa Claus denied all knowledge of the existence of Rudolf or secret prisons at the North Pole.
Authorcorreia455 years 4 months agoI was going to say that the magic ones do, but the wisdom of the Monster Hunter Nation has shown that I was right all along.
GuestMiguel5 years 4 months agoSo Rudolph is the spawn of the Wendigo and an alcoholic Doe? One day I was doing my vocabulary homework while watching True Blood, I got the great idea to write sentences corresponding to the show so I could remember them better. One of my favorite Eric Northman moments is when he chortles after the Fellowship of the Sun people asked him where his stake was.

I feel like the whole cast of True Blood could be considered toothsome, just because they are on such a sexy show!
The iota of Bill’s past shown in the season 4 previews, make me really excited for his storyline! As a bonus, site members have access to a banner-ad-free version of the site, with print-friendly pages.Click here to learn more. As many of you know, the Christmas Noun series began in 2008 when I decided that I need to cash in… err… I mean satisfy my artistic vision, yeah that’s it, and write a Christmas novel. This time a magic hat brought a snowman to life, and unlike the jolly, dancing Frosty, Stabby was more into stab-killing and world domination. So, working along with brilliant visionary director, James Cameron, and super-science, this year’s Christmas Noun will be presented in revolutionary 3d.  This is clearly several more dimensions than last year.
He took out Dasher and Prancer with a meat cleaver, Donner and Dixon with a garden weasel, and Blitzen… Poor Blitzen… They’d never found his head. In proud action hero tradition, Tim had once again become down on his luck in the time between episodes. I am the Ghost of Christmas Future-Past!” said the Ghost of Christmas Future-Past in the mall parking lot. When the smoke cleared, Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer was standing in the remains of Tim’s living room, holding the Christmas Noun in his hooves. Apparently Rudolf’s piranhas had gotten stuffed quickly, so now they were just kind of listlessly nibbling, sort of a like how you get on Thanksgiving after you’re already full, but you keep going back to pick at that spiral-cut ham… thereby making Julian Assange’s death way longer and more agonizing. She was as beautiful as she was stupid, but she knew that Tim was counting on her to escape and do stuff.

He returned to his mall Santa job, content in his knowledge that the Christmas Noun was safe until Larry Correia needed to increase blog traffic next December.
Of the 2,798 counts of murder, extortion, kidnapping, robbery, terrorism, and bombing, Vixen the reindeer was convicted on two counts of Jay-Walking with Intent to Loiter.
The crime scene elves had described the scene as one of shocking carnage, with venison spread from one end of Santa’s workshop to the other.
The day he arrived he killed a polar bear with a shiv made from a plastic spoon, just so everyone would know not to mess with him. After the Reindeer Underground’s killing spree against the cast and audience of The View, Tim would take no chances. Rudolf has spent the time since then preparing for his inevitable revenge, lifting weights, getting prison tattoos, and terrifying the sugar plum fairies. Rudolf’s kung-fu was strong, and his Prancing-Pony style was more than a match for Tim’s Black-Tiger style. PrintoutLabel the continents, oceans, poles, equator, and prime meridian.Answers Ocean and Seas:Label Me!
Despite having saved Christmas because of my hideous glowing nose, Santa swept the whole incident under the rug and left me to rot in prison.

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