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There have been some weak statements from Hamza Yusuf's recent Sandala blog post, Imam Zaid's 'Game Over, We Win?' post and others, that really disappoint in terms of leadership and action. There is also a sort of resentment among Muslims that "this isn’t an Islamic revolution" and that it should be or else its a discredit or disloyal to Islam. There is the usual pattering of discussion saying that good Muslims should not rebel against their leaders.
Tumblr's huge collection of inspirational, beautiful, funny, amazing pictures, photos, images, quotes, one-liners about Islam, Allah, Quran, Hadith, prayer, love, life, friendship, happiness, society, sirah, artworks, nature, etc. Every Ramadan, it’s worthwhile making the effort to pencil in at least one night of Tarawih prayer in this masjid.
This year, for 30 Masjids, I arrived before the sun had set, intending to pray my late afternoon Asr Prayer as well as Isha and Tarawih, with Iftar and Maghrib inbetween. The Bosnian Islamic Centre takes up the south west corner of Birmingham and Fifth streets in Etobicoke Lakeshore.
Across the street is LAMP Community Health Centre, whose social service programming has become something of a quiet inspiration to many neighbourhood efforts across the city. On the opposite corner facing the masjid, the Toronto Police Academy, trains the future of Toronto’s finest. Immediately north, one of the original Telephone Exchange Central Office buildings has been repurposed into office units. A Baptist Church stood here when Croatian Muslims purchased the building in 1976 looking for a masjid to call their own.
The former Baptist Church became one of only three masjids in the Greater Toronto Area back then, joining Jami Mosque, and the Islamic Foundation’s original 182 Rhodes Avenue building. In 1984-1985, a decision was made to replace the church building with something more suitable. That might be why, as a historian, I always have a special reverence each time I visit and see it in person. Here, the faucets are motion sensor activated making washing up before prayer a bit easier. The verse from the Qur’an known as Ayat an-Nur, the Verse of Light or the Sign of Light immediately enters my mind. It’s not lost on me that the Community Health Centre on the other side of Fifth Street is known as LAMP. Over time, worshippers in TARIC would chant this supplication aloud in unison after every four rakats during Tarawih prayers. Eventually, wouldn’t you know it, someone decided to print it up in giant poster format and share them for free with any Tarawih location that asked for one. It’s not part of Tarawih prayers, but it has become known as part of some Toronto Tarawihs. If any of the origin legends of why croissants came about are true, it is deeply ironic that I am waiting to break fast with them in an Ottoman influence designed masjid.

On the bulletin board, a flyer for Royal Falafel a few blocks away is enough to sell me on going there for Iftar Dinner.
The daily special is sold out, but the owner offers me a chicken shawarma sandwich at the same price. During the time BIC was called the Croatian Islamic Centre, before the alternating pink and beige carpeting was installed, the floor was filled with magnificient Turkish rugs. Around the time the civil war broke out in Yugoslavia, this previously never asked question of why the masjid was called Croatian came up.
In this era of flat panel screens with everchanging sliding information, it’s nice to see these around town still working, still informing the faithful of the five daily prayer times. On the bike ride home, I choose the Martin Goodman Trail because it’s cooler by the lake.
YOU Can Help 30 Masjids Continue!Your Donation will help bring NEW Canada-wide stories during Ramadan 2016. Well the short answer as to what to take away is just how much determined Muslims are capable of, even this late in the hour. I don’t think we should be looking at Islamic scholarship for leadership in this regard anymore since they have their own issues to deal with and their hands are tied. Islamic political parties have a history of being unsuccessful in government and often just end up attracting trouble and violence. An historic plaque outside reminds pedestrians this was once quite the happening intersection. No longer being a church building meant all the basic needs of a masjid could be included in the redesign. Sometimes you need a moment or two to find that sweet spot where the water won’t hiccup, stopping and re-starting constantly. The Imam and three brothers who were reading Qur’an in a study circle have left the prayer hall.
Nowadays, many more Islamic schools than not, split up boys and girls into separate class rooms. Parents from all over Southern Ontario sent their kids to be with fellow Muslims for a few weeks.
As people began spending Ramadan in other masjids, they brought along this handout and began spreading this supplication. Keeping in mind they could have designed it into the architecture of the building, instead, this beautiful wooden prayer niche was installed sometime after the new masjid was built. Outside of the few fancy carpet stores in Toronto, here was the only place I remember seeing them growing up.
There were heated debates and eventually the sign was changed and it became known as the Bosnian Islamic Centre.
During and after World War II, many Muslims who were Bosnian in origin fought the Communists in Croatia.

I think this has opened everybody’s eyes that despite how weak our sense of self-worth has become we still have a spark in us. I will say of course there is still speculation about the USA backing ElBaradei and the fact that this whole revolution is orchestrated by activists who were trained by the USA and that's something worth reading up on - so we should be taking it all with a grain of salt. The Muslim Brotherhood I think realizes it can’t offer much and even if it were to come into power, it would be paralyzed and unable to help the Egyptian people, so that it would be better for them to back down somewhat and play it smart. Yes there are hadith that mention that, with the idea being to choose the better of two evils, to reduce bloodshed and chaos, but in this case, Mubarak is the cause of greater bloodshed. Strange thing is though, after so many years of hearing it, I can almost recite it by heart. Unlike previous years, so few people come for Maghrib during Ramadan, and with only a couple of volunteers, it’s not quite worth that much effort. There’s an ambiance that is elusive in the too-many-to-count falafel joints which now dot downtown. It wasn’t there right away, as I remember being surprised seeing it suddenly appear one day. I always contrasted it with Jami Mosque‘s rough almost straw like hardened dark red and black patterned carpets. When the Communists rose to power, out of personal safety some of them fled to Canada winding up in the Greater Toronto Area as political refugees.
I gave him some pointers, but couldn’t take him on as a client or business partner at the time.
Upon arriving at camp, I couldn’t believe it but there was Danny, the red headed problem child from the TV show. That informed their collective decision to self-identify as Croatian Muslims rather than Bosnian Muslims. I think this revolution is actually how it should be: most of the people are Muslim so what more do people want?
It says that we are not just the neglected subjects of an American hegemony, nor are we just the enemies of Israel, nor are we just angry, but we are people and we are not limited by the simplistic outlook of ideology. People are praying in the face of water cannons, which is much more “islamic” than shooting off firearms and thumping Qur'ans, right? I think that is exactly the sort of mentality that is needed to revive Islam today because it speaks to living Islam and that is what Islamic rule is about - it is not just about dying for Islam, but living it. People are being responsible for their government, there is a civic responsibility there and real courage. They have the courage to correct what is wrong amongst themselves so I imagine it will bear fruit.

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