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With any serious, mission critical applications development, we should always have three to five core environments in which the team is operating. This ties in a variety of policy and procedures to provide end-to-end service delivery for the customer. Every fortnight the team leaders, DBA's and the development manager discuss new and existing work over the next two weeks.
The system tracks all new developments (3 month max cycle), mini projects (5-10 days), long term projects (measured and managed in 3 month blocks) and other enhancements and system bugs. The resource meeting identifies and deals with issues within the environments, tasks to be completed or nearing completion and the work schedule over the next two weeks. There are not a lot of development teams that I have come across that have their own server administrators. On the Development and Test servers I allow Administrator access to simplify the whole process. Allowing administrative access to any server usually raises hairs of the back of peoples necks, but in a managed environment with strict adherence of responsibilities and procedure, this sort of flexibility with staff is appreciated and works well with the team. The DBA maintains a "database change control form", separate from the IR management system and any other change management documentation. With this in mind, I am quite lenient with the server and database environment, giving the following privileges. The test server database configuration in relation to security, user accounts, OS privileges, database settings are close to production as we can get them. Here the DBA will apply scripts generated from complete change control forms that alter database structure, namely tables, triggers, schema bound views, full-text indexing, user defined data types and changes in security. The production server box is similar to that of test, but is controlled by the person who is packaging up the next production release of scripts and other source code ready for production. In this scenario, a single person within the development team should manage change control in this environment. Unless you are running a mission critical system, there will always be minor system bugs that result in hot fixes in production. Autonomic computing "is an approach to self-managed computing systems with a minimum of human interference" (IBM).

The whole change management process is about customers and the service we provide them as IT professionals.
This is going off track a little in terms of change control but I felt its worth sharing with you.
The tasks of course will vary, but rarely sway from the standard requirements, design, build, test, implement life-cycle. The recorded decision that a product or part of a product has satisfied the requirements and may be delivered to the Client or used in the next part of the process. The recorded decision that the product or part of the product has satisfied the quality standards. A formal process for identifying changes to the Support Release or its deliverables and ensuring appropriate control over variations to the Support Release scope, budget and schedule.
This simple but effective process allows developers and associated management to better track change and its interdependencies throughout its lifecycle. Failure to lay down the law with development staff (including the DBA) is a task easily put in the too hard basket. The 21st century DBA, aka Technical Consultant, needs to focus on a variety of skills, not only database change but change management processes as a complete picture. As a first tool for contract management, we integrate a change management process into the contract. In most claim situations, we will be able to settle the case after negotiating with the other party. After arbitration as first instance, we usually can go for a formal court trial as second and then third instance. The second building block consists of the records of events and their analysis in terms of impact. Change Management - Change Management Process - Change Management Model - Change Management Diagram - Change Management Chart - Management of Change in Organizations Framework and Principles.
Our change management consultants can guide your organization through technology change, software change, culture change, process change and reorganization. We are skilled in facilitating change, and developing change leaders within your organizations. By incorporating a communication, collaboration and usable documentation, our well-integrated change management plan provides the foundation which is essential to your business.

The most incisive summary I've seen of the current electoral rhetoric was an editorial cartoon by Matt Davies that appeared in last week's LA Times. It was inevitable that the term would show up in politics, as both Republicans and Democrats took to talking about government with the language of business, so that every education or public health program had to be justified as an investment in human capital.
So, another important aspect is, how many different parties we need and how the contractual structure should look like. It doesn't take a lot of political savvy to trot out the C-word when the administration and Congress are unpopular, the economy is in free fall, and three-quarters of the electorate say that the country is on the wrong track. At least that's how the story is told by the motivational writer Spencer Johnson in his bestselling Who Moved My Cheese? In an age that has turned CEO's into media icons, it suggests that business success is a validation of personal charisma, not simply competence.
In fact it isn't surprising that the New Democrat Bill Clinton would become the first national politician to describe himself as a change agent when he launched his run for the presidency in 1991, at another moment of voter discontent with the economy and the government. Change has always been the obvious card for nonincumbents to play, whatever direction they're planning to head in. The work is a 94-page fable set in a maze inhabited by two mice and by two little humans named Hem and Haw, who discover one day that their daily ration of cheese is not in its customary place.
Since its publication in 1998 it has sold more than 5 million copies, including carloads shipped to companies like Southwest Airlines and General Motors for distribution to their employees. And modern managers are naturally gratified by the suggestion that the challenge of constant change is more urgent and daunting for them than it was in the leisurely days when Alfred P. And the qualifications for the label are infinitely elastic -- you're a person who can make things change because you've been around for a while or because you're a fresh face, because you're an old Washington hand or because you're an outsider, because you're tough or because you're flexible. They whine and curse their fate until Haw realizes that they have to overcome their debilitating fear of change and boldly resolve to seek out new cheese elsewhere. When I hear someone described as a change agent, I can't help recalling the older meaning of the term.

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