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Yoga for long has been ascertained as the other convenient and more efficient means of treating ailments as well as strengthening the body’s immune system. The most enduring aspect of Iyengar yoga is that it is not stressful and the poses are not intend to test the limits of bodies’ endurance power. The environment plays an important role towards the efficient performance of the yoga and it is advisable to perform this art in a clean and calm surrounding.Iyengar yoga places greater importance on the comfort of the mind and body. The muscles of both the legs and the chest are engaged keeping the chest high and shoulders relaxed. At present eight types of yoga forms are practised at different levels and Iyengar yoga is one such yoga form. This is done to increase the strength of the legs, enhance blood circulation and balance and coordination of the mind and body.
This is mainly done to help in building a strong coordination between the various parts of the body.

A beginner is introduced to the various poses at his own strength and pace and pressure is not given to be pushed beyond ones own physical ability.The yoga mostly focuses on learning the various asanas and understanding the body’s physical and structural being. This is the reason why while suggesting a convenient environment, the body too is made comfortable and as such use of a mat or folded blankets when performing the postures is a must.Beginners start with the simplest of the yoga posture, tadasana.
A calmer mind, increased fitness of the body and also enhancement of the resistance power of the body are some of the basic benefits which can be derived from this yoga form.Besides the physical strength, one’s mental ability and stamina also gets enhanced and individuals are ready to face all the perspectives of life with calmness and peace of mind. The standing poses are meant to increase the mental awareness of the individual and build a stronger base towards the development of further more advanced forms of postures and exercises. Belts, balls and blocks are some of the more common props used to enhance mental stamina of the body.The main motto is to increase symmetrical assimilation of the different postures with the body parts. In this yoga form, a person needs to stand straight with the arms at the sides and feet together. When focusing on mastering of the different poses, Iyengar yoga aims at freeing the body from aches and pains.

Focus is laid on the placement of the hand, feet, lower abdomen and the pelvis while establishing coordination between the arms, legs and the spine.A slow to modest approach is adapted towards greater attention to the detailing of the postures and as such the body too gets adapted to the postures anatomically. In this particular posture of tadasana the feet are used to centralize the weight    of the body evenly. With a guru like Krishnamacharya to guide him under his able supervision, Mr Iyengar mastered more than two thousand postures of different yoga forms.The Iyengar approach to yoga focuses on the precise alignments of the different postures to enhance the bodies’ stamina and flexibility. In this form of yoga Mr B K S Iyengar introduced props when needed to reach a deeper level of endurance and body awareness.

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