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For four days over the past weekend I participated in a Jewish silent meditation retreat, led by Rabbi Jeff Roth (The Awakened Heart Project) and organized by True North Insight. Richard Brody began writing for The New Yorker in 1999, and has contributed articles about the directors Francois Truffaut, Jean-Luc Godard, and Samuel Fuller. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement (effective January 1, 2014) and Privacy Policy (effective January 1, 2014).
Members of the Jewish community of Paris light candles on Place de la Bastille as they attend a silent march to pay tribute to the victims of the Toulouse school shooting, during a night time vigil on March 19, 2012 in Paris, France. Belgium’s secular umbrella organization, Centre d’action laique (CAL), united Belgians from all ethnicities and religions and called for a show of support to the families of the victims and the Jewish community. Politicians including Belgian Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo and Foreign Minister Didier Reynders called for vigilance against hatred in their speeches and attendees expressed anger and sadness over the events of Saturday.
Meanwhile, approximately 300 members of the Jewish community gathered outside the Belgium Jewish Museum on Sunday evening to recite the Kaddish prayer for the dead and light candles at the scene. Despite the day’s elections to the European Parliament, a strong showing of key politicians attended the silent protest. Earlier Sunday, Joelle Milquet the deputy prime minister and minister of internal affairs, met with leaders of the Jewish community, the police and the crisis center to discuss future security measures for Belgium’s Jewish community centers. On Sunday, the deadly attack claimed its fourth victim as Alexandre Strens, a young man who was critically injured by gunshot died of his wounds.
Police had detained one suspect late Saturday but he was soon released and is now considered a witness. A motive was not yet given, but the government has said it had the hallmarks of an anti-Semitic attack. A survey published earlier this month by the Anti-Defamation League found that 27 percent of Belgian adults harbor anti-Semitic attitudes. You hereby accept The Times of Israel Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, and you agree to receive the latest news & offers from The Times of Israel and its partners or ad sponsors.
Jewish leaders remaining on the sidelines or supporting the administration on the Iran nuclear deal are like those Jewish leaders who were silent when 6 millions Jews were murdered during the Holocaust, a New York Assemblymember charged on Wednesday. The right-wing Democratic lawmaker also mocked Congressman Jerry Nadler for announcing his support for the deal after receiving a letter from the president. It should be noted that almost $100 million is being poured in by Jewish groups in opposition to the deal. Three prominent NY Jewish Democrats who came out against the Iran nuclear deal issued a joint statement on Tuesday condemning the “unacceptable” and “inappropriate” rhetoric from both sides in the debate over the deal.
Also speaking at the rally were Councilman David Greenfield (D-Brooklyn), State Senator Jesse Hamilton (who wore a colorful yarmulke to his head), Jacob Goldstein, Chaplain Colonel (Ret.) of the US Armed Forces, and Devorah Halberstam, the mother of the late Ari Halberstam, who was killed in the terrorist shooting on the Brooklyn Bridge in 1994. It’s now well known that the Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM) was pressured by the Zionist lobby group North West Friends of Israel (NWFOI) to cancel a concert by internationally acclaimed jazz saxophonist Gilad Atzmon.

Less understandable is the fact (not mentioned by the Jewish Chronicle) of Mr Dennison’s documented and well-known dishonesty.
But Mr Dennison is not only an aficionado of white-collar dishonesty; in fact he’s not at all averse to getting down and dirty because it seems that Anthony Dennison is also a bit of a football hooligan. Leaving aside whether we should allow such a man as Anthony Dennison to bully a British artist and an academic and beloved cultural institution, there is another, wider question to be asked: how come a supposedly respectable lobbying organisation like NWFOI is happy to have as a prime representative a man known to be dishonest and also an occasional hooligan? It happens that way because suddenly you have the time and capacity to look around, find your own path and rejoice in it. I’ve been sharing information with friends regarding events, sample sales, restaurants, and recipes for years. This event is taking place at George Brown College Hospitality and Culinary Arts Centre on Wednesday May 4th from 6 to 9 pm.  Tickets are available for $99 which includes a cocktail reception, gourmet cuisine, no-host bar and silent auction.
Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival.(May 1- 31, 2016) Did you know that CONTACT is the largest photography event in the world and features over 1500 artists in 200 exhibitions?
14-29 at Film Society of Lincoln Center, offers welcome restorations of several rare silent classics.
Your California Privacy Rights The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Condé Nast. Four people, including three children, have been killed and others injured after a gunman opened fire outside a Jewish school in Toulouse as parents dropped their children off for morning classes.
Schools, synagogues, cultural centers and other Jewish community centers will operate as usual — under reinforced security and permanent police protection.
Senator  Chuck Schumer, who’s in line to assume the Senate Democratic leadership, and prominent Jewish Democrats are also strongly opposed to the deal.
What is less well known is that the co-chair and spokesperson for NWFOI is one Anthony Dennison (Mr Dennison’s name and role in the organisation can be confirmed here). The BBC knew about it, the Solicitor’s Journal knew about it, the Daily Telegraph knew about it and the Manchester Evening News knew about it, so it’s safe to say that the NWFOI and the Jewish Chronicle certainly knew about it.
Perhaps you remember the incident from October 2014 when Mr Dennison’s all-Jewish football team, Maccabi, was about to be wiped out in a match (9:2 with only 10 minutes left to play) and Mr Dennison took his young players off the pitch claiming “anti-Semitic abuse”. And if we are, is it then surprising that, when orchestrating the pressure on the RNCM, he should call to his support fellow discredited lawyer Alan Dershowitz, who is now implicated in the Jeffrey Epstein under-age sex scandal? And further, how come the premier Jewish media outlet representing mainstream Jewish opinion in this country has nothing to say on this matter? The irony that I can’t WAIT to be able to do nothing and say nothing when I feel like it is striking me full on at the moment. It’s well worth the drive to see this spectacular event which features over a million tulips in 50 varieties blooming in public spaces across the National Capital Region.

Griffith’s “A Child of the Ghetto,” made in 1910, just two years into his directorial career, displays a playfully innovative movie technique.
And another wise crone who always reminded me that the questions are as important as the answers. Falsely accused of stealing by her boss, and hotly pursued by the police, she ends up in the countryside, where the grown son of a farm family finds her and takes her in. Living alone, I find myself in silence often during the day, especially outside; such a welcome respite.
Her hard-won new tranquillity is threatened, however, by a chance visit from a city policeman. Sometimes I will speak out loud and be surprised at the sound of my own voice having not spoken aloud for a day. He delights in audacious editing effects—such as a jump cut, from the girl’s arrival at home to her efforts at needlework—and surprising visual compositions.
With a camera perched high above pushcarts in the teeming neighborhood, Griffith films West, in costume, jostling on Rivington Street amid a throng of passersby, some of whom stare curiously into the lens.
When the action shifts to the farm, Griffith elaborates his reactionary philosophy along with his daring artistry.
As the young woman faces the probing policeman while fetching water from a well, the rope attached to the bucket looms behind her head, appearing as if tied around her neck. Her courtship by the farm boy of Christian charity plays like an updated “Merchant of Venice,” with its depiction of a Jewish girl’s redemption through marriage to a Gentile. In Griffith’s vision, deliverance for a child of the ghetto is in leaving the cramped tenements, the depraved city, and her alien heritage for the American heartland and mainstream.
The German director Ernst Lubitsch, who was Jewish, left Berlin for good in 1922 to expand his horizons in Hollywood.
There, he quickly became the master of a new genre, the sophisticated sex comedy, as seen in “Three Women,” from 1924 (screening on Jan. It was Lubitsch’s third American film but his first to be set in the United States—specifically, on Park Avenue, where a dissolute financial speculator sets his sights on a wealthy widow in order to replenish his fortune.
But, when the woman’s daughter comes home from college, the suave seducer turns his attention to her instead. The action begins at a Jazz Age revel worthy of Gatsby: a posh and wild party where the financier hunts his potential romantic prey with a discerning gaze at their jewels.

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