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The reason Ia€™m sharing this information with you is that it is distinctly possible that there is also a magic quantum number that applies to consciousness, and it may very well be this same ratio. This shift will happen if enough of us come to believe that our personal awakening makes a difference, and we act accordingly. What makes this vision so compelling and possible is that we dona€™t need everyone to respond to make something extraordinary happen on the planet.
Another reason I believe that this evolutionary leap in consciousness is imminent (in the next few generations) is the crisis that presently faces the world. For over three decades, John Kehoe has earned worldwide recognition for his pioneering work in the field of mind power and consciousness.
John has lectured on every continent and his seminal book, Mind Power Into the 21st Century, has topped bestseller lists in over a dozen countries selling over 2 million copies. In 1975, John Kehoe withdrew to the wooded seclusion of the British Columbia wilderness to spend three years in intensive study and contemplation of the inner workings of the human mind.
Kehoea€™s books have become international publishing triumphs, topping bestseller lists around the world. In 2002, another calling similar to the one Kehoe had so many years ago led him to take a 3-year listening sabbatical. Now Kehoe begins a whole new chapter in his life as he tours the world with his new vision, teaching the advance methods of quantum warriorship and the path of the Quantum Warrior. Light is made up of millions of packets of light waves, with each light wave vibrating at a slightly different frequency than the one beside it.
If this is the case, from a cosmic evolutionary point of view each of us counts for a thousand. Individually, one by one, we must break the spell that has us thinking it doesna€™t matter what we do.

Too many of us think that because we are only one person it doesna€™t matter how we think or act, but with our quantum understanding we realize this is not the case. The environment, overpopulation, pollution, poverty, new strains of diseases, nuclear arms; the list of cataclysmic scenarios that face our species is almost endless. He is an author, speaker and socially conscious individual dedicated to teaching individuals the ways to harness their amazing human potential. His teachings reveal the powers we all possess within and the means by which each individual can shape his or her destiny. During this time, Kehoe developed the first straightforward and successful program for developing Mind Power.
When you can cause just one tenth of one percent of these light waves to vibrate at the same frequency, thata€™s one thousand out of one million, all the others automatically shift into coherence and vibrate at the same frequency, becoming a powerful beam.
Not only are we needed to step up and act, we need to step up and act in ways that are revolutionary. Nor do we need to be Nobel laureates, millionaires, great artists, visionaries or even, for that matter, have anything exceptional to offer. While it might seem somewhat counterintuitive, these present crises are hopeful signs, for the very reason that crisis always precedes transformation.
In 1978, he began travelling and teaching people the principles he had formulated, and the phenomenal success of his speaking tours soon grew to encompass the world. The magic number that is required for this to happen is one tenth of one percent, and this is how the laser beam achieves its intensity. It would be daunting if we thought we needed all or even most of humanity to think and act in these new ways before we could see a major shift in consciousness. One tenth of one percent of us must hear the call and act in quantum ways in order to trigger cosmic consciousness in our species.

These present-day crises, unlike anything the world has previously seen, may very well be the evolutionary awakeners that trigger the preprogrammed codes within us that will awaken the cosmic potentials needed at this point in time.
As more individuals commit themselves to making the world a better place they resonate with an energy vibration that can shift the collective consciousness of the planet. But if, like the laser beam, there is a threshold number that is necessary to trigger the event of cosmic consciousness, then it becomes far more plausible that this could happen and happen quickly, even in our lifetime. If we think it doesna€™t matter whether we contribute or not, this belief will stop us from acting. It may be a quantum Darwinian survival of the species that is now taking place, only this time it is happening in consciousness. Quantum warriorship combines scientific quantum truths with the mystical teachings of our race to present an extraordinary vision of what is possible when we awaken ourselves and harness the four energetic parts of who we are.
If one tenth of one percent is in fact the magic ratio, and it might well be, as one tenth of one percent seems to have alchemical properties elsewhere in nature, that means that in a species that now numbers around seven billion, it would take seven million of us to awaken in order to trigger this event. It may well be that our inner cosmic programs, feeling this vibration, are responding in the way they have been designed to respond, shifting us into a different level of consciousness, where we suddenly experience ourselves and the world in a different way. The task of a quantum warrior is to become a complete and integrated human being with body, mind, subconscious and soul functioning and in relationship with one another.
To trigger cosmic consciousness we need only one out of every thousand people to be inspired by this vision, to take up the path of quantum warriorship or a similar visionary discipline.

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