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This made-for-television documentary treats Secret Life of Us fans to a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the series.
In a time when capital ruthlessly hunted any intimation of labor organizing and the Irish were a distinctly second-class people, the (apparent, or at least alleged) response of the Mollies was natural: form a secret society, and wring by threat of bodily harm the concessions it could not pursue by collective bargaining. Mine owners turned public and private violence on Irish radicals pushing for things like the eight-hour day.
Kehoe, a power broker in mining country with some sway at the capital who was reputed to call the shots among the Maguires, faced the hangman singly a year later for an 1862 cold-case murder so doubtfully ascribed to Kehoe that the governor hesitated to sign the death warrant.
The lesson taught by the punishment of the Molly Maguires would have been shorn of much of its terror and impressiveness if the energetic and persistent efforts made in behalf of KEHOE, the reputed king of that organization, had resulted in rescuing him from the gallows.

The Mollie Maguire murders, like the agrarian murders in Ireland, and the trades-union outrages, arsons, and machine-breakings in England, were not the work of the so-called criminal classes.
101 years later, Kehoe received what was thought to be the first and only posthumous pardon in the state’s history.
Does anyone know of a story that Jack Kehoe’s mother put a curse on all those involved with the arrest, conviction and execution of her son. Likening the molly magures battle with mining capitlaiists as an extension of the armed struggle in Ni between protestants and catholics was spot on. Execution Playing CardsExclusively available on this site: our one-of-a-kind custom playing card deck.

Features interviews with stars Claudia Karvan and Spencer McLaren, along with the rest of the cast and crew of the show, who share their experiences from working on the program, as well as discuss the special efforts that went into bringing every episode together.
Robert W Kehoe Wapakoneta Ohio., lawyer,former Bomb Technician,Marine,Law enforcement officer, Irish Bagpiper.

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