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We carried it proudly all the way back to one of their houses and proceeded to patch the hole with a piece of plywood and tar. One of the boys found a canoe paddle in the weeds and we three got into the boat and started to paddle out. 15-Feb-2012-You cannot earn eternal life by keeping the law 16-Feb-2012-Faith apart from works is head belief, and therefore dead belief 17-Feb-2012-But our citizenship is in heaven 18-Feb-2012-Your Faith has Healed You 19-Feb-2012-Saul:I'll pin David to the wall 20-Feb-2012-You shall not make tattoo 21-Feb-2012-Parable of the Talents 22-Feb-2012-The Serpent of brass was a type of the Lord Jesus Christ 23-Feb-2012-God's covenant - The Rainbow 24-Feb-2012-Satan-The Father of Lies 25-Feb-2012 The Rich young Ruler 26-Feb-2012-This is the bread that came down from heaven 27-Feb-2012 The Lord used the cloud to tell the Israelites when to move 28-Feb-2012-Jesus or Barabbas? 29-Feb-2012- A Crown for the King 01-March-2012-Elijah brings God's Word to King Ahab 02-Mar-2012-Persistent Widow and the Unjust Judge 03-Mar-2012-Sojourners and Pilgrims 04-Mar-2012-The Day and Hour Unknown 05-Mar-2012-The God who answers by Fire 06-Mar-2012-New Jerusalem 07-Mar-2012-Mary Has Chosen What Is Better 08-Mar-2012-Behold the Lamb of God 09-Mar-2012-Cain and Abel 10-Mar-2012-Put on the full armor of God 11-Mar-2012-How shall we escape if we neglect such a great salvation? 12-Mar-2012-God Disciplines His Children 13-Mar-2012-Israelites Walked on Dry Ground 14-Mar-2012-Angel Rescues Peter 15-Mar-2012-Fruit of the Spirit 16-Mar-2012-A King Demanded 17-March-2012-And the Iron did float 18-March-2012-The Ox knows its owner 19-Mar-2012-When Godd People Differ 20-Mar-2012 Jesus Raises Lazarus from the dead 21-March-2012-Justified By Faith 22-Mar-2012-The Fatih of the Centurion 23-Mar-2012-David calls him Lord 24-Mar-2012-Results of the flesh 25-Mar-2012-The Image of Gold and Blazing Furnace 26-Mar-2012-But I come to you in the name of the LORD 27-Mar-2012- Pralyzed man healed 28-Mar-2012-Jesus and the Miraculous Catch of Fish 29-Mar-2012- Are you "Acquitted" or still "Condemned"? We feverishly paddled with that one oar and bailed out the water with our hands and an old can. Barely we made it to shore and got out just before the boat sank below the water and headed downstream. Wet, cold and shaking the three of us headed home knowing we would never tell our parents of this stupid adventure. We were lucky to be alive and it was only by Goda€™s grace that I can live to tell about it. Sometimes that other road will bring you back to your original path and sometimes it will take you farther away from it. But God used him to gather and lead his people out of Pharaoha€™s slavery and split the Red Sea in two.A  Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers and was cast into prison but became the second most powerful person inEgypt.

Or, maybe just maybe a smile or a kind word from you to a stranger may just prevent them from going home and ending their own life and their grandson will some day save the world. He will bring to light things that are now hidden in darkness, and will make known the secret purposes of people's hearts. Throw your troubled waters out of your boat and paddle on down that river of life with Him at your side.
You have ears, but you don't really listen.Psalm 13:2 -- How long must I worry and feel sad in my heart all day?
I have been praying for something to happen for 4A? years now and what I prayed for was not granted. Leta€™s speak of reality a€“ He is God and He can do what He wants to or not do what He doesna€™t want to. We cannot command the Lord to do anything whether we do it in pleading, tears, anger, or desperation.
If God has the will, He may answer our prayers about life but nothing says that He absolutely has to.
All we have is the hope that he will hear us, see what we are going through, and grant us a little drop of His mercy in this life. He will cure a cancer, heal the deaf, grow an arm back or bring someone back to life but that does not mean He will do it all the time. He has given us guidance through His word (the Bible) and occasionally gives us a nudge or lesson to learn from but basically kicks us out of the nest like the mother bird does to face the challenges of life.

I get so frustrated at times that my prayers are not answered and I have to keep reminding myself that this is my life and I need to deal with it on my own sometimes. Their job is to preach the message to inspire, encourage, and give hope to their congregations.
If we are to be an example of His mercy to others, it can only be done with people of lesser stature than us. He wants us to spread the Gospel and not make up stories of what He has done for us personally in life. Just show others how you believe in His salvation and forgiveness and tell them of His Word. He has promised everything in His kingdom of Heaven to those who accept His Son as Lord and Savior.
Life here is just a temporary setback, trial and test to see if we are worthy of everlasting life sharing in His love -- or without it in a very dark place. So accept His Son as your Lord and claim the only real promise that He made to us --- Forgiveness and Salvation.

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