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Narcotics Anonymous is a non-profit fellowship or society of men and women for whom drugs had become a major problem. Narcotics Anonymous Just for Today ® is a publication of Narcotics Anonymous World Services. Imagine what would happen if a newcomer walked into one of our meetings and was met by a group of grim-faced people gripping the arms of their chairs with white knuckles.
Most organizations are still built on the age old concept of going into an office every day. Too many young professionals spend hours on top of hours worrying about their past failures and even successes. It’s human nature to look at what other people are doing and then compare your situation to theirs. Grow Your StartupOur articles will help you increase revenue, generate leads, and grow your traffic. Back in the day, we had various WATS lines at school, and I was very good at guessing the codes! Recovering addicts help other addicts recover from the disease of addiction one day at a time. NA Just for Today is a daily meditational for recovering addicts who are recovering from the disease of addiction. That newcomer would probably bolt, perhaps muttering, "I thought I could get off drugs and be happy".
I had no idea where my career was going to take me and had no idea what I was going to do after I walked across the stage at University.

I landed a dream job working at the CBC implementing social media strategies and training both reporters and journalists.
I’m 100% on board with the idea of being flexible with requirements and rules to bring in new talent that will contribute to an organizations success but the key word there is contribute. If this is your first job or your first time with experience in a specific industry, you may want to earn your stripes first. Yet, most of Generation Y has already gone on record to express that they’d be willing to take 10% less pay for the chance to work at home.
Did your last employer make you feel as if you weren’t experienced enough for certain responsibilities?
It’s almost impossible to stop that entirely but you can definitely stop obsessing over it. Each Just for Today meditational gives the recovering addict a spirtual principal to focus on for the day. Thankfully, our newcomers are usually met by a group of friendly, smiling folks who are obviously fairly content with the lives they've found in Narcotics Anonymous. Looking back, I can remember submitting my resume into every job bank and receiving no responses from any company. The job market is becoming more and more competitive and the importance of differentiating yourself is at an all-time high. Obsessing over someone else’s success is an easy way to slip into depression and unhappiness. People are willing to do the oddest things for a handful of likes on their Facebook status or views on their latest Vine.
Each daily meditation focuses on a spirtual principal which is incorporated, through the program, into our lives.

From there, I decided I was going to take another risk and started my own advertising company.
You’ll first need to show your boss that you can work from home and then demonstrate that you can work from home while producing serious results. You also need to remember that we live in a world that is very much painted through the lens of tweets and newsfeeds. It’s easy to quickly establish a false sense of entitlement or importance from these interactions.
A newcomer, whose life has been deadly serious, is strongly attracted by an atmosphere of laughter and relaxation. That our generation is stuck and will be unable to shake free until the baby boomer generation begins retiring at a rapid rate. Outside of your closest friends and family members, people intentionally control what you see and know about them.
Coming from a place where everything is taken seriously, where disaster always waits around the next corner, it's a welcome relief to enter a room and find people who generally don't take themselves too seriously, who are ready for something wonderful.
Our meetings-those rooms filled with the lively, happy sounds of percolating coffee, clattering chairs, and laughing addicts-are the gathering places where we first welcome our newcomers and let them know that, yes, we're having fun now.

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