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The International Temples Project was founded by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso with the vision to create a Kadampa Buddhist Temple in every major city in the world. Its aim is to introduce the Buddhist Faith of the New Kadampa Tradition publicly and in particular to exemplify Buddhist practice through public service. Some are custom built according to a special design developed by Geshe Kelsang based on traditional Buddhist architecture, such as the Mother Temple at Manjushri Kadampa Meditation Centre in England and the Temples in New York, and Sao Paulo. Others are adapted from existing buildings acquired for Kadampa Meditation Centers around the world, such as the Temples in Toronto, Le Mans, Berlin, Zurich, Texas, and Melbourne. Modern Buddhism eBookThe events are based on the teachings given in the book Modern Buddhism by renowned author and meditation master, Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso. Kadampa Buddhism is a Mahayana Buddhist school founded by the great Indian Buddhist Master Atisha (AD 982-1054). The great Kadampa Teachers are famous not only for being great scholars but also for being spiritual practitioners of immense purity and sincerity. The lineage of these teachings, both their oral transmission and blessings, was then passed from Teacher to disciple, spreading throughout much of Asia, and now to many countries throughout the western world.
The external forms of presenting Buddhism may change as it meets with different cultures and societies, but its essential authenticity is ensured through the continuation of an unbroken lineage of realized practitioners.
Through the activities and dedication of the renowned Buddhist Master, Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, Kadampa Buddhism has spread to many countries in recent years. Geshe Kelsang has worked tirelessly to spread Kadampa Buddhism throughout the world by giving extensive teachings, writing many books on Kadampa Buddhism, establishing the International Temples Project and founding the New Kadampa Tradition, the International Kadampa Buddhist Union.
Gen Kelsang Chogden is an American Buddhist nun and the Resident Teacher at the Kadampa Meditation Center Maryland.
Kelsang Gyaltsen has been practicing Kadampa Buddhism for about 17 years and is a founding member of the Center. Rick Ratigan is a longtime member of KMC-MD and has contributed greatly to the community over the past 16 years.
The NKT is an association of study and meditation centres dedicated to helping people everywhere find meaning and purpose in their lives, and to develop genuine inner peace and happiness.

By putting Buddha’s teachings into practice in the context of our family and work commitments, we discover they are unsurpassed methods to resolve daily difficulties and problems. Based at Manjushri Centre in Cumbria he worked tirelessly, first giving extensive teachings and commentaries which formed the basis of his 21 books that have now been published by Tharpa Publications.
These will provide the focal point for the development of peace within the minds of everyone. By integrating their knowledge of all Buddha’s teachings into their daily  lives, Kadampa Buddhists are encouraged to use these as practical methods for transforming daily activities into the path to enlightenment. The great Kadampa Teachers are famous not only for being great scholars but also for being spiritual practitioners of immense purity and sincerity, and for putting their own teachings into practice.
Odiyana Centre provides meditation classes in Northwich, teaching basic meditation and the practice of Kadampa Buddhism.
Gen Kelsang Chokyong is the Resident Teacher at Odiyana Centre and teaches meditation in Northwich.
He was ordained in April 2000 and trained at Tara Buddhist Centre, near Derby, one of the foremost Buddhist colleges in Europe. Odiyana Buddhist Centre, The Heysoms, 163 Chester Road, Northwich, CW8 4AQ (please note that this is the correct postcode – the postcode which is displayed in the window below may not be entirely correct because it is generated automatically by Google Maps. Everyone wishes to be happy all the time, but we cannot achieve this goal unless we attain lasting inner peace. They are Pure Lands in our troubled world – offering doorways to inner peace for all who visit them.
Kadampas, then, are practitioners who regard Buddha’s teachings as personal instructions and put them into practice by following the instructions of Lamrim. Her compassionate activities of teaching, guiding, and inspiring those around her are the result of her deep faith, clear wisdom, and heartfelt concern for others. He has done many retreats, including two three-month silent retreats at Tharpaland International Retreat Center in Scotland. These experiences have given her a varied perspective on how to incorporate dharma teachings to help cope with the demands of parenting, a blended family, and modern day challenges. As a parent she is deeply inspired by nature, natural medicine, the pedagogy of Rudolf Steiner, and the profound and clear teachings encompassing wisdom and compassion of Buddhism.

The purpose of these classes is to help people to gain personal experience of inner peace, to overcome their daily problems, and to find real happiness in their hearts.
A disciple of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, Gen Chokyong is a Buddhist monk who has been studying, practising and teaching meditation for many years. When teaching, Gen Chokyong demonstrates a comprehensive wealth of knowledge, which he shares in a humorous and compassionate way.
In this class we will learn basic meditation techniques and Buddhist advice that can help us to become happy and peaceful from within. For details of venues and nights please select the area from our drop down menu under Meditation Classes, Evening Classes. Chogden has been practicing Kadampa Buddhism for approximately 18 years under Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso’s guidance and brings true sincerity and humility to her life as a spiritual teacher. In January 2014, she moved from North Carolina where she taught classes, was the Education Program Coordinator (EPC) and created publicity for the Chapel Hill Kosala Buddhist Center.
He is a sincere meditator and Dharma practitioner and is liked for his compassion and good sense of humor.
Monica teaches the Dharma for Kids Classes and brings warmth, gentleness, and lighthearted fun to the classes she teaches.
They provide an ideal introduction to meditation and Buddhism, teaching effective and practical methods for overcoming problems and increasing happiness in daily life. We strive to provide a conducive environment for people in Pennsylvania to deepen their understanding and experience of meditation practice and Buddhist studies. Through meditation, we can gain deep insight into how to be happy and deal with lifea€™s challenges successfully.

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