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Kathy Hilton introduced her 1st fragrance My Secret back in 2008, a heart-shaped violet jewel. 17-year-old Cierra Ramirez is the latest addition to the cast of Secret Life of the American Teenager, portraying a pregnant teen named Kathy at Grant High. Kathy makes it pretty plain to Amy that she knows how she got into her current predicament — letting her boyfriend talk her into unprotected sex with his so-called foolproof birth control method. Still, ya gotta admit, Secret Life has more characters and storylines going on than they know what to do with.

Kathy I thought you might enjoy hearing from some of our other sisters in Christ so I asked them to help me out!Please click on the link for Your own special surprise! This perfume is filled with scents from Kathy Hilton’s world traveling: white freesia, mandarin, roses, peony, apricot leaf, jasmine, vanilla, accords of sandalwood, golden amber and musk.
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She says she doesn’t mind listening to Amy, but she has no intention of ending up married with a baby like Amy. Therefore we have presented a generic picture to illustrate the similar line of perfume products.

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