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Instead, he lives a life of country song, working his way round the southern states as a steamboat pilot, railroad fireman and farmer.
So well that State Governor, Ruby Laffoon commissions Harland as ''Kentucky Colonel'' for outstanding achievement in the community. Nine years later and with a growing network of franchisees across the US, Harland feels it's time to slow down.
At 90, Colonel Harland Sanders passes away, but the KFC brand continues to grow, with restaurants now all over the world. LOUISVILLE, KY (Satire MauMau) – In front of an army of journalists, police and company staff, Colonel Harland Sanders’ 68-year old handwritten recipe has been temporarily relocated to a secret-secure location as KFC modernizes the safekeeping of one of the world's top trade secrets. To help keep its most valuable asset safe, KFC has hired national corporate security expert and former New York City Police Detective Bo Dietl to consult on its security modernization project and oversee the temporary relocation of Sanders’ Original Recipe. The specific details of the secret recipe of herbs and spices are shrouded in well -- secrecy, even among the suppliers who produce and blend it.
One enterprising journalist at the event has plans to use a nearby spectrum analyzing machine at the University of Louisville to scan his photo of the vials of secret herbs to determine the ingredients. The company that has kept the Colonel’s recipe a secret for decades now claims it has invented a virtual safe to guard any secret.

This is a post showcasing the Partner’s cooking, my way of showing my appreciation for his hard work.
Click on Recipes at the top of the screen to see the good stuff that the Partner has been dishing up and stay tuned for more! Always an avid cook, he puts his talents to use and starts to serve his take on southern fried chicken to the public. It's better for you, doesn't have to travel thousands of miles, or kick an Orang-u-tang out of their home to grow the palms.
Multiple suppliers are involved in the process, bound by strict secrecy agreements, and none of the individual suppliers know the entire formula. We recently procured some good extra virgin olive oil, so he decided to make some bruschetta for lunch.
The executives are not allowed to travel together on the same plane or in the same car for security reasons. To further safeguard the secret recipe, KFC does not identify the suppliers involved in producing and blending the recipe.
But seriously, I love it when he cooks because firstly, this means I get to enjoy healthy home cooked meals tailored to our tastebuds.

I know you can already see distinct garlic bits on this garlic bread, but for me, I think I need double the amount.
But he keeps his hand in, making sure quality is still high and lending his image to the brand. And should they leave the company, they've signed an agreement to perform a partial lobotomy at a nearby clinic. Secondly, cooking is always cheaper than eating outside, if you know how to cook properly and don’t waste ingredients. 3rdly, I get to enjoy all these in the comfort of the house, without having to travel outside, endure crowds and inefficient service!

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