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In our last blog we explored the things that need to happen before you try to apply this really useful model. Once you have that vision and have applied the PESTLE analysis to it, you can progress to using Kotter’s 8 stage model. How many business’ assemble a team of people without the passion, power or influence to make things happen. We hope to reduce our lead time with products and services so that we are able to facilitate the needs of our customers, employees and suppliers making their objectives central to the vision of our business resulting in synergies for everyone. We will be faster and more accurate than anyone else – satisfying stakeholders needs.

As the momentum is with you this is where the transformational leader uses the momentum to create even more change. This is where we can identify the cultural change by reinforcing new values, by appointing people to the business who share those values.
Kotter International - Innovative Strategy Implementation ProfessionalsKotter Principles · The 8-Step Process for Leading Change . Kotter International - TrainingFor broad-based training based on the bestselling Our Iceberg Is Melting, a course on Leading Bold Change is available.
Understanding Organisational Changemodel of change which is John Kotter's Eight-Stage Process for Creating Major.

Leading Change Through Turbulent Times - Worktank"The rate of change is not going to slow down anytime soon. Leading Change - MVP Business SolutionsKnowing what to change can be easy—more difficult is the ability to identify . We looked at the importance and skills of objective setting, the application of PESTLE to clarify your thinking.

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