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According to Yogananda, Kriya is the most effective technique available to mankind today for reaching the goal of Yoga: union with the Divine. Here you can find information on how to receive initiation into Kriya Yoga through Ananda, where it has been taught to thousands of seekers for over 35 years. Atma Kriya works in a unifying way and it is a collection of different yoga and meditation practices that unify the mind, body and spirit. Atma Kriya is a holistic yoga and meditation practice that has the power to give complete physical, mental and spiritual well being. The Atma Kriya techniques have the capability of correcting the imbalances of the five elements and creating perfect physical and mental health. The techniques work on purifying different aspects of the physical, mental and energetic layers of our being. Enter your details below to stay informed about an upcoming Atma Kriya Yoga course that you can join.
Want to experience your inner strength through meditation so you can do what it takes to live your purpose in life? Around the time I received kriya yoga in 2010, I became familiar with Ananda in the USA.
I was first captivated by Paramhansa Yogananda at the age of 14 when I inadvertently picked up his book 'Man's Eternal Quest', which had remained latent in a bed-side drawer longer than I could recall. I wasn't much of a reader back then, but after opening this book, I couldn't leave it alone. Through the advent of the internet, moreover, I discovered other organisations along with SRF that are dedicated to the teachings of Yogananda, including Ananda Church of Self-Realisation.
Thus my eagerness to associate with other Yogananda devotees grew stronger; however, it proved difficult to find others near my home to mingle with. As a novice in the practice of the various meditation techniques it is incredibly valuable to be able to meditate in a group with other truth-seeking individuals, where useful tips are readily available if need be, and the learning process is less of a struggle than mere individual efforts. Getting into the routine of regular meditation enables me to calibrate more with divine thoughts and experience a sense of joyful equanimity. I read Yogananda's "Autobiography of a yogi" and identified with this path immediately, this was right before moving to London in 2009. After a long frustrated path of trying different meditation techniques, I simply had the most blissful meditation the first time I sat with Stephen and the other Kriyabans which just proved to me this was a powerful meditation technique, unlike others I had tried previously that would just leave me frustrated with myself.
Isabelle Gravenstein - (Belgium)It is only recently that I came across information on the Ananada community in the US after considering taking Kriya Yoga initiation. Giulia - (Italy) ''I met Yogananda eleven years ago when my twin sister gave me to read one of his books, the title was: ''Inner Peace''.
We have been practising meditation since long after having read "Autobiography of A Yogi", we got pulled towards Kriya Yoga and this book inspired us to meditate more deeply and with more devotion and sincerity.
The Blue Room felt very peaceful, and it was as if we were sitting in the union of all the Kriya Masters, for they were all present around us and showering their blessings upon us. I read the 'Autobiography of A Yogi' by Paramhansa Yogananda many years ago and I was struck by Paramhansaji's deep unwavering love for the Divine, his unquenchable thirst to know God.
Jordi Van der Heijden (Holland) After having ordered a book on Jesus on Amazon, the website recommended me a book based upon my order history.
Phil (London) I attended Stephen's meditation group for the first time on a Friday session and was made very welcome. All real spiritual paths have as their goal to remove all restrictions from your body so you can set yourself free from all limitations and restrictions in your body energy.
Kundalini yoga varies from hatha yoga because the emphasis is less on the physical poses than on breath, chanting and meditation. The Om (or Aum) mantra is central to another kriya meditation technique that uses sound in combination with breath. The techniques work by purifying and calm the mind, increasing energy and bringing health and vitality to the physical body. It is comprised of tools for transformation that reach all levels of existence: physical, energetic, intellectual emotional, mental and spiritual. It utilizes the heart and affects the mind in a way that quiets and calms it down so that you can hear your inner voice louder and feel the love that already resides within you. Atma Kriya can also help stabilize hormones in the body and counteract symptoms of anxiety and anger. Through this cleaning and purification process, we slowly connect with the truth of our inner being – the Atma.
I found it to be a group of people who not only sincerely were trying to follow the spiritual path that seemed so appealing to me after reading 'Autobiography of a Yogi' were actually doing it! I immediately had a good feeling and wanted to become involved. The spiritual energy in the meditation room is a very powerful aid to meditating and it has been built up over many years through dedicated souls meditating together to experience God under Stephen's wise leadership and guidance. I was so engrossed in the book that I read it multiple times from cover to cover and often stayed up early hours in the morning contemplating on it.
I was ineluctably compelled to Swami Kriyananda as I liked his mission-orientated approach in spreading Yogananda's teachings.
Indeed, it is a great blessing that I recently found out about this Ananda meditation session that has been running for many years right under my nose!
Four months after moving to this country, Stephen "crossed my path" while shopping at 'Wholefoods' and invited me to his meditation group.
Stephen has given me books and cd´s on the subject and has been a wonderful mentor when discussing situations that might arise, as every meditation is unique. To my delight, I saw that there was a group in the UK, led by Stephen Sturgess, conducting regular meditations sessions and totally embracing Yoganada's teachings. The altar has also a few statues and smaller portraits that convey love and devotion, gently bathed in candle light. We were so looking forward to our meeting with Stephen and drove from Milton Keynes to his residence which was about an hour and a half journey.
He takes no money for his meditation sessions, because he is following the original tradition of the Kriya Masters who did not charge money for teaching the Kriya Techniques and giving Kriya Initiation.
Its beautiful, peaceful and loving energy was palpable and I feel it was this energy that made it so easy to move into a meditation that was very pure and strong.
Stephen was most welcoming and his manner and home itself provide a calming and conducive environment to reflect and a gentle ad inclusive atmosphere.
It was a pleasure to be in such a gentle atmosphere and Stephen introduced and guided me through the basic meditation with encouragement. Kriya Yoga is described as one form of kundalini yoga and it is designed to remove negativity and blockages from your energy system, so your psyche can return to is natural state which is full aliveness – free flow of energy. It is considered a ”yoga of awareness,” and is closely associated with the Sikh faith, a Northern Indian-based religion founded in the fifteenth century. Using specifically developed techniques, this yoga meditation uses breath, Pranayama, the sound of Om, mantras and mudras to progress the Atma Kriya student’s spiritual practice.
After a few months of regular sadhana (dedicated practice), many meditators experience states of deep meditation, their nervous system flows with energy and their mind becomes calm and peaceful.
I found that there was an Yogananda Kriya Yoga meditation group in England and was really pleased!
All is given with great love because anyone who comes to meditate is automatically welcomed into his spiritual family. Over time it's not hard to see obvious spiritual growth occurring in those who attend regularly.
My thoughts and feelings are sort of in a 'bliss' or in harmony right now as if I am able to do anything with ease.

It got to the point where I felt I must have known Yogananda before; his teachings were far too familiar. His guided meditation is easy and clear to follow and he transmits a wonderful feeling of calmness.
So one week before Christmas 2010, I joined the group for my first ever meditation in a Self-Realisation setting, and first ever mediation as part of a group.
The session was led by Uma, a very sweet lady who resides in the Ananda community in Assisi. My lifelong partner had just passed on after a long and painful illness and I just couldn't get over all the pain I had which was tormenting me. We started with 'Om' chants that took us to the next level, and then proceeded with the meditation. After meditation was over and the following days passed that feeling of peace and love stayed with me and this has never happened before.
Starting with chanting we were led into a meditation that felt, in this peaceful environment, surprisingly profound and left me feeling very peaceful. You can try Kriya Yoga meditation techniques for a fulfilling life, they are very straightforward and easy to do. When practicing kundalini, you use a combination of breathing techniques, mantras, mudras and some physical poses to move energy up through the seven chakras, which are believed to be spiritual centers of the body that connect to and govern major organs and physiological systems.
This is a good beginner’s meditation practice – you simply sit in a cross-legged position with your hands on your knees and palms facing up, thumb and pointer finger touching. I do believe that I'm on the right path and I am hoping to see myself spiritually free from the mistakes I've done in my past that caused me looking and searching for my lost soul and direction in life. Staring into some of the illustrations, I couldn't help but feel a weird sense of archaic nostalgia, as if I was there somewhere in the audience listening to his speech. Kriya has changed my life and my husband´s life in so many ways and I will always be thankful to Stephen and Yogananda Kriya Yoga. After a brief introduction and a talk about our experiences on meditation, we went inside the meditation room. For newcomers, he provides free Kriya literature to read leisurely to deepen the understanding of Kriya Yoga. I felt a strong affinity towards Sri Yukteswar's teaching but I found it difficult to read so had to put it down. With eyes closed, chant “Om” as long as possible before inhaling deeply and chanting again.
Meeting Stephen, who has been connected with Ananda for so many years, is a huge inspiration to me as I know I have a trusted friend who has lived what I want to live, and only wants to help, and this means such a lot to me! I feel very fortunate and privileged to be a part of this beautiful group, thank you my lovely family! We felt the meditation was so spiritually energisng and assuring that we came out of that room with the belief that we had been blessed and that we are now on the right path.
Prior to the meditation, all the attendees have a little time to sit and socialise with each other. So, it's been a great pleasure coming across Stephen's website and learning there was a Kriya teacher right here in London and even more so being invited to take part in the meditation classes that Stephen provides from his home.
You enunciate each sound with your tongue touching the roof of the mouth, and inhale one full breath at the beginning of each round. I have read some books and done a few meditations on my own, which I didn't realise that I was doing it all these time. I find it a privilege to be with Stephen and the group he leads in his weekly meditation classes.
As in the case of kirtan kriya, Om kriya uses a combination of mantras, pranayama and mudras.
Our return journey home felt refreshing, energised, and full of our own little experiences that left us wanting to come back again and continue practising the initial meditation techniques that Stephen shared. His beautiful Meditation Room is adorned with striking portraits of the Kriya masters and Christ. I ordered Yogananda's book 'Law of Success', which after reading that brought me to Yogananda's 'Second Coming of Christ' and finally to 'Autobiography of A Yogi'.
Being new to meditation and having tried a few guided meditations on CDs etc; I've found the meditation sessions that Stephen leads to be so much more inclusive, calmer, meaningful and with real sense of achieving. There is also particular emphasis on the fingertip positions, or mudras, that are thought to further control the flow of energy. I feel blessed that I've finally found what I've been searching for so long as I want to fulfill my purpose in life.
It gives me more reason to smile and be grateful for all the things that's happening in my life. Thank you Stephen for giving us this experience and an opportunity to meditate with you, and to be blessed with so much positive energy!  Kind regards, Ashutosh and Sanskriti. The room is full of energy and Stephen's own beautiful paintings of the kriya Masters are hanging on all the walls. The meditations leave me feeling much more grounded and the group effect adds to the entire experience. I took my time to reabsorb Yogananda's words and underlined all the bits I liked as I went along. I may have done some mistakes in my life but here I am away from home to find myself again.
Once settled into the meditation room, Stephen explains the process that will be followed and we then begin to pray to the line of Kriya Masters followed by devotional chanting to God. Attending the weekly satsang, spending time with other sincere seekers and meditating in peace in an environment charged with the Kriya Masters' seekers on the spiritual path and freely giving his guidance and help whenever asked. Stephen also demonstrates some of the Yoga techniques which have come in real handy after reading about these postures in his books. I was deeply inspired and after reading it the second time, I just knew I had to find a way to learn more about Kriya Yoga.
I just hope I can keep in mind all things I learned from you and from all the books you lend me. Once the meditation itself begins, for newcomers, Stephen provides a running commentary to guide them through the meditation foundation techniques. In addition I've also found Stephen's 'The Yoga Book' an incredible resource and an absolute eye opener on the subject of Yoga.
For this reason I was delighted to discover Stephen's meditation group at his home here in London and his guidance has now become invaluable to me.
Once the meditation is over, the feeling of blissfulness and tranquility always reminds me of how fortunate I am to be part of Stephen's group. Eternal Light, Shubhaa.Cristina (Romania)As soon as I contacted Stephen he welcomed me in his house. As I have tried meditation before and unfortunately without much success I was slightly hesitant to contact Stephen, but I am glad I did. He welcomed me into his home with warmth and acceptance and I instantly felt I was where I should be. I have emailed Stephen many times with questions about my meditation at home (all meditations are unique) and he has always emailed me back with very helpful responses. He showed me incredible kindness and compassion and he is an invaluable source of advice and spiritual guidance.
After a long phone conversation, explaining my hunger for knowledge, I really felt that Stephen could help me on my way and give my spiritual journey a much needed boost.

I was happy and grateful to have found such a wonderful teacher to guide me through the next stage of my learning journey. I can personally confirm that with persistent and consistent practise of Kriya Yoga, positive transformations can be seen in oneself and their daily lives. Every time I visit I am overcome with gratitude towards Stephen for providing an oasis of spirituality, happiness and peace of mind.
He talked to me in great length about Kriya Yoga and the lineage of the yoga Masters associated with Yogananda.
Since I am currently an undergraduate, amongst many other transformations, Kriya Yoga ha helped me to sit still and absorb information better and not experience nearly as much stress as I did before, it has also helped my concentration and clarity of mind while studying. During each meditation session I feel time stops and I can catch my breath, I cleanse my mind and my heart softens. Meditation with Stephen is a peaceful, uplifting experience and I left with joy in my heart and so full of energy that I had a spring in my step. It is evident that Stephen put a lot of work in creating it with love and devotion over many years. It vibrates with love and light and I can easily imagine it is blessed by the saints and sages of all times. The meditation room has got portraits of Babaji, Lahiri Mahasaya, Sri Yukteswar, Yogananda and Jesus Christ. I am incredibly lucky to have met Stephen, to have the opportunity to practise with him and the rest of the group. They are a great way of winding down after a day work and help us all, to  experience peace and harmony even when we have had a tough week. I know that it is a great help for my spiritual advancement and I hope o be able to join him and continue the kriya Yoga practise for m any many years to come.
Stephen introduced me to a group of very lovely and dedicated people which made the experience all the more wonderful! Having been to Stephen's house and meditated with his group it is evident that he dedicates his life  to the teachings and I have no doubt that Stephen's knowledge will guide me in the right direction in obtaining Self-realisation.
This room is made particularly special by the look of the pictures of the kriya yoga Masters painted by Stephen himself. After having read it I started to look for a meditation group but I was never fully convinced by people I met on my way.
He was initiated at his house by Swami Kriyananda in 1983 and ordained as a Kriya Minister by Roy Eugene Davis in 2011. One of Stephen's main aims in life I believe, is to spread Master's teachings and to serve Him in the best possible way. He doesn't address himself as a guru, he welcomes you in a simply joyful way, accepts you and your personal life history and teaches you to meditate, chant and to pray. You feel he really lives Yogananda's teachings and wants to help others and you instinctively trust him.
Just after a few meditations I found myself starting to grow up spiritually, my perceptions clearer and an inner peace that is lasting.
As a novice it may take time to get into the routine of regular meditation but it is worth the effort.
After reading 'Autobiography of a Yogi', I knew what the next step on my path was, and I could not have asked for a better group to be involved with to help me on my way.
Being a new seeker, I found that informal chats with Stephen and Paul before and after our sessions made me feel very comfortable with not only what I am setting out to achieve, but it also brings a 'realness' to the whole situation, and gives a practical and scientific approach, along with a philosophical one. Although I am not technically that advanced in my meditation, I really do feel that your group has brought me so much closer to the correct path - what you are doing is changing lives. The ceremony itself was great, and I really do feel like I now have a good grasp on the whole concept of this meditation, and can more easily visualize getting there.
Stephen's guidance is extraordinary, he has the capability to make everyone feel at ease, and the meditation room gas got plenty of spiritual energy, which makes it the ideal 'cocoon' for me, as it provides a vital respite from the hectic London life.I wish to thank Stephen for his devotion and commitment. We had been meditating  since last few years but the peace and tranquillity that we felt on satsang evening was amazing. The energy in meditation room is very calm and uplifting, as if sitting in the presence of all gurus. In our meditation session it just felt as if we sat for only a few minutes but the session lasted 45 minutes.
Normally, in meditation we have to try to keep our mind focussed, as it keeps on hovering around, but at Stephen's place there is complete peace of mind and my mind didn't get distracted at all. After reading "Autobiography of a Yogi" it felt to me as if this is the path we had been searching towards our ultimate goal of self-realization, and Yoganandaji directed us towards Stephen who is very loving and compassionate and very dedicated towards kriya yoga.
The book changed my outlook on life, but it took me three years to get ready to take the next step on the path that the book opened up for me. That is when I discovered Stephen, who is clearly a true disciple of the teachings of Yogananda. Stephen holds regular meditation sessions based on Yogananda's teachings in his home in London, and it is obvious that Stephen does this because he is genuinely interested in helping people along the spiritual path of kriya Yoga.On my first meditation session at Stephen's house he made me feel very comfortable and welcome.
The meditation itself was done in a room that radiates incredible energy as soon as you walk into it - as it has only been used for this purpose over the past 20-odd years.
Thank you to Stephen for providing anyone who is sincerely interested the opportunity, support and guidance to grow spiritually.
If this is the feeling a novice can get from one session, I look forward to continuing the journey and deepening my experience of kriya for many years to come!Daniel Jones - (London)I have been reading 'Autobiography of A Yogi' by Paramhansa Yogananda, and I think his teachings and stories are very inspirational in a non-dogmatic way.
I started looking for a Kriya Yoga group in London where I could find a place here I could practice (if that's the right way to put it) Kriya Yoga, and I saw a few places on-line but Stephen's website somehow transmitted to me that simplicity and friendly approach that I found in Yogananda's book.I contacted Stephen to find out how to attend a Kriya Meditation and he kindly invited me to join them on their Friday meditation group.
My first impression was the same as I had with the website, a friendly-welcoming-no attachment-open to all people meditation space.
Funny enough there were three of us who were attending for the first time but it felt like, at least they, were coming there for years.
We then went on with the meditation which I found really peaceful; I'm not new to meditation, but here I felt it was easy to get into deep meditation thanks to the guidance and reachable approach Stephen has in his sessions.
One last thing I like to  add, is that Stephen does this without charging anyone to attend his meditations, which I feel is crucial in any spiritual development endeavour.
Archna (London) Thank you Stephen for your wonderful guided meditations and kind hospitality. You have really helped me to find a place within myself to escape to during a difficult year. I look forward to meditating in your magical room, which is always brimming with positive energy and leave feeling blessed and somehow lighter.
You have made kriya accessible to those who thought it was impossible to fit into their busy daily lives. With the forces on my side I ended up having a very gratifying call with Stephen in the next half hour, which made me connect with Stephen so much that I recommended his site and meditation session to my friends, who were also sharing the joy of reading "Autobiography of A Yogi", at the same time. On meeting Stephen in person, I was amazed at the simplicity Stephen carries, and his hospitality towards anyone who approaches him, in spite of his mammoth experience of 30 years and depth of knowledge in the field of Kriya Yoga and meditation, having written four books on the subject. The meditation room (lovingly referred to as The Blue Room within our group now), carries spiritual energy which is best experienced than unjustifiably attempting to put it in words. While I have been doing meditation on and off for quite sometime now, the experience I had in the Blue Room was of a different level and is highly recommended to those who want to experience something magical.

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