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According to Yogananda, Kriya is the most effective technique available to mankind today for reaching the goal of Yoga: union with the Divine. Here you can find information on how to receive initiation into Kriya Yoga through Ananda, where it has been taught to thousands of seekers for over 35 years. All real spiritual paths have as their goal to remove all restrictions from your body so you can set yourself free from all limitations and restrictions in your body energy.
Kundalini yoga varies from hatha yoga because the emphasis is less on the physical poses than on breath, chanting and meditation. The Om (or Aum) mantra is central to another kriya meditation technique that uses sound in combination with breath. Atma Kriya works in a unifying way and it is a collection of different yoga and meditation practices that unify the mind, body and spirit. Atma Kriya is a holistic yoga and meditation practice that has the power to give complete physical, mental and spiritual well being. The Atma Kriya techniques have the capability of correcting the imbalances of the five elements and creating perfect physical and mental health.
The techniques work on purifying different aspects of the physical, mental and energetic layers of our being. Enter your details below to stay informed about an upcoming Atma Kriya Yoga course that you can join.
Want to experience your inner strength through meditation so you can do what it takes to live your purpose in life? This group is composed of devoted members and friends of the Self-Realization Fellowship (SRF).
For more than 85 years, SRF has been dedicated to carrying on the spiritual and humanitarian work of its founder, Paramahansa Yogananda, widely revered as the father of Yoga in the West. God as Divine Mother ever watches over Her human children, peeping through the caring hearts of all true mothers.

The Divine Mother is most anxious to have you back with Her, but first you must prove to Her that you want Her alone.
As I called to Thee in the wilderness of my loneliness, Thou didst burst through the dawn to greet me with Thy joy.
To visit the official Self-Realization Fellowship website and more information on the teachings of Paramahansa Yoganada please click the link below.
Kriya Yoga is described as one form of kundalini yoga and it is designed to remove negativity and blockages from your energy system, so your psyche can return to is natural state which is full aliveness – free flow of energy. It is considered a ”yoga of awareness,” and is closely associated with the Sikh faith, a Northern Indian-based religion founded in the fifteenth century. The techniques work by purifying and calm the mind, increasing energy and bringing health and vitality to the physical body. It is comprised of tools for transformation that reach all levels of existence: physical, energetic, intellectual emotional, mental and spiritual. It utilizes the heart and affects the mind in a way that quiets and calms it down so that you can hear your inner voice louder and feel the love that already resides within you. Atma Kriya can also help stabilize hormones in the body and counteract symptoms of anxiety and anger. Through this cleaning and purification process, we slowly connect with the truth of our inner being – the Atma. As expressed in the Aims and Ideals formulated by Paramahansa Yogananda, the society seeks to foster a spirit of greater understanding and goodwill among the diverse peoples and religions of our global family, and to help those of all cultures and nationalities to realize and express more fully in their lives the beauty, nobility, and divinity of the human spirit. Thou didst emerge from the molten door of the sun to pour Thy power into the pores of my life. You can try Kriya Yoga meditation techniques for a fulfilling life, they are very straightforward and easy to do. When practicing kundalini, you use a combination of breathing techniques, mantras, mudras and some physical poses to move energy up through the seven chakras, which are believed to be spiritual centers of the body that connect to and govern major organs and physiological systems.

This is a good beginner’s meditation practice – you simply sit in a cross-legged position with your hands on your knees and palms facing up, thumb and pointer finger touching.
Using specifically developed techniques, this yoga meditation uses breath, Pranayama, the sound of Om, mantras and mudras to progress the Atma Kriya student’s spiritual practice.
After a few months of regular sadhana (dedicated practice), many meditators experience states of deep meditation, their nervous system flows with energy and their mind becomes calm and peaceful. The mother's instinctive love and forgiveness, no matter what her child has done, shows us that God will ultimately forgive the sins of all human beings.
With eyes closed, chant “Om” as long as possible before inhaling deeply and chanting again.
That is why I like to relate to God not as the grim Deity of some prophets, but as the Mother Divine waiting to forgive all and take them back after their freewill wanderings on the error-strewn pathways of incarnations.
You enunciate each sound with your tongue touching the roof of the mouth, and inhale one full breath at the beginning of each round.
I see the effect on people who have gained a little human love, or a little money —how happy they are! As in the case of kirtan kriya, Om kriya uses a combination of mantras, pranayama and mudras.
But if they could see what strength, what joy, what love is in the Divine Mother, they would fly away from all else.
There is also particular emphasis on the fingertip positions, or mudras, that are thought to further control the flow of energy.

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