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Have you ever walked through a park and seen a weird circle with an opening that seems to lead to nowhere? Well you were right about one thing, it would be a weird place for a maze, but it’s not a maze; it’s a labyrinth. The difference between a labyrinth and a maze is that while a labyrinth is designed to take you to the center, a maze is a physical representation of confusion and unfocused thought. Walking a labyrinth may seem pretty simple to the unknowing eye, but it is a highly spiritual ritual. As you make the walk out of the labyrinth, you are more enlighten about who you are and where you want to go.
Learning to walk a labyrinth can help you focus on the direction you want to take in life and get you started on your journey.
So the next time you see a big circle in a park or a field, don’t think it’s a maze or a crop circle. Walking through labyrinths as a form of meditation is a super old practice, and one that’s popular at top clear-your-head destinations, from Miraval Spa to fave yoga retreat spot Heathen Hill. Now, New York City is also home to a permanent meditation labyrinth, inside Marble Collegiate Church (a famous center of progressive spirituality) on Fifth Avenue and 29th Street. Approximately 24 feet in diameter, the labyrinth’s rings provide a space that encourages you to let go of your stress and re-center your focus.

And don’t worry, unlike a maze, there are no dead ends or tricks to finding your way out. Inspired by zen gardens found throughout the world, this is a personal portable version to help you find your center anywhere you go! For safety reasons, do not wear during activities that could result in the pin being pushed into your body.
Located on the Front Lawn of our School, our Meditation Labyrinth is designed to assist you in releasing thoughts and issues that are no longer useful in your life.
Many people live with no purpose or direction but allow life to lead them as they stumble to find their way out.
A labyrinth should be respected as a spiritual place just like a church or place of worship. I’m not sure how often this list is updated, so call before you go to ensure the labyrinth is still at the specified location. Brown says that there’s no right or wrong way to walk the labyrinth–you can go at your own pace (although your running-for-the-subway speed is not recommended) and create your own meditative experience.
As we live, our experiences, positive and negative, are intended to take us to the center of our subconscious.
Just as people seek a church for spiritual direction, a labyrinth is also sought out for spiritual guidance and direction.

As you move through the labyrinth you take deep breaths and reflect on what you would like to see happen in your life. Although there may be distractions while walking the labyrinth, just as there are in life, your main focus should be on holding tight to your intention. The walk of the labyrinth winds down until you get closer and closer to the center of the labyrinth, which also symbolizes the center of yourself — a place of peace.
Having multiple ways out may bring on confusion about your new location or where to go next. Once you feel that you are truly ready to release the issue, move back through the labyrinth, meditating and giving gratitude for the release of the issue. The more you can focus, the more energy you will generate, and the greater your possibility of manifesting your intention.
It is a left-brain task that requires logical, sequential, analytical activity to find the correct path into the maze and out.

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