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To read about this labyrinth at Rose Hill Meadows Park in Kirkland, WA, read this article or visit our Facebook album. A labyrinth is a single geometrical winding pathway, usually acorn shaped, varying in size and used for personal, psychological and spiritual renovation.
A labyrinth is a unicursal maze — one path that begins at the entrance or mouth, which leads to its center and goes back out the same way. When walking a labyrinth, leave yourself open to the different emotions that may overcome you. Energy Circulation (EE Initiation 2) and Grounding (EE Initiation Three) is referred to in the 12 Labours of Hercules. We offer events, retreats and workshops using the Labyrinth pattern that lies on the floor of Chartres Cathedral.
Myra had engineered the overall labyrinth design into that rope, but to me it looked like just a straight rope with intervals marked by tape. As we placed and secured the stone to mark the paths we shared stories from our lives and our spiritual journeys.

For photos of the installation of this labyrinth and the retreat center, visit our Facebook album. It is a sacred space with healing powers that can assist in meditation, prayer, self-awareness and connection with the Divine. In contrast, a conventional maze is a left-brain exercise that requires the use of logic to find your way out. While walking the path of the labyrinth, either alone or with a group, focus on your feelings and emotions to allow you to connect with yourself.
When I step into the labyrinth I find it easier to quiet my mind, to breath more fully and to listen deeply to my soul. It was satisfying to handle and place each rock, leaving the decision of which rock to choose from the pile mostly to chance. Further I sense that I serve our precious Mother Earth as I caress her skin with the soles of my feet and plant my prayers into the surface that support all life. Labyrinths have existed for more than 4000 years and have been an integral part of many ancient cultures and religions. It is designed to stimulate the right brain, which unleashes creativity and intuition, and to give you the ability to enter a form of walking meditative state. You may also want to choose a meditation that you are comfortable with in order to clear and quiet your mind.

As Myra added the turns and I continued to outline the circuits, the graceful labyrinth pattern emerged. During the time of the Crusades, people created and used labyrinths to symbolize the physical pilgrimage to the Holy Land.
The uses of a labyrinth are many — relief from stress and anxiety, healing, meditation, problem solving, enhancing intuition, expanding thought processes, communicating with the Divine, balancing mind, body and spirit, letting go of unwanted energies, obtaining goals, celebrating and remembering others, building trust in yourself or others, and coping with grief, sorrow and loss. The path is in full view and easy to follow, which allows the walker to be quiet and focus internally. Myra's uncomplicated solutions and expertise in mapping out our 11 circuit Chartres labyrinth were invaluable. The experience illustrated that little things which make up each day are forming a pattern for my life that might not be apparent until I step back and look it over.
If you do not have room to create your own walking labyrinth, you can use a drawing and trace its path with your finger. You might also try tracing the path using your non-dominant hand for an additional challenge.

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