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According to an article in the WSJ, the latest research shows fear of failure and lack of confidence are what really hold women entrepreneurs back.
Susan and I chatted about everything from how we connected over candles to picking yourself up after failing, building confidence, and what’s really important in life. Kudos to Susan on making some noise of her own, leaving a legacy that will impact generations yet to come.
Lynn Bardowski is an award-winning entrepreneur, radio host and best selling author of Success Secrets of a Million Dollar Party Girl. Lynn Bardowski is a sought-after Direct Sales expert and empowering keynote speaker for Direct Sales conferences and Women's Organizations.
Lynn's worldwide recognition includes Top 100 Small Business Influencers, Enterprising Women of the Year and Top 101 Women in eCommerce.
On the other side we have to note that other people are getting more things done and effortlessly, and we call them successful people!
As we go through these three factors, try to position yourself in terms of your productivity and see if there is any room of improvement.
The next factor will help you to know what the first item to tackle on your Next Actions list: You will have to prioritize.
Talking about prioritizing is actually knowing things that matter the most and start working on them. This rule goes hand in hand with knowing how to differentiate what is important and urgent in your life and taking the appropriate actions.
To help you knowing if you prioritize your tasks properly, check what you do in a typical working day in terms of your objectives.
The signs and symptoms of procrastination can be summarized into one sentence: Avoiding what you are supposed be doing right now. In my last posting I shared with you a guest post of Zabulon Nizeyimana who wrote an inspiring story of an eagle that was born and grew up among the chicken. This article focuses on the latter group, of the people who know what they want but still struggle to reach their success. In the past articles, I discussed how the resistance, as enemy number one of our productivity, prevents us to reach what we want in our lives. As a person in the last category, you also have had the end in your mind as well, and your most important need is more mental than anything else. This has been described well by the author Simon Sinek in what he calls starting with the “Why” you do what you do in life.
Every time you feel your energy lowering, pull that paper where you wrote down your “WHYs” and treat them as reminders to help you stick to your objectives until you reach your final destination. Many people may be disengaged along their journey because they, from the beginning, had no conviction of the reason why they do or want to do certain things.
Falling in love with the process is a major factor that can keep you going and enjoy what you do. In addition of knowing why you are doing what you do, falling in love will spice up more your journey!
Another important thing, while you are celebrating your small victories, remember to keep a journal of those memories. One day the baby eagle could not run to hide from the eagle predator because her so called mom was not around to alert her. After being convinced of where she belongs, the baby eagle started to also question the reason why she can’t fly high and far like the other eagles. When the identity crisis starts to be questioned, you ask yourself who you really are, and what is the purpose of your life.  Maybe you have not yet asked yourself that question but soon or later that is a question to face. When you look around you may find the people of the same potential as you do have (not necessarily academic degrees!), accomplishing many things and you wander how!
Referring to the story above, the baby eagle had the same feelings and has chosen to learn everything the eagles do no matter what! It’s a good thing to have vision and believe in it, but if you do nothing to achieve that vision, nothing will happen. Some people in your cycle may discourage you or laugh at you, as it might probably be the case of other chickens laughing at the baby eagle in her early days of learning! I hope this information will help you to find your identity and learn to fly high and far in this year.
Keeping our goal to complete these three seminar was not easy, yes we had some challenges, our enemy number one of our productivity: Resistance.
In my last three posting, I discussed how fear and lack of confidence affect our lives in different stages of work.
Most of the time you find yourself thinking of something in the negative way and this consumes all your time! It’s good to be proactive; to think and try to connect the dots, but overthinking is counterproductive as well! In the past articles, I asked you a question of what you see once you are presented a doughnut.
You can’t succeed in business if you do not believe and convince yourself that your business will be successful.
While we discussed the productivity benefits of positive thinking, I would like to highlight that this has many Health benefits as well!
In my last posting, I discussed how fear and lack of confidence affect our daily life, our work, our project. The second type of person will be the one who have completed a project and is in transition of starting a new one. In my last posting I discussed how fear and lack of confidence affect our life by preventing us to start what our minds reveal to us through ideas.
I have had an opportunity to discuss with participants at one of my seminars, the reasons why people fail to achieve their new year resolutions. Things that did not work out for you may work for me; in life there is no straightforward formula. When you are in the middle of your work, job or project and you feel that things are becoming uncertain, it’s ok to revisit your plan, your preparations! Once again, Fear Not, you made the right decision to follow your heart, and nothing can take away that unless you give your consent. Did you think to reconsider all involved key components of your project to start from fresh or seek for help? What were the sources of your fear and lack of confidence the last time you quit your life project? In my last posting, I referred to fear and lack of confidence as some of the reasons that make us to not trust what we do, or simply saying “ To Not Trust Our Soup!”  All human beings experience these two factors at any stage of their lives.
Those unsung songs and unborn projects are mainly the results of the early onset of the fear and lack of confidence in yourself and in your plans that consequently prevents you to start your work.
As I said, we have all experienced to some extent, those two factors in some stages of our lives.
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I asked my radio show guest, Susan Bass-Levin, CEO of the Cooper Foundation, to share some of her insights regarding both of these topics. Lynn's relatable, humorous and energetic speaking style connects with worldwide audiences, and her social media influence will rock your audience engagement.
They are always overwhelmed by their duties and responsibilities and get less done at the end of the day. I came across with many authors referring to the book called Getting Things Done of David Allan and I couldn’t understand how many authors or app developers of productive tools were referring to that book. When you have your to do lists (next actions), the most important issue is to know where and what to start with in order to seeing you moving towards your objectives.
Although the urgent things present themselves as crises in your life, do not let them make you forget the most important things in your life, those generating 80 % of your results. When this disease affects you, the following statement of Maria Teresa does not sound right for you: “Yesterday is gone.
This group of people has the predetermined objectives, they have a vision and they are willing to pay the price in order to get their prize. Once you are equipped with this, you will stay strong and anyone or anything could not deviate you from what you have dedicated yourself doing. You won’t bother why there is traffic if you are a driver, or make excuses of feeling sluggish in the middle of something (studying, business trip)!
Although, I do encourage you to be your own motivation (more internal), but you can’t rule out also the influence of other people and things have on you. Write them down; record them if you can, take pictures…these will revive you anytime you feel your productivity level is low!
Despite that you are willing to do more, achieve more and keep the momentum of your productivity, listen to your body and take care of it. During group discussions, participants were asked to give their points of view of what they understood by life’s purpose, vision and objectives.

So, after the process of maturation, the baby eagle was born among hens and started to live and behave like them in all kind of patterns such as eating, walking, sleeping etc…she learned everything to the point that every time the predator eagle was coming around, she was following the alert given by the mother chicken to run and go hiding with other chicken!
And while she was in the henhouse she observed the eagle and noticed that they both had all things in common.
You also have to make the same decision if you want to achieve the same things other people like you have achieved.
As long as you do not understand yet the objective of you life, you will never be able to make that kind of choice and consequently never be happy in your life.
In my next posting, I will share with you the things that can help us to stick to our goals. I discussed the factors around of not trying what we think that may work, or giving up when we are in middle of the work and or simply not having the courage to restart a new project after successfully completing the first one!
Most of these thinking are linked to your past experiences that can not help you now unless you use the lesson learned from that experience and move on. If you have a goal of saving $12 000 at the end of the year, and you realize that you are half away of your goal in the middle of the year, it’s ideal you say that you are at 50% of your saving goal!
You can’t pass a test or exam if during the course of your training, course or studies you pictured yourself as a looser. Having a positive thinking will help you to take all best paths to prevent some illness and or to trust that treatment will work for you. The positive thinking of what you have decided to pursue and achieve in the coming days will bring you closer to your endeavour. This, as I said in the introduction, was what the audience produced during my third seminar in December 2014.
Although we may attribute this to other factors, but we have mentioned that the most important enemy is within. If it happened that you had excellent ideas and you managed to carry them on, Congratulations! We all have different points of views, approach towards different things we do in our lives. This eventually reminds me that the nature is conditioned such that the most intelligent animals are not the ones that survive in challenging moments, rather the ones that can adapt to the changes. Fear and lack of confidence are the major players in preventing us to do our work and they can arise at any of the three different phases of our life project: Before we start our project; in the middle and, interestingly, even after we have accomplished the work! What we witness today, are the results of some yesterday’s ideas that were first conceived and then executed.
When you have an idea, or a dream and you do not take action, it stays in your mind as an illusion! Examples are such, a student who is going to write an exam or a test, to that job seeker prior to job interview, to that businessman prior to investing in a new product, to that person who is waiting for a bigger announcement ( voting polls, pregnancy, etc…)!
As a former mayor, lady CEO and ovarian cancer survivor, Susan is a woman who’s been in the trenches of life.
Her topics include: Embrace Your Inner Visionista, Insane Facebook Party Success and Periscope for Direct Sellers. It is until the time I read the book that I found out how powerful that book is in terms of productivity.
If you find that you spend most of time doing your most 20% activities that contribute to 80% of your objectives, you will know that you are on the right path. In the past articles, I have addressed the latter group and how to beat that form of the resistance they face. Oliver Emberton has described this technic in his article “How to Debug Your Brain” posted in Lifehacker. I hope if you fall in the concerned group, you may have experienced somehow one of the types of resistance.
Why do you persist in certain career, business, project or studies despite enormous challenges you may be facing on daily basis. If you haven’t taken time to think about the “Why” you do what you do and you face struggles, stop running and find first day the answer to that question. There are other people who contribute in your endeavours, and if you forget them, you will forget you and this will impact you. Try them for a week or two and meet yourself and evaluate yourself to see if you are becoming more productive. They also were asked to share the challenges they face while living those constituents of a full life. We had three sets of seminars, and Thank God we had stamina to stick to our objective, until we saw ourselves achieving it. Our mindset plays an important role in the ways we behave once the fear and lack of confidence hit us! While in the previous articles we put more emphasis on the external factors that bring the fear and the lack of confidence, this time around your own thinking is leading you to the wrong paths. I do remember giving another example of a glass of water that may be seen as half full to some and half empty to others?
Saying that you are 50% short of your goal, is informing your subconscious that you are not doing well, you are loosing the target etc.
You can’t plan your day and achieve your goals if you visualize your end as negative outcomes! If you decide to take a different course and give up, stress, depression, anxiety…will be your guests!
Surprising, the fear and lack of confidence are still with both of them, although the action of completing or quitting has already taken place. You can’t be all in all, there are other professionals in the areas you may be working in who may advise you how to do things better. Only few ideas have been explored because many other thoughts fade away as their owners did make them alive!
Even if you don’t get there in the first day, week or year, your vision will guide your plans and goals.
Instead of beating yourself up (which women do all too well), remind yourself of your talents and skills. Instead of wasting time looking for excuses and false reasons, as we have already committed to stick to our goals and do the work, let’s dig down and look for the missing points and take the necessary steps to become more productive. In this article, I will only discuss the three major factors of productivity: Organizing, Prioritizing and Deciding. Have you ever wasted hours and hours looking for some important information (documents, tools,…) and you could not move forward in your work because you are stuck! But if you are like many other people who spend the whole day doing the non important and non urgent things and they claim that they are tired because they executed many things on their to do list, treat this information as a wake up call and revisit your objectives and your daily actions. However, in terms of productivity, the rest of people who know what to do but do nothing are worthless compared to those who tried and failed.
We only have today, Let us begin.” So tomorrow is not even predictable, use today to live and do what you are supposed to do.
You tell yourself that you will do this and that tomorrow and tomorrow becomes tomorrow and so on!
This technic teaches us how to develop an attitude of saying “NO” to everything coming to us as distraction or unproductive voice spinning in our head and focus only on things that matter first.
The journey seems to be long and the doubt of their ways to achieve their objectives is obvious. If I continue to ask you why, why and why again you do what you do in your life and you may come up with a firm conviction of the reason why you do it. Enjoy whatever the procedures you are undertaking because thinking differently won’t help you! Make a very single step counts and always remember that a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.
Until the grown up eagle passed by, the baby eagle has not realized that she was living in the wrong place.
As the eagle had a first objective to cease behaving like a chicken, you also have to have an objective to cease living a lifestyle that does not reflect the one you should be living. This may probably have happened to you, and I hope you have learned from what you went through and you are ready to keep on moving. It’s no longer what we know; it’s rather how we will respond to that influx of discouragement.
The time you start to focus and look everything in the lens of negativity, it will be hard for you to take the initiative and start to do the work as your mind will be telling you that nothing is possible, what you are up to or planning to be does make sense, won’t be fruitful, etc.…Here you are eventually fighting with your own negative ideas without any external sources.
Remember, as you complete more and more, as you succeed more and more, the enemy also continues to work through fear or lack of confidence in different ways! Some are giving up because they do not see their new year resolutions working or moving forward! What is too hot for you may be warm for me, your taste differs from mine and the color preferences are also different! Unfortunately, those unlived ideas could have contributed to the way we see the world today. It is common to hear people saying that they had the same idea as the one of a successful project that was achieved by other courageous people.

This rule teaches us that if you are in business as an example, 80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your clients.
At least these ones have learned something, which may make them successful the next time they try.
Anyway, you know what I am talking about because everyone in their lifetime experiences procrastination. And then ask ourselves what is the “RIGHT “ thing to do (rejecting non important and non urgent things) and finally start doing that right thing immediately (NOW). As a consequence, it’s understandable that at certain point, they may lose the interest in what they are pursuing… hence the need of writing this article that I believe may be a wake up call, a source of motivation to keep their dreams alive! Though the enemy did not disappear as the life went on, you are still fighting it and keep on moving.
Prior to embarking to that sport’s event, they know what to expect and they have the end in their mind, thus their decision to take the challenge till the final destination. A list may go on and on but the most important point here is to know what motivates you and value it. If you do nothing, your body (physical and mental) reenergizes and when you come back to your work, you become more productive.
To address the issues of life’s purpose, vision and objectives, one of the last seminar’s group lead by the author of the present article used a story to better share their points of views:  It is a story of an eagle that was born and grew up among chickens. The baby eagle stopped to behave like a chicken, eat, walk, sleep like a chicken, run to hide from the eagle as she was herself an eagle. It was also amazing how people were participating and testifying how helpful were the seminars in their lives.
It doesn’t matter how many times the enemy can knock you down, what matters the most is to stand up again and continue your journey of life. Your worries won’t help you, apart from wasting your time you should be using to get ready, to be prepared. There are some people who fool themselves: those are people who have the negative mind inside themselves but try to play like the ones who are thinking positively! They are reasoning you that you made the right decision, and to not dare even have a second thought about your abandoned project.
Many people may think that you are a lucky person, but the only secret is that you are willingly to do it again! If you achieved more than expected in your first project and you think than you may lose or go low this time, that ‘s the message the fear is using to prevent you to do the work!
Peering with the people you share the same ambition will not only give you the insights of your project, but it will also give you the motivation. Edison, after many failures, he did not quit trying to make an electric bulb and after succeeding, he said that he has not failed, rather, he has just found 10.000 ways that don’t work! As said by Henry Ford, You are not going to build your reputation on something you are planning to do or you have intention to do!
After collecting everything needing our attention in the trusted system, he explains the steps we have to take to organize and action the most important tasks. Practicing more this technic will help you to fight procrastination and making the right decision at the right time. But One day, she flied and never come back as other chickens expected: she went to live with other eagles. Most importantly was to see how people delivered through their discussions and presentations.
There is no other best way to explain this apart from saying: It depends on what you want to focus on!
Their mission did not stop the time you quit, their mission is always to prevent you to do your job, both new and old. You have learned a lot all along your journey and some other wonderful ideas came to your mind while you were working on your project! Others can’t manage their work load and they are afraid to fail in other major areas of their lives and decide to give up to that newborn project.
Did you consider every single aspect of your project or did you just take some for granted?
Once you are surrounded with these kind of people, fear or lack of confidence won’t defeat you because you will be living in a successful environment.
And for sure the next time, the enemy won’t face you again the same way he faced you because he knows that you are ready to knock him down again the same way you did this time around. At this stage we have to sort things out and decide what is the next action to every collected item. Find time for them, they will give their time back to you, and especially when you need them the most. You come back and do more instead of wasting more time by staring at something because you are not in work spirit! I can imagine how happy she was at the time she has accomplished her objective of flying high and far and stayed with other eagles. The impression you are trying to give must be in conformity with your conviction and with what you believe in and not what you just do! Once you finish this one, compile all your learning material and start to be a resourceful, expert person, a person full of wisdom. Others met their friends along the way who discouraged them by saying that they have already tried the same project and it did not work!
If you can ask or be asked any of those kind of questions, you may have a clue where things went wrong and find the source of your failure.
Therefore, the main regret we may have is for those ideas gone and buried with our beloved ones, colleagues or others whom we did not have a chance to know. Check out your lifestyle and the one living by other achievers of the same potential as yours, or simply do your self-assessment of your current living conditions. Do the same, set your objectives, expect challenges, get knocked down but stand up again and continue your journey until you reach your destination! Once you have a positive thinking in the why you do what you do, the sky will be the limit. When you reach this stage, the world  will recognize you as a fearful and a non confident person. I am not judging you, I am just helping you to find out the reasons why you quit what you started because of x,y and z self made reasons! Fortunately, today there are some ideas still spinning in our minds, without making them alive, it will also be another loss, and we will be less productive compared to the gifted ideas we were lucky to have! The Cherry Hill Library is like no other, it has an art gallery, meeting space and a children’s room where children can actually have fun and make some noise. To know where to get what you need does not only save you time but motivates you as you see some sub-activities being completed. Show up more often.” This is true to whatever you think you may work on to be successful!
This gives you a momentum to continue completing more and more and at the end the day (week), you get surprised how far you have progressed in your goals! We get rid of the unimportant things that seem to consume our time, make us busy and still stay less productive. Wherever the sign may come from, your responsibility is to read and use it at your own benefits if you are really serious of changing your living conditions. If there is something you may today persuade in the negative way, it is time to check if you are not doing that because of fear! You may also say that because this is the failure pattern for the people who have the same business as mine, so I am afraid I will face the same result; I know I will not succeed! If you really want to boost your productivity and getting more things done, I strongly recommend you read that book.
You may criticize something because you are afraid to challenge it or you simply are afraid to face it! Do not allow yourself to absorb or be absorbed with these kinds of thoughts, they are destructive, they are bringing fear and lack of confidence that will prevent you to do what you are up to! If there is something you have quit, do yourself a favour and reassess the failure, check again how you have planned and went on it.
However if the reason is linked to the fear that you may not succeed as you did on the previous project and you lack the stamina to go ahead and do the work, then you have to be careful!
Despite that you overcame fear and lack of confidence in the previous project, they did not go away, they are there around the corner waiting to make another try again!
If you faced failure or challenge, the best path was not quitting rather learning and move on!
Albert Einstein was very right on this issue by saying that we can not solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them!

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