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I hope this helps with your process!!  And stay warm my friends!!  I have been freezing cold since yesterday…brrr!! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. If you are planning to take your partner’s last name after you get married, follow these easy steps to ensure a smooth transition.
Fortunately in today’s digital age, updating your Social Security card can be done fairly easily. We all know going to the DMV is not the most fun task, but it’s a necessary one when updating all your identification with your new last name.
Each individual person has individual items that would also need to be updated after changing your last name, such as updating your employer’s payroll, mailing addresses, utility companies, insurance, passport and more.

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Go to the Social Security Administration’s website to fill out the application, include the required documents and mail it into the appropriate Social Security Office. Bring your new updated social security card along with any other forms of ID you can find and get a new driver’s license at your local DMV. Accessing bank accounts without proper identification is a huge hassle, and having your assets frozen because you have mismatched names would be highly inconvenient. Go through the list and update each one until you are confident that you have updated them all.

We guide you through how to change your last name so you can start your new life as a married woman. Request for them to update your account information and provide new checks, debit cards and credit cards.

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