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India, known to be a land of never-ending traditions and customs, and mostly those which are meant for women, has had a tradition to give up on a woman's maiden name and adopt that of her husband's. However, contrary to popular belief and the prevailing customs in India, the Indian law gives the freedom of choice to women to retain their maiden name even after marriage.
Moreover, as per a recent amendment in September 2011 to a crucial rule framed under the Family Courts Act, 1988, if a woman has not adopted her husband’s name after marriage, she can initiate divorce proceedings in her maiden name or any other name that has been adopted and notified in the official gazette and cannot be compelled to add her husband’s name to her name while filing a marriage related petition.
So with the law on name changing being clear, and if you do decide to change your name after marriage, it can be done so by getting the changed name published in the official gazette. Wedding websites are being popularly used by couples as the smartest way to share their big news.
So we finally come down to the checklist of things that a couple should consider while hiring a candid photographer.
Who knows better about Indian Wedding Invitation Cards other than the industry expert, Ravish Kapoor. Though you may have wanted to take your husband’s name when you married, it can be a painful reminder of bad times to keep his name after you’ve divorced.
By far, the easiest and best way to do this is to make the request during the divorce proceedings. Once you receive the Divorce Decree that authorizes the name change, there are still a few things that you will need to do. Implementing a name change after marriage involves quite a few aspects ranging from whether or not you should do so to exactly what is involved in the process. 4.Keep your middle name and your maiden name and simply add your husband’s last name to the end of your names. You must carry through with changing your name on all documentation for all of these options except the last two. 4.Family lineage and pride – Keeping the family together with name recognition of extended family members. Whether or not to change your name after marriage has become more of a personal decision over the years. 1.Inconvenience – Changing your name after getting married brings with it a long list of agencies and businesses that must be notified in writing with the proper documentation that your name has changed. 2.Professional consideration – If a woman has established a career for herself using her maiden name, she may lose this recognition and momentum. 3.Cultural and family significance – If you marry someone from another cultural background or a less significant lineage, your pride in your ethnic background may prevent you from assuming his name as your own. 4.Aesthetics – The sound of a woman’s first name when combined with a newly acquired married name may sound awful. 5.Sense of independence – Societal implications in the name change as a woman marries is sometimes seen as a transfer of ownership from the father to the husband. 6.Divorce – Since more than half of marriages end up in divorce, not changing your name avoids the need to revert back to your maiden name along with the avoidance of the documentation that is required. Perhaps the most important step is to obtain several certified copies of your marriage license for proof of the name change before taking on the task of completing the necessary forms to make the changes. In general, you must complete the required form and provide documentation offering proof of U.S. To complete a name change, you must complete an application form and provide evidence of your name change, pay the applicable fees, and surrender your existing driver’s license. You should check online, by phone, or in person at your local Department of Motor Vehicles for the proper set of instructions specific to your situation. The process that you need to follow in order to change your name on a passport after marriage varies according to the length of time that has passed since you first obtained it as well as whether or not you have the documentation needed to prove it. No fee is involved with this type of change to an existing passport, unless you use expedited service. Unless you want to have your tax return rejected, your name must match your social security number. If you change your name after marriage, you will need to notify various financial institutions, government agencies, insurance companies, physicians, dentists, and more.
A general rule of thumb is that anyone whom you would notify of a change in address should also be notified of a name change. Once you change your name, it is important to update your will, living will, trust, health care proxy, or power of attorney. Changing your name on a last will and testament, which delineates the distribution of your property, can be accomplished in writing only. If you wish to change your name on a Revocable Trust, simply rewrite each section of the original document that contains your name prior to the marriage, substituting your married name. It is best to simply create new health care proxy or power of attorney documentation reflecting your new legal name. A woman’s life changes drastically after marriage, and if she’s willing, so does her surname. These days however, women, especially the urban professional kind are resorting to double-barreled surnames which essentially accommodate both their maiden and husband’s surname.
Then there are those who juggle both the maiden surname and the husband’s surname and sometimes even use both of them together.

So, a few days back I finally decided to assume my marital surname legally and resolve my dual identity issue. A marriage certificate is a pre requisite for adopting your husband’s surname as it serves as the proof of the legal existence of your marriage.
Once you receive the marriage certificate, you can apply for a Name Change Request at the Office of State Government Gazette. However there exists an alternative method in case you do not want to spend your time haggling with State Government’s Gazette Office. Having secured a legal proof of your name change, the next thing to do in the transformation of your legal identity is to have your PAN Card (Permanent Account Number) reflect the name change.
The Passport is the single most important Government approved ID and it is important that it reflects your legal name. If you wish to update your existing bank account with your husband’s surname, then you will be required to give a surname change request in your bank as well. It is a common custom worldwide to for women to assume their husband’s surname after marriage.
Some communities in India have gone to the extent of changing a woman's first name as well, after she gets married, which in effect completely wipes out her identity before marriage. There is no provision of law which mandates a woman to change her name after marriage which makes it clear beyond doubt that the option resides completely with the woman herself. On the other hand, even after divorce, if the woman desires to continue with her husband’s name, there is no restriction on that, unless of course she does so with an intention to defraud him. This can be done by submitting a form for name change to the Department of Publications (Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India) which is then published in the Gazette of India Notifications.
Therefore, it becomes very important for the bride to look her best and stunningly beautiful.
This could really make the process of choosing and deciding upon your photographer for the final day a much simpler & enjoyable task. It is for this reason that it is quite common for women to resume their maiden (or other prior) name change during or after a divorce. For instance, you will need to contact the Social Security Office and go through their process of changing your name and updating your records.
Due to the tedious nature of this task, it is important to consider each of the following facets first. Difficulties arise for your children as they mature and marry and are faced with joining a hyphenated name with the name of their spouse.
You avoid the unpleasantness of other people’s disrespectful comments as well as the likelihood that many people will still refer to you as Mrs.
If no males holding the family name remain, a woman may prefer to retain her maiden name in order to extend the family line.
All documentation must be an original or a certified copy obtained from the issuing agency. The Department of Motor Vehicles in your state may either check electronically to verify the information or request a copy of your new Social Security card.
It may be necessary to complete additional documentation if you are attempting to change your name on a commercial driver’s license.
There is no need to notify the IRS of the name change since they simply verify the name and SSN that you provide through the Social Security Administration. Since you typically need to show photo identification at financial institutions, an updated driver’s license should be obtained prior to changing your name at those locations. This should include your employer, banks, credit union, utilities, attorney, church, professional affiliations, and so on. In some cases, you can simply create an amendment, also referred to as a codicil, through your attorney. A living will, which sets out the health care that you wish to occur should you become ill, can be changed by incorporating a new one or by informing your physician of your name change. We already know have to submit documentation to get her White Card so she can legally work, drive, and go to school here in the US. The Indian Law states that a woman is not legally bound to take her husband’s surname after marriage and has a right to choose between her maiden surname and husband’s surname.
This trend is further endorsed by celebrities such as Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Malaika Arora Khan among others. I for instance, still use my maiden surname legally but switch to my dual surname for representing myself at informal occasions. The Office will include your new name in the official name change announcements in a local newspaper and hence you will again be charged a nominal fee for the same. A Public Notary also has the authority to issue a Joint Notarized Affidavit that will result in a legal name change. Changing the surname in the passport requires you to handover your original passport, a copy of your marriage certificate and your husband’s passport to the Passport Office.
So when I had to relocate to Denmark with my husband, I had to submit my marriage certificate for every legal formality for not having gotten my surname changed on the passport. You can ask you bank to give you detailed information on the procedure and necessary documents to do the same.

However it is solely up to them to decide what surname they want to retain and it is not mandatory but only advisable to maintain homogeny across all your documents and have a single legal identity.
This has been affirmed by the court of law recently wherein it was held that a woman had the right to define her own identity, and her name being her biggest identity. Many women prefer to stick to their husband’s name even after divorce due to the cumbersome procedure of getting the name changed in all legal documents like passports, ration cards, voter identity cards, driving license and other official documents and also because the children might be using the husband’s surname. As soon as you return, all of the name changes should be implemented as quickly as possible. Sign the trust amendment in the presence of a notary public and add it to the original documents for your Revocable Trust. So, I did some home work on the process of changing my maiden surname to post marital surname. A copy of this advertisement would suffice to serve as a legal document for your new surname. You will have to present the notary with all your personal and marriage details along with a your wedding photograph.
To add to that, I had to keep a copy of both, my Marriage Certificate and my husband’s passport besides carrying my original passport wherever I went in a foreign land.
Generally both Private and Public Banks will expedite the procedure in a matter of days upon submission of necessary documents.
The exercising of the option to change your name or not after marriage, should be solely a womans decision, and she should not blindly follow the traditions unquestioningly. You will need to notify your credit card companies, utility providers, banks, and other such companies. Not surprisingly, the whole name change game is quite tedious but then it given its importance it is not that difficult.
This procedure can take anywhere between 7-days to up to 3-months and will cost you a nominal registration fee.
Please ensure that you do not apply for a new PAN number altogether as having more than one PAN Number is a legally punishable offence. This process may be time consuming, but it’s critical that it be done in order to avoid unnecessary headaches and confusion down the road.
And I must confess that this has caused a major identity crisis ever since I’ve been married, which is 5yrs now. You are required to submit Government Issued ID Cards, Proof of Marriage (Wedding Invitation, Photographs) and generally need a few witnesses to testify. Switching on and off between both surnames and carrying a marriage certificate everywhere is both problematic and irksome. Colorado has modified this legal principle; in many cases, a court order is required to change your name. If you change your last name to your spouse's last name because of marriage, you avoid the need for a court order.
You will have to comply with the requirements of various issuing authorities to replace your identity documents with new versions that reflect your new last name. The fee is $17 for the first copy and $10 each for additional copy at the time of publication.
Bring it to the local office of the Social Security Administration along with your marriage certificate and a government-issued photo ID such as a drivers license, a non-drivers ID card or a passport.
The Social Security Administration will amend your records and issue you a new Social Security card. Present your new drivers' license or non-driver's ID and your marriage certificate to change the name on your bank account and have new checks issued.
Mail it together with your current passport, a passport-style photo and a copy of your marriage certificate to the address listed on the form. If your passport was issued more than one year ago, you must use Form DS-82 instead of Form DS-5504. Department of State: Form DS-5504 About the Author David Carnes has been a full-time writer since 1998 and has published two full-length novels.
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