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The law of attraction always expects that you are specific and if it’s not working for you, you have to go general. For those people who are starting to look for dates, you have to be open to whatever shows up. So at the same time, you’re not just doing it for the sole purpose of finding somebody but you’re also having fun.
If you’re always focusing on the particular idea “Where can I find somebody?” you are focusing on what you are lacking in a relationship.
Some people because they have children, they don’t really have much time to do all of those things. You only post your profile online if you are feeling that high energy and you are excited about posting it.
If you really believe in the law of attraction, then you know that if it’s meant to be, it will happen no matter what. In the end, you have to make sure that you have moved on, that you’re through with one relationship before moving on to the next, using the law of attraction or not. When thinking about the state of your current relationship, good or bad, it is important to realize that your thoughts have been responsible for every outcome.
If the answer to any of these questions is no, or sometimes, then you need to start treating yourself as with the respect and love you feel you deserve right away! One common thing that a lot of people do while in a relationship is putting their self-last.  Constantly putting others before you only attracts more of the same – others putting you last! A great law of attraction love technique to employ is to ask yourself, what do you like about you? You should have two gratitude lists; What I love about me and What I love about my partner.

Another technique is to make a list of the things you love to do, the things that make you happy.  Try and do at least one thing on that list every day. Again use the power of journaling, make a list of all the things you love about them.  Write down as many as you can and read this list daily.
Gratitude is also one of the most important tools to manifest the relationship you truly desire.  Be truly thankful for the things on your   “What I like about me “list and “what I like about my partner” list. If you are in a relationship now and having a hard time, think back to what brought you together in the beginning, journal those thoughts and use them to generate more positive returns.  Always keep in mind that the law of attraction returns your thoughts to you at exactly the same return frequency as they are broadcast on. At the bottom of the list, you should put “Or someone better.” You never know what the universe is going to be offering for you. If you have a strong belief that this person is going to show up, he will show up no matter what, in whatever way.
Whatever your energies while you are doing your profile will all be showing up over in your profile somehow. Did you know that you can use the  law of attraction to bring more joy and love to your current relationship? If you do not do the things that bring you joy, if you do not make yourself happy it is impossible to expect or attract others to do the same. If you do not like being you then this is again another negative message sent out to the universe. Your entire focus is not on doing what you want to do or what makes you happy, the universe sends you more of this in the form of your partner not doing what makes you feel valued.
It is important to remind yourself not to complain about your partner.  If you discuss these negative qualities with others you are only focusing your thoughts on the negative. They will say, “Oh, I have a friend who is single and maybe you will be interested in him.” Just be open and just go for the date if they have set up something for you.

The important thing to remember is that whenever there was an overwhelming feeling of one type of feeling or the other it was created by your thoughts! The negative feelings (again a thought barometer) associated with not loving yourself; only draw more of the same events and people into your life. Good thoughts equal good feelings, exactly the thoughts and feelings we want returned to us. This will again raise your frequency and return more of those same feelings and thoughts to you.
Add gratitude to your law of attraction love process and you are truly becoming a focused and deliberate creator of your own world! You have your children around you.” So don’t tell those kinds of people who don’t support you. There are some people who will always try to avoid those people who are thinking, “OK, I have had a bad relationship with my ex and I don’t want somebody like that anymore.” That negative energy will be shown in that profile. Our thoughts influence our feelings, that is our thought barometer, but our focused and repeated thoughts result in our actions.
What do you value?  Here is the revealing question you need to ask, do you actually do the things that make you happy for yourself? This will only result in them doing more things for you to complain about.  This can be a hard step for some, but if you use all of the techniques that we have discussed here, positive results are the only thing that is possible!

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