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Many people are approaching life from the flawed premise that if they work hard and struggle long and pay a big enough price, they will then be rewarded with financial well-being. As you gradually train your own thoughts into those of positive expectation, as you align with thoughts of worthiness and Well-Being, as you align with your true power by seeking good-feeling thoughts—you will no longer offer resistance to your own abundance. We would like to help you to understand that neither the good feeling you find when you observe wanted behavior, nor the bad feeling you find when you observe unwanted behavior, is actually the reason that you feel good or bad.
While it is nice to find things in your physical environment that enhance your good-feeling alignment with your Inner Being, your understanding of why you feel good will make it possible for you to feel good regardless of the behavior of others. Understanding that the way you feel is really about your Vibrational relationship with your Inner Being—with the Source within you, with the expanded version of you who resides inside your Vortex—gives you complete empowerment and absolute freedom. Our Free Course 7 Steps To Manifesting Your Dreams and Desires is very popular and helpful   Click Here   To Register.
Most rarely align with their true power, because it seems illogical to them that there is power in relaxation, in letting go, or in love or joy or bliss. There are so many things that you have been taught to believe that are counter to the powerful Laws of the Universe that it is difficult for you to think your way out.
We want you to breathe rather than try, to relax rather than offer effort, to smile rather than struggle, to be rather than do. That is a note that I wrote in my Manifest Mastermind Treasure Chest recently and I  think it came from The Daily Word. As you elevate your frequency and vibration by walking up the staircase of light, your power to create with love and intention is magnified indeed. I had tried everything from reading the book The Secret and watching the dvd multiple times to hpz brainwave movies that i found on youtube. On February 21, 2011 ( I will never forget the date because I wrote it down and it was important to me to document my experience ) I came across the 7 steps Link for the Manifest Mastermind Program. The list goes on of the things Manifest Mastermind has helped me to achieve by giving me the deep understanding that my thoughts feelings and core belief in myself are what creates my life . This part of my story  is a part of the manifest because I always thought to myself when I get really famous and people ask me what I did , I am gonna tell them the truth: I made a list and I swore that list was it and I called it the Manifest Mastermind Treasure Chest.

Eventuali limitazioni inserite su tali network comporteranno la rimozione automatica di tali contenuti dal sito stesso. Joyshops filled with FUN, Excitement, and incredible learning about the Law of Attraction, the most powerful law in the universe. Just in case you didna€™t see that other email, here, again, is where you can access the Manifest Anything! The angels and I know that 2012 is the perfect time for all women to really prosper, thrive and shine!
Archangel Michael Channel SAGE is an Intuitive Abundance, Life Purpose & Business Acceleration Coach, internationally acclaimed author, spiritual teacher and dynamic speaker specializing in helping Lightworkers and women make more money by making a much bigger difference (and vice-versa!). The creatrix of the a€?Prosperous Goddess™a€? program, Sage has helped thousands worldwide leap into more joy, more love, more freedom and more abundance. She has been repeatedly accused of being a transformation CATALYST who will stop at nothing to help her clients get clear and in gear for their best lives - their blessed lives, so frankly, you should only work with her if you are ready to move some energy and get unstuck FAST! And since they do not realize that in their struggle they are denying themselves alignment with the abundance they seek, when the abundance does not come, they attribute it to luck or favoritism that is being directed away from them and toward another. There is only allowing or resisting, letting in or keeping out the abundance that you deserve. The way you feel is only ever about your alignment, or misalignment, with the Source within you. Most people do not understand that their true power lies in releasing resistance—which is the only obstacle to their true power. They have been taught that struggle and hardship and sacrifice are requirements that must be met before the reward of great abundance can be realized. It is true that when we are in a consistent state based on our thoughts we are a powerful magnet.
And so lift yourself in vibration and in love, for these forces of the universe will serve you greatly and significantly in co-creating and in bringing peace, love and light fully into this realm. There is an infinite supply of light and love which you can tune into when you simply lift.

Then i would tell the world by being successful myself , how they can become successful too . SAGE has been featured at many venues including radio, television and has shared the stage with T.
After overcoming bankruptcy, disability and homelessness, SAGE joyfully earns six figures doing what she loves while enjoying her 2 children, her Husky rescue dog, and an indescribably wonderful marriage with her Twin Flame soulmate near Sacramento, CA.
Use of any material from this site or anything associated with it is prohibited except by written permission. It is only your relationship with the Source within you (with your own Inner Being) that is the reason for the emotions that you feel.
Most do not understand that the very struggle they deliberately involve themselves in, in their quest for success and advantage, actually works against them. It is also true that we are not always able to connect the dots which means we are not always able to physically see immediate dividends. Consciously move up the staircase with each breath you take, and simultaneously your vibration is elevated.
And soon you will stand in knowing amusement that all of this was always there within your reach, but in your resistant state of attraction, you were not yet able to experience it . Manifest Mastermind University has been developed with classes, homework and fantastic resources to help you manifest your dreams and desires. Lift in vibration as you continue to imagine you are ascending up the staircase of light before you. She is currently the ONLY provider of these exponentially powerful healing methods on the planet.
I Archangel Uriel lower my vibration down to surround you with unconditional love and white light as you journey upward.

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