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I’ve written posts that explains the Law of Attraction in the past, but it was before this blog was actually read by anyone. Back in the days when I was introduced to the Law of Attraction I was told to have a positive “self talk” (also called affirmations), and to repeat my it over and over again. When you just speak out affirmations without the belief and emotions that come with it, You might as well try to water your flower garden holding a hose without water coming through it.  When you repeat affirmations with no real belief about what you are “affirming”, nothing happens and you won’t be able to attract what you want.
When you’re getting acquainted with the Law of Attraction, using positive affirmations and self talks to speak out what you want to be and have is definitely a great thing to do, but as you start you need to  choose affirmations that can actually believe. Consciously you’re saying “I am wealthy”, “I am successful”, “I am a millionaire”, “I drive a luxury car”, etc… but really subconsciously you’re saying – no way.
You are saying that you are wealthy with your mouth, but you subconscious mind says you’re broke. The vibrations that you are sending out are low vibrations that are in accordance with what you truly believe subconsciously, which is, no way, I’m broke! This is why you’re saying that the Law of Attraction is not working; when as a matter of fact, it’s working just fine.
Let’s say that you are making $25,000 a year right now and in you are saying “I am a millionaire” or even “I am making $100,000 a year”! Your subconscious mind holds all the beliefs that you have accumulated since you were a small child.
Your subconscious belief about money would be that you are always going to make just about what you have been making all your life even before you were an adult and made your own money.
Let’s say that your parents were making like $35,000 a year and you are making $40,000 a year, that’s what is deeply embedded in your subconscious mind. Because your subconscious mind is saying “that’s impossible”, you are not vibrating at the frequency that says $250,000 a year; you are vibrating at $40,000 a year.
Someone that makes $250,000 a year is NOT vibrating at the same frequency as someone who makes $40,000. This is why many people who have watched the movie or read the book “The Secret” are saying that it’s not working.
The reason why is because they are coming from a too far away place and have not understood the concept beneath all attraction according the law which is that the BELIEF needs to be there first or be introduced little by little.
Subconsciously, you don’t believe your affirmations, therefore, you are not vibrating at the energy level that you would need to in order to manifest what you what you want in your physical world.
We grow up little by little, we start speaking little by little, we start crawling on all four before we can stand up and start taking our first step, and we learn how to read little by little as well. It’s the same thing with the Law of Attraction and your subconscious mind.  You have to prepare your subconscious mind to bigger and better things little by little as well.
To take our money example again, if you are making only $40,000 a year don’t start with an affirmation that says “I’m a millionaire”, start at a number that your subconscious mind could believe in.  When you start to feel that you truly believe that new concept, you can then move forward and increase your amount. At the same time, as your belief system changes, you will start noticing some positive changes in your physical world as well.  This will give you even more confidence and more positive beliefs. Then, and only then, will you notice that your affirmations will work and you will start attracting what you want in life. As a coach, she helps people improve their personal and professional life through personal development methods. I guess making small goals and gradually raising the level so that our subconscious mind begins believing in it is what the key is – hope I’m right! This is the best way to make sure that we are using the law of attraction in a way that it will work for us.
As a life coach I know says, there is no reason you couldn’t attract $100 000 in one day, but ONLY if you truly believe it! As for my, however, my beliefs on that are different, and I do not believe or trust in mammograms or doctors to keep me healthy and alive. This makes total sense to me Sylviane and makes me realize why some of the Law of Attraction quotes I have seen online sound like a load of rubbish. Today I have more confidence and belief in myself than I ever did – I used to have very little. I believe the biggest issue with a lot of people is that they reject a lot of opportunity because of fear.
I do believe in affirmations but as you said they have to be realistic and matching our level of belief in our subconscious. Neamat Tawadrous invites you to read..10 Steps On How To Bounce Back When Life Knocks You Down!
For sure if all we do is saying things, and not taking any type of action that’s going to be a bit tough, right?
What the right affirmations and visualization do, though, is taking us to the right actions.
I remember Sylviane when this was being explained to me and I didn’t understand what vibration meant. I went through a program about a month or so ago that is suppose to teach you how to get rid of your limiting beliefs. I think one of the things that’s helped me the most with this is more on a religious point but this is just me and how I understand it.
Sorry, didn’t want to get on a lesson but over everything that has helped me understand how to really believe in anything. Yes, we had so much fun the other night chatting, and we sure talked about attracting and manifesting, didn’t we? It works for good stuff, but it works for the bad stuff too, so we need to be very careful about what’s going on in our heads all day long.
My mother always believed that she will get nice weather when she needed it (for a special occasion for example) and guess what? Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been helping someone who has been feeling stuck with his business. A Man who give back to humanity by revealing this VALUABLE INFORMATION and if you read it today in 2016, it will provide you with the missing keys to the law of attraction so you may want to read this entire book for it’s knowledge alone. I got The Secret of the Ages over thirty years ago and it has been my bible and guide – David A.
The majority of people will probably end up spending a $5 every week on junk food that destroys their soul or blow $20 in a day at a club or bar. Now we are entering a new age—the Mental Age—when every man can be his own master, when poverty and circumstance no longer hold power and the lowliest creature in the land can win a place side by side with the highest.
From the rude catamaran of the savages to the giant liners of today, carrying their thousands from continent to continent, is but a step in the development of Mind.
Man, without reasoning mind, would be as the monkeys are—prey of any creature fast enough and strong enough to pull him to pieces.
The power to be what you want to be, to get what you desire, to accomplish whatever you are striving for, abides within you. For Psychologists and Metaphysicians the world over are agreed in this—that Mind is all that counts. For it is only through your conscious mind that you can reach the subconscious and the Universal Mind. The one most important province of your conscious mind is to center your thoughts on the thing you want, and to shut the door on every suggestion of fear or worry or disease. Can you tell me how much water, how much salt, how much of each different element there should be in your blood to maintain its proper specific gravity if you are leading an ordinary sedentary life? It is, in short, the most powerful force in life, and when properly directed, the most beneficent.
You see, the subconscious mind is the connecting link between the Creator and ourselves, between Universal Mind and our conscious mind.
The geniuses of literature, of art, commerce, government, politics and invention are, according to the scientists, but ordinary men like you and me who have learned somehow, some way, to draw upon their subconscious minds. Sir Isaac Newton is reported to have acquired his marvelous knowledge of mathematics and physics with no conscious effort. Our subconscious minds are vast magnets, with the power to draw from Universal Mind unlimited knowledge, unlimited power, unlimited riches.
Few understand or appreciate, however, that the vast storehouse of knowledge and power of the subconscious mind can be drawn upon at will.
Under ordinary conditions, it attends faithfully to its duties, and leaves your conscious mind to direct the outer life of the body. You have heard of people who had been through great danger tell how, when death stared them in the face and there seemed nothing they could do, things went black before them and, when they came to, the danger was past. There is within you—within everyone—this mighty resistless force with which you can perform undertakings that will dazzle your reason, stagger your imagination.
Your subconscious mind partakes of this wisdom and power, and it is through your subconscious mind that you can draw upon it in the attainment of anything you may desire.
It seems hard to believe that a Mind busied with the immensities of the universe can consider such trivial affairs as our own when we are but one of the billions of forms of life which come into existence. To bring you to a realization of your indwelling and unused power, to teach you simple, direct methods of drawing upon it, is the beginning and the end of this course. Last week, I let myself focus in a way that’s totally opposite from what I want and what I preach. I have so much to be thankful for; amazing family, my children are healthy and happy, and have a husband who adores me. PS – If you liked this article, please spread the love and leave me a comment bellow.
Anything is possible, but you have to get yourself ready for whatever it is that you are wanting. You’re manifesting all the time, it’s just that you are manifesting what you are used to, by default.
You can manifest the life you want by guiding your focus deliberately and practicing what feels good.
After spending years studying the Law of Attraction, applying it in my own life, and working with my clients, I discovered that there are three fundamental principles to deliberate creation and manifesting. If you would like to learn these principles, so that you can start creating more of what you want, click here to learn more about my 4-week Law of Attraction Demystified course that’s launching Oct. PS — If you liked this article, spread the love and share your thoughts on what you think the biggest manifesting trap is.
LOA is simply responding to your vibration, your personal energetic frequency in the present moment.
Next, have a piece of paper and list all the reasons behind it – why do you want what you want?
This week, I received a question from Dorothy that said: “ What I feel in any given moment in time is what I feel, and I am stuck in a feeling that is not conducive to manifesting, how do I feel different?
So how do you get unstuck from the feelings that are not conducive to manifesting and stop the Law of Attraction momentum of unwanted? Another thing you could do (and the best one!) is be aware of your vibration before the unwanted momentum has started and not starting it. Being hard on yourself when feeling bad just ads oil on fire and increases the momentum of unwanted. Raising your vibrational frequency isn’t hard, you just need to pay attention and be more deliberate about the way you feel. By being more conscious of your emotions, putting your happiness before everything else, and then committing to making changes, your vibration will begin to soar and you’ll start attracting everything you want to you.
There are so many ways to raise your vibration depending on what you enjoy personally, another two that came to me now are aroma and color therapy. If you need assistance with implementing this information, you can apply now for my Law of Attraction Demystified Session questionnaire ($150 value) here. PS – Leave me a comment below and share your own tips on how to raise your vibration to attract what you want. You don’t have to be a Quantum Physicist to understand and get the benefits of the Law of Attraction.
If you understand that the Law of Attraction simply responds to whatever you offer with your own vibration, it should be simple, there shouldn’t be any piece missing.
You see, with the Law of Attraction, you have to wear the energy of what you want first in order to attract it. Besides limiting beliefs that may be preventing you from attracting what you want, when need is dominant in your vibration, what do you think you are getting the equivalent of?
It’s amazing how when you learn to master your own energy you can draw to you whatever you desire. I’d love to know what you thought about this article – Law of Attraction and the missing piece. Maybe you’re one of those people who don’t need to meditate in order to feel good and keep your vibration high, but chances are that you may have limiting beliefs around a particular desire that prevent you from attracting it into your experience.
The biggest benefit of meditation from the Law of Attraction perspective is energy balance. By making meditation your regular routine, you make space and allow yourself to tap into infinite possibilities instead of letting the beliefs that you learned and don’t serve you run your life.
Meditation can be simple as taking 10-15 minutes of your day to sit in silence and focus on your breathing. It is important to give your body what it needs, as everything you put in or do with it will affect your energy, and it’s all about energy. There’s so much going on in the world that it’s not a surprise that you may not feel in the creative control over your life sometimes. I had a session with a new client the other day and after we went over the things she wanted to create deliberately in her life now, I asked her why she wanted to manifest the thing she picked to focus on.
What many don’t realize when using the Law of Attraction is that they will talk about what they think they want, but rarely about why they want it.
When you think about what you want and you skip the why of it, you lose yourself in the details and how it will come part that you yet don’t know (and don’t need to in order to start attracting it), you stay focused on the absence of your desire. When you talk about why you want something, you activate the core feelings of your desire (I want it because it feels good), which is all you need to make yourself a vibrational match to what you want.

If you want to attract more financial abundance into your life, talk about why you want to be abundant. Your mind is a wonderful tool and you need it to focus yourself deliberately, to acquire skills, accomplish tasks… but it all comes down to how you feel predominantly, that is your point of attraction.
Once you are able to maintain the good feeling part of what you want, you will be inspired to taking action, which will lead you step by step to realize your desire fully. Leave me a comment bellow and let me know what you thought about this topic – the why of your desire!
We all are multidimensional beings and have the ability to tap into different energy streams from which we are then inspired to think, feel, and act. The Ego. Even though, you need the ego in order to discover your true self, it never serves you to hang in there for longer periods. I practice deliberately this delicious state of being daily in order to create my desires and really, to feel good.
Bring out your True-Self and make it your dominant side, then watch the law of attraction’s response! As you may or may not know when it comes to the Law of Attraction is what the subconscious mind believes that counts.
It’s giving you what you’ve been asking for subconsciously, because the subconscious mind ALWAYS wins.
You are saying this consciously, but subconsciously you do not believe a word of what you’re saying. Now, let’s say that you have grown up in a family that never made even close to that kind of money, and you haven’t ever made even close to that that kind of money yourself either as an adult.
Thinking that you can shift this with simple affirmations like “I’m making $250,000 a year” would be a long shot, because your subconscious mind is saying “that’s impossible”. We tend to compare how much we earn with others, or our parents, and often feel we can never make that much, or we set limits or underestimate ourselves, which as you mentioned is what our subconscious starts believing, which stops us from really earning more than that.
We take a step by step approach we gradually feed our subconscious mind with whatever amount (example of money) we want to reach. If I’m making x amount of dollars a month, I say I making a little more than x amount a month, and it comes true. If someone “feels” that they may be developing breast cancer and that it can be detected with a mammogram, well, that’s what they truly believed, and that means that they may develop cancer the minute they don’t check for it. I used them successfully at a time in my life was at its lowest point physically and emotionally. Just understanding this better now, I need to tweak my affirmations and raise the bar step by step.
Yes, if you lower you affirmations a bit (so to speak) and grow with them, it will work much better for you.
Now when the right action presents itself we’re better taking it or it might be gone forever. So I went through it and did the exercises only to realize that I had gotten rid of all of those. Even if you want to be a millionaire just stop obsessing over how it could possibly happen and just know that if you truly believe it then it will come to you. When you lip for joy your vibrations are very high, when you cry in despair they are very low.
I’ve tried affirmations in the past and they didn’t work because of the gap between what I wanted and what my subconscious mind knows! The more you think, visualized and speak what you want with full belief that it’s yours, the faster it will come to you. I see we all get sucked up in we just have to keep repeating it, but as you say it doesn’t work that way. I know that there are still many people that don’t make the connection between their affirmations and actually believing in them with all their might. As you rightly point out regardless of how many times you say I am a success, if when you open your eyes the first thing you see is the chaos and evidence of failure in your life then all too quickly that new positive mental state will evaporate.Instead as you point out, start by loving and protecting your current situation (abundance) then look at ways to build upon the successful traits that brought you to the fortunate position you are currently in.
However, the missing KEY ELEMENT that makes it work can be found in this gem you are about to read.
Get this book and YOU WILL ACHIEVE ANYTHING YOU WANT OUT OF LIFE ITSELF tapping into the UNIVERSAL POWER. There is NO EXCUSE why someone cannot SAVE a mere $5 to own this life-changing information that will probably drastically improve your way of life. Then there was the Iron Age—and while life was more precious, still the strong lorded it over the weak. Sound these depths—bring these treasures to the surface—and you gain an astounding wealth of new power. From the lowly cave man, cowering in his burrow in fear of lightning or fire or water, to the engineer of today,making servants of all the forces of Nature, is but a measure of difference in mental development. This mind is usually thought of as consciousness; but the conscious part of your mind is in fact the very smallest part of it.
But for convenience sake let us divide your mind into three parts—the conscious mind, the subconscious mind, and the Infinite, Subliminal or Universal Mind. It is the phase of mind with which you feel and reason—the phase of mind with which everyone is familiar.
How much and how quickly these proportions must be changed if you play a fast game of tennis, or run for your car, or chop wood, or indulge in any other violent exercise? You know that he could listen to a piece of music for the first time and go immediately to a piano and reproduce it. These prodigies have done their greatest feats while but children from three to ten years old. At the age of ten he worked correctly a multiplication sum whose answer consisted of thirty-six figures. I know he is infinitely more clever and resourceful than I am or than any other man is that I ever heard of. Jung, celebrated Viennese specialist, claims that the subconscious mind contains not only all the knowledge that it has gathered during the life of the individual, but that in addition it contains all the wisdom of past ages.
It is the means by which we can appropriate to ourselves all the good gifts, all the riches and abundance which Universal Mind has created in such profusion. On the one hand, if you can control your mind in its subconscious activities, you can regulate the operation of your bodily functions, and can thus assure yourself of bodily efficiency and free yourself of functional disease.
Now and then through intense concentration or very active desire we do accidentally penetrate to the realm of the subconscious and register our thought upon it. Emile Coue based his system on the positive side—that you suggest to your subconscious mind that whatever ills it thinks you have are getting better. But let the conscious mind meet some situation with which it is unable to cope, and, if it will only call upon the subconscious, that powerful Genie will respond immediately to its need. In the moment of need, their subconscious mind pushed the conscious out of the way, the while it met and overcame the danger. Whatever it is necessary for you to do in any right cause, it can give you the strength and the ability to do. But old Mother Nature must have a remarkable intelligence if she can figure out all these things that no human scientist has ever been able to figure. That he partakes of its creative wisdom and power and that by working in harmony with Universal Mind he can do anything, have anything, be anything. There constantly resides within you a Mind that is all-wise, all-powerful, a Mind that is entirely apart from the mind which you consciously use in your everyday affairs yet which is one with it. When you can intelligently reach your subconscious mind, you can be in communication with the Universal Mind. And since the subconscious mind is part of the Universal Mind, there is no limit to the things which it can do when it is given the power to act. Burn -ALL.package using the best latest Nero Burning Rom with Disc Span option on 3 DVD mediums [[one layer only! The tendency is to give your attention to things around you, and things around you (if you are not being deliberate) can suck sometimes and rob you of positive energy. It takes deliberate intention to start creating anew, and then practicing it until it becomes your new reality. Meaning, focusing on what’s right, doing more of that which gives you joy and raises your vibration, then watch how things on the outside shift too.
There’s no trap, but simple steps that helped my clients and me go from not living to creating our dreams – ask, align, attract!
Even though your heart already knows your ultimate desires, you want to set an intention and declare to the Universe what that is so that the Law of Attraction brings it to you faster. The more specific and positive you are in your thoughts and emotions about what you want, the more closer you’re to manifesting it.
When you do this, you feel good about what you want and not thinking about how it’s going to unfold, which blocks the attraction process. I’d like to know how this has resonated with you, or share your own tips on how to have success with the Law of Attraction and intention setting.
You create a momentum with your thoughts and feelings, and the LOA simply responds to your vibration by bringing you more of the same.
Remember waiting at the bottom of hill in San Francisco and the momentum is already underway? I’d love to know your thoughts or experience with the Law of Attraction and unwanted momentum. Your emotions are your biochemical feedback and natural guidance that always let you know if you are in alignment with your true self and what you really want. The bottom line is following your emotions, making your own happiness the # 1 priority and committing to making changes accordingly.
If you believe in the Law of Attraction and that you are the creator of your own reality, are you creating what you want?
This powerful law can be defined in simple terms such as mirror or boomerang, meaning whatever you send out with your own energy, you receive the exact reflection of it back. In the same way you’ve been practicing the vibration of need, with a little bit of deliberate intent you can start practicing the energy of HAVING what you want. What if I told you that meditation could be your ultimate tool for manifesting the life you want, would you find the time then?
For example, some people have success with manifesting financial abundance and or physical heath, but in the relationship department, they suck. In addition, everything you attempt to do from that neutral state will be easy, fast, and in alignment with your deepest desires. I would love to know what you thought about meditation as being your ultimate manifesting tool. Do you have desires you haven’t been able to manifest, even though you’re applying the LOA processes and visualisations?
While it is important to process ALL emotions, holding onto negative emotion will rob you of the positive energy that is at the core of creation, and you. Beside technology, you are bombarded with all kinds of stuff happening all around you and with everyone in your life. I noticed how close she was to realizing what she wanted… She immediately connected with the emotions behind her desire. You may be able to find the things that you think you should be grateful for and list them out just for the sake of doing the activity, but if you are not connecting with the feelings of appreciation, you are really just wasting the paper and your time. We can put these different ways of being in two main categories: the Ego or your human self, and your True or Divine-Self. This is you when you are vibrating at low energetic frequency; when you are angry, complaining, or criticizing. If you were  to observe me when I am in the state of negative emotion, you would not believe that you are looking at the same person.
We thought it was more important what other were thinking of us and ignored our true guidance-our emotions. How does it really feel to make 250,000 a year compare to $40,000 a year?  This is the question you need to be asking to yourself. She has thousands of articles under her name and that of some of her clients as well as a dozen of eBook. I kept it simple but I learned to recognize even my smallest, fleeting negative thoughts and used to counteract every one with something positive. Someone who makes $40,000 a year can’t possibly have the same affirmations as a millionaire does, can they? You always have to start with something you believe in first and work your way towards what you want. If you could measure them like we can measure heart beat that’s what we would be able to see.
For those who are Christians, Jesus talked about the Law of Attraction all the time, they just don’t understand it.
The gaps have to be filled in, so the best way is step by step, then moving forward to the next level. That isn’t easy to do because as an adult, so many things have been engrained into our minds. I think only when we can really realize that what we can do, can we really believe it will happen.
It was incredible, but I tell you that it might have been raining all night, and it will clear up in the morning when my mom needed nice weather. Later came the Golden Age, and riches took the place of strength—but the poor found little choice between the slave drivers’ whips of olden days and the grim weapons of poverty and starvation. Through mind he has made machinery do the work of millions of horses and billions of hands. Of course you must know how to do that, but before you can learn how to use it, you must realize that you possess this power.

Ninety per cent of your mental life is subconscious, so when you make active use of only the conscious part of your mind you are using but a fraction of your real ability; you are running on low gear.
Send to it thoughts of health and strength, and it will work out health and strength in your body. Your body is in effect a little universe in itself, and mind is its radiating center—the sun which gives light and life to all your system, and around which the whole revolves. Do you know how much water, how much salt, how much of each different element in your food should be absorbed into your blood each day to maintain perfect health? While you are struggling along with the three R’s, it is doing problems that would leave your teachers aghast. In no case had these boys any idea how they performed their calculations, and some of them would converse upon other subjects while doing the sum.
Looking at the clock to see the present time, he informed his father of the number of seconds he had lived. By the Man Inside I mean that Other Man within each one of us that does most of the things we give ourselves credit for doing. When I cut my finger it is he that calls up the little phagocytes to come and kill the septic germs that might get into the wound and cause blood poisoning. He even does it for babies that know nothing at all; in fact, does it better for them than for me. That by drawing upon its wisdom and power the individual may possess any good thing of life, from health and happiness to riches and success. On the other hand, if you can determine just what ideas shall be brought forth from subconsciousness into consciousness, you can thus select the materials out of which will be woven your conscious judgments, your decisions and your emotional attitudes. We eat something that someone else tells us isn’t good for us and in a little while we think we feel a pain. But your subconscious mind works on, keeping your heart and lungs, your arteries and glands ever on the job. Impelled by the subconsciousmind, their bodies could do things absolutely impossible to their ordinary conscious selves. There must be an all-pervading Intelligence behind Mother Nature—the Intelligence that first brought life to this planet—the Intelligence that evolved every form of plant and animal—that holds the winds in its grasp—that is all-wise, all-powerful. Given any desire that is in harmony with the Universal Mind and you have but to hold that desire in your thought to attract from the invisible domain the things you need to satisfy it. Its first requisite is a mental image, and your desire held with unswerving purpose will form that mental image. You know you’re being completely out of alignment, yet you can’t help but feel miserable.
Knowing about momentum and the Law of Attraction, I knew how I’d prepared myself for a rough ride, but Like Abraham-Hicks says, we sometimes enjoy drama. Even if it’s for a few moments, fresh air and nature will soothe your energy instantly. Since I can remember, there’s been that innate knowing within me that life should feel not just good, but really, really good. These become your personal energetic vibration within less than a minute of your entertainment of them. Pick one thing you’d like to focus on and set into motion, then set the intention to have it. Then when the storm has passed, you can deliberately decide to practice momentum you do want. Everything you really desire is vibrating at a high energetic frequency and in order for you to attract it, you’ll need to raise your own vibration and be one with it. This vibrational state is where it gets really cooking and where attraction is accelerated.
Whether you love to exercise or not, by moving your body you automatically move your energy, and movement of energy means raising of energy. When you do this, you will be the happiest person you know + you’ll start attracting what you want.
Are you manifesting and living the life of your dreams, or there’s a piece missing for you?
There’s a difference between wanting something and feeling good about it so that you can ALLOW it into your life fully, and needing something in order to feel good.
Meditating regularly clears your mind, which restores you back to your core and balances your personal energetic frequency. Through meditation, you can gain the clarity of who you really are and what you really want, so that you can attract it more easily. If you are not in the flow with manifesting what you want, there are some roadblocks to be cleared out of your path. I could feel her vibration rising while she was describing to me why she wanted to be a facilitator and help guide at her job.
The Law of Attraction will start orchestrating and matching you with more of everything that feels that way.
It is true that sometimes just doing things can shift your focus, but it isn’t until you decide to be deliberate about the way you feel.
So, I would advise them to actually keep doing what they do, unless, they are TRULY able to change their WHOLE mind set on the matter. Fear of failure has always been a big stumbling block in my family, and it’s the truth when I say that I was the one with the least fear.
You probably saved your readers a lot of wasted hours trying to do something that won’t work!
There has to be a means (as in being rich) to understand the capacity of how and what we can do to become what we want.
But the greatest waste of all, we pay no attention to—the waste of our own potential mind power. And the reason why more people do not achieve success in life is because so many of them are content to run on low gear all their lives—on SURFACE ENERGY. It is on it that the subconscious mind must depend for the teamwork necessary to get successful results.
Let suggestions of disease, fear of sickness or accident, penetrate to it, either through your own thoughts or the talk of those around you, and you are very likely to see the manifestation of disease working out in yourself.
The greatest mathematicians in the land, the most renowned chemists, could never do in a year’s time the abstruse problems which your subconscious mind solves every minute.
It supervises all the intricate processes of digestion, of assimilation, of elimination, and all the glandular secretions that would tax the knowledge of all the chemists and all the laboratories in the land. Two of these boys became men of eminence, while some of them showed but a low degree of objective intelligence. His father made the calculation and said to Benjamin, ‘You are wrong 172,000 seconds.’ The boy answered, ‘Oh, papa, you have left out two days for the leap years 1820 and 1824,’ which was the case. You may refer to him as Nature or the Subconscious Self or think of him merely as a Force or a Natural Law, or, if you are religiously inclined, you may use the term God. Before we know it we have indigestion, when the chances are that if we knew nothing about the supposed indigestible properties of the food we could eat it the rest of our days and never feel any ill effects. Can it figure out how to gather carbon gas from the atmosphere, water and all the necessary kinds of nutriment from the earth round about to manufacture into sugar and starch and alcohol? But when you pray earnestly you form a mental image of the thing that you desire and you hold it strongly in your thought., Then the Universal Intelligence which is your intelligence—Omnipotent Mind—begins to work with and for you, and this is what brings about the manifestation that you desire. Yet it is just as thoroughly conscious of you as the water would be, were it intelligent, of every creature within it. I reached out to another coach who helped me soothe my energy; remind me of how great I was really doing.
The chances are that you’ll come up with your mother, or someone else who was critical in your early years. The Law of Attraction responds to that vibration, and supports it by bringing you circumstances that match it. If not, then you may want to stop the unwanted momentum and prevent the LOA from increasing it. Pick a piece of music you enjoy, even if it’s one song and let it tune you into the good vibration. Take long sips of water throughout the day and whenever you feel your vibration is low, if possible, jump in the shower or take a bath. For instance, if you want to attract more financial abundance to you, in your happy moments, take a few to five minutes to play with the vibrational essence of abundance. This is why I call it, your ultimate manifesting tool; it all boils down to your vibration. The good news is that once you are aware of what’s in the way, you can easily remove it. If you desire a different and better reality, you will have to be more deliberate about the way you think and feel.
When you look for the good in people and experiences… When you are feeling any positive emotion,  you are in agreement with who you really are and are allowing what you want to come into your experience. If these same people would only throw into the fight the resistless force of their subconscious minds they would be, amazed at their undreamed of capacity for winning success.
You wouldn’t expect much from an army, no matter how fine its soldiers, whose general never planned ahead, who distrusted his own ability and that of his men, and who spent all his time worrying about the enemy instead of planning how he might conquer them. If you don’t think you have everything the matter with you that thei r nostrums are supposed to cure, you are the exception and not the rule.
The various forms of plant life, of animals, of man—all are mere cogs in the great scheme of things. Its power, Its thought, are as much at OUT disposal as the sunshine and the win and the rain. This is why I’m committed and so passionate about coaching, I too want to remind others of their greatness and power. Look for things in your environment that evoke the feelings of appreciation within you and deliberately ponder them. If there’s an area in your life where you cannot seem to shift your focus on the positive part, take your focus of it completely then. Loving no matter what (not to be confused with being a door mat for others to step on), will realign you with the love that is your true nature and the most powerful force in the Universe. When I discover a belief that is keeping me from getting what I really want, it’s back to the drawing board. Like the gold seekers of ’49, he has panned the surface gravel for the gold swept down by the streams. James, the world-famous Harvard psychologist, estimated that the average man uses only 10% of his mental power. You wouldn’t look for good scores from a ball team whose pitcher was at odds with the catcher. What you must manage to do is learn to communicate only such thoughts as you wish to see realized to your subconscious mind, for it is exceedingly amenable to suggestion. I thought, “My point of attraction is screwed now” and “watch out for what’s coming next“. On the other hand, if you decide that you’re going to wait at the bottom of the hill to see what happens, the momentum would have its way with you.
Once you stop feeding anything with the negative outlook it has to either improve or leave your experience. No one else can but him so once you ask for what you really really really want and 100% believe he’ll five it to you, your vibration will rise in a heartbeat.
In the same way, you can’t expect results from the subconscious when your conscious mind is full of fear or worry, or when it does not know what it wants. You have heard of the man who was always bragging of his fine health and upon whom some of his friends decided to play a trick. I may think I feel one way, but as you said your subconscious knows and it takes a lot of work to figure it out. You are not a beast of burden, doomed to spend your days in unremitting labor in return for food and housing. Or it can drift along haphazardly, a creature of impulse, at the mercy of events—a mere bit of flotsam in the current of life.
It has almost unlimited power, not merely for putting you and keeping you in perfect health but for acquiring all the good things of life. The first one he met one morning commented upon how badly he looked and asked if he weren’t feeling well.
If you have any lack, if you are prey to poverty or disease, it is because you do not believe or do not understand the power that is yours. With God-like powers slumbering within him, he is content to continue in his daily grind—eating, sleeping, working—plodding through an existence little more eventful than the animals’, while all of Nature, all of life, calls upon him to awaken, to bestir himself. Within you is a power which, properly grasped and directed, can lift you out of the rut of mediocrity and place you among the Elect of the earth—the lawyers, the writers, the statesmen, the big business men—the DOERS and the THINKERS. If you would intelligently turn over to this wonderful power all your business and personal affairs in the same way that you turn over to it the mechanism of your body, no goal would be too great for you to strive for.
By noon time the man had come to believe them, and before the end of the day he was really ill.
It builds the starch into cells, the cells into roots and vines and leaves—and into more potatoes. It rests with you only to learn to use this power which is yours—this Mind which can do all things.

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