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Thought Atmosphere: "Like Attracts Like" What your creative mind brings into being is based upon the atmosphere of your thoughts, remember "like attracts like," so you are attracting that which you concentrate your thoughts on. Thoughts are Things Here is what Holmes says about the idea that thoughts are things: "The thought and the thing are one in reality.
I used to be on the cast of a Rocky Horror Picture Show troupe in the Bay Area (I played the Trannies, Trixie, and Eddie, if you’re curious) and the RHPS audience felt very similar to the DYOH audience. Listen to enough WTF podcasts and you’ll hear comedians talk about years of exhausting tours honing their craft and learning how to work an audience. So Korriban and I talked Jareth (it didn’t take much convincing) with us to check out the event at the Westin.
I’d already been turned away from other panels several times, and the name of the game for DragonCon 2014 seemed to be to arrive as early as possible. We sat on the floor and I wound up running a short Batman Roleplaying Game with Jareth playing Red Hood and Korriban played his own creation, blue-collar Gotham vigilante Guy Guyerson (specifics on the game will be included in a later blog post.) Eventually, the suspiciously underaged volunteer ushered us in to the convention room.
It works reasonably well, except for the massive support pillars blocking the view of the stage from the wings.
They were young, smart, awkward, and horny, exploring their sexuality through the shared experience of interacting with truly bizarre, sexually-charged media. Near as I could tell, the plot involved a race of angelic women who captured some kind of waifish cat girl and were taking advantage of her with various magic wands and penises they could grow and retract from their vaginas.
I always imagine overexposure to the minutia killed the mystery and taboo of sex, which is part of the appeal. One of them, in the role of the penetratee, did the performance as Kermit the Frog (“Oh, Ms.

At the same time, I’m watching the performance and thinking to myself, this would be so much better if the performers were a talented improv troupe.
Bad improv shows often go over like Custer’s Last Stand, but a good team can take a likable idea like, say, dub your own hentai, and make it into something magical.
Most of the audience seemed to respond to audacity of the situation, rather than the actual quality of the humor. Part of the reason is that we deluded ourselves into believing that we are younger than we actually are. It kept us awake and buzzed for most of Friday and Saturday, but the bitter truths of the human condition knocked us flat on our asses once the sun rose and the bill came due.
It’s primarily comprised of filmed segments from various larger convention panels, interspersed with little comedy skits and Adult Swim-style bumpers.
The leaseholder ran it like a hostel, overcharging short-term tenants who wanted to stay in a glamorous neighborhood.
My New York is Brooklyn coffee shops and bars, writer meetups, fantastic bagels and mediocre Mexican food (sorry, California has you beat), comic book stores, discussions about gentrification, capoeira classes, shot-and-beer specials, the L-train, the IFC Center, the Twenty-Sided Store, and pretending that almost anything above KoreaTown doesn’t exist.
Superhero books seem to be directly targeted toward my demographic, whereas kids from the generation above me were indoctrinated through Pokémon. We traveled on red eyes, we stayed up all night for dance parties, and we tried to keep our bodies going on enthusiasm, energy drinks, quadruple-shot espresso drinks, and ADHD medication. Saturday especially was especially bad: too many people, not enough interesting panels so why bother fighting the crowds?
The skits could be politely described as a mixed bag, but there was a goony infectious enthusiasm that made the lamest entries likable.

Most of the residents were affluent Europeans in their twenties who wanted the Bohemian experience. You build a routine, you get comfortable in it, and you use it as a shield against the draining chaos of life in the city. We arrived, I went to the information booth to get directions and had an unpleasant encounter with the drunk 60-year old BDSM biker types who’d taken over the booth.
I doffed my clothing, laid down on the bed in the blissfully air-conditioned room, and clicked onto channel 55. The bumpers were comedy gold; people would send in questions about pop culture and the responses were the perfect mix of playfully snarky and insightful.
The Hyatt is nice because it has a bright, airy architectural style, it hosts the Writers and Horror track within the conference rooms, and it’s easy to maneuver around in.
It feels the most conventionally nerdy, plus I once ran into the kid who played Draco Malfoy there. You have the power to create a positive channel through which your thoughts can generate and create the best life has to offer.

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