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I want to reach a significant number of practitioners to increase the level of collective consciousness. One beautiful goal is to implement the science of creative intelligence, higher knowledge in schools, so that children grow up healthy and happy and naturally stronger and more intelligent. For business owners, introducing the Transcendental Meditation program to your company is the best professional development program available – to increase productivity and develop the most important asset – your human resources. Transcendental Meditation Benefit — Russell Brand, Katy Perry, Clint Eastwood, David Lynch, Dr. But TM is so simple — can it develop consciousness and the full awakening of human potential?

I am very happy and I am honored to introduce myself as the first teacher of Transcendental Meditation in Albania and Kosovo.
Mehmet Oz speaks about the Transcendental Meditation program's health benefits: "This meditation can help a lot of people. Oshima, the Buddhist monks appreciate the simplicity, effortlessness, and profound experience of transcendence. I was certified for teaching TM in Thailand, where I was trained by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who is the founding teacher of Transcendental Meditation.
I can only encourage you to learn Transcendental Meditation right away, without delay – and begin enjoying the benefits from the first days of practice.

We intend to increase the physical, mental and spiritual welfare of the individual in every city in Albania, Kosovo or wherever they are, using the following technique.

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