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Access Legal features a unique service for individuals who cannot afford to pay court fees and costs. If you filed for any type of immigration status adjustment, it is not recommended to do change your name until immigration procedure is complete.
An important decision to make post-divorce is whether to keep your name of regain your maiden name. Some women wish to retain their ex-spouses name for the sake of their children, which is understandable given the confusion it might bring about at school with teachers and other students.
If you are in a profession that relies heavily on your reputation it might be a good idea to keep your name if you want people to recognize your name.
Many women will get divorced and retain their married name simply because they have become comfortable using it for many years.
This entry was posted in Divorce Tips and tagged divorce, legal name change, maiden name, name change, reasons to change name, spouse name on June 6, 2013 by Daily Legal Reader. Petition for Change of Name of an Adult, which is the document you first file with the court to begin the name change process. All name changes in Texas must be accompanied by a fingerprint check with additional fees are payable to these third party agencies. File the original signed and notarized with the district clerk in the county where you reside.
After paying the filing fee, the clerk will issue you with a hearing date and further instructions for your documents and fingerprints, if necessary. Once your name change order has been issued your name is considered legally changed, but it is your responsibility to arrange all identity and account records to be updated.
Always update your name with Social Security first, and form SS5 should be filed within 10 days.
Get ready to send forms, letters and faxes for all the organizations that need your name change in writing.

Thanks for your fast and accurate response to my questions and the delivery of my easy name change kit. Purchased it for my new wife after she was hesitant to change names because of the hassle and we're both very happy with the outcome! Although my driver's liscense is from Florida and my car is registered in Florida, I am registered to vote in Vermont and have lived in Vermont for the past three years. To begin, I looked up Vermont State Courts online to find out which one handles name changes. Then, I emailed my dad to ask him for a certified copy of my birth certificate (as that's #2 on the required documentation list), and about a week later I received it in the mail (thanks Dad!).
When I got there, I found out that I was supposed to call the number first to make an appointment to then sign the form in front of the Register of the Court (who apparently is the reception lady at the Probate Court office). When she was ready, I signed the form in front of her (with my birth name) and gave it to her to be typed up.
She told me the Judge would sign it, and I would receive two certified copies of the offical name change by mail in 10-15 days. Then I set out to change everything else in my life (bank accounts, drivers license, birth certificate, car registration, insurance, etc).
To change my name on my social security card, I went to Social Security Online and printed out the Application for Social Security Card form. Once I received my new social security card, I was be able to change my name with my school. While I was in Florida in March 2003, I got my drivers license and car registration changed. I have not changed my name on my Florida birth certificate because of legal complications encountered when I was trying to change the sex designation on it. With custody disputes, the division of assets, and the stress of finding a new living space you might forget about the process of getting your name changed.

One invaluable piece of advice however is to make sure that your divorce decree gives you the option of changing your name back to your maiden name. However, this should simply be a consideration and should not hinder you from changing you name back. If you feel that your community, friends, and co-workers know you by a certain name and you want to keep it that way there is nothing wrong with retaining your married name. There are many factors but really it comes down to how comfortable you in your present situation.
The exact process for fingerprinting changes between counties, so check ahead before filing.
You should attend your hearing with the copy of your Petition for a Change of name of an Adult and Order Granting Name Change.
F______, the bank teller simply filled out a bunch of forms for me, both for changing my name on my accounts and to get new ATM cards. What a nice gesture!Cub Scouts have officially become Cub Sport with the release of their new EP 'Paradise'. We recommend contacting the county clerk where you reside for the latest forms as these can change between counties and copies found online may be dated.
You can check out the band and their new name when they hit the road supporting Jinja Safari on their tour.

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