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After getting married, we needed to focus on our family planning, KitBiz has great do-it-yourself planning kits that helped my wife and I get organized and protect our future. Sign up to our newsletter and get exclusive deals you wont find anywhere else straight to your inbox! The Legal Name Change Kit is sold for Minors, Adults or Family versions (choose version on order form). Helping me to organize and complete important personal record updates, protecting my personal and private interests and information. The Legal Name Change Kit is not used for marital name change and only used for divorce name change if the decree does not indicate a name change was requested. What a nice gesture!Cub Scouts have officially become Cub Sport with the release of their new EP 'Paradise'. You can check out the band and their new name when they hit the road supporting Jinja Safari on their tour. It is the name that must be used for paying taxes, applying for licenses and permits, and for other legal functions. An LLC can amend its Articles of Organization to reflect a new name, and must inform state and federal agencies of the change. Alternatively, an LLC can simply register a fictitious name under which it conducts business.

Prior to submitting the amendment, however, you should repeat the process you took in establishing the availability of the existing name.
This means searching online state databases for registered names and fictitious names, as well as more general searches to see what names might be protected by trademark law. If you have a single-member LLC taxed as a sole proprietorship, send a signed letter to the address where you file your taxes, informing them of the change. If your LLC is taxed as a partnership or corporation, indicate the name change on your tax return form. A fictitious name is not the official name of the business, however, and cannot be used on government forms.
If the state has a form for domestic LLC name changes, it will likely also have a form for foreign LLC amendments. Additionally, inform suppliers, vendors and other organizations with whom you do regular business.
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