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As someone who loves giving back to the community for all the blessing I give, I do it because of the sense of fulfilment I get when I see that I have been a part of other people’s lives and have affected them to change for the better (in one way or another). I’ve known Rags 2 Riches for a long time since their aim is to premiumize the work artisans at Payatas. Before meeting Chef Rob Pengson, my impression on culinary arts was that it was for the elite with loads of money to afford the tuition fees. Pharmaton Philippines aims to help other social entrepreneurs, advocates, and other relevant groups of people who spearhead high-impact projects and aim to see their visions come to life through LifeChangers: Success in Numbers, a nationwide, online video-driven contest, aims to do.
I have complained before how white males dominate theological discussions, and as much as I enjoy their stimulating conversations, I’d love to see Christian Culture move towards listening to people of color.
It was a bit like hearing a series of alternating lectures – one from the Popular White Christian Conference Speaker Dude™ religious equivalent of your third grade arithmetic teacher, then another from an outside-of-evangelicalism faith leader primed on graduate-level spiritual calculus – and then hearing only brief (but brilliant) quotations from women of color professional mathematicians consigned to “women’s panels.” (There was literally a “women’s lunch” and a “pastor’s lunch” on the second day of the conference. Can you imagine a story where Casebolt is indeed suspended but during this time, invited to undergo extensive counseling and additional training? Like the spiritual discipline of prayer or generosity or hospitality, we need to embrace the discipline of giving permission. A housekeeping note: cindywords will be taking a short hiatus as Cindy is going on summer vacation.

He broke that stereotype by being a life changer and building his own culinary school, the Global Culinary School, so that people who were passionate about cooking didn’t have to break the bank to earn a culinary degree. I have become expert at living life with my bluetooth in my ear–as well as engaging in conversation with people in my earpiece who cannot, in fact, actually hear me. If Dajerria and her family was willing – since she should not feel obligated to engage in this process, can you imagine if he willingly went to Dajerria and truly apologized to her and her family? I specialize in Time Management, Productivity, Managerial Skills, Communication Skills, Conflict Resolution, Teambuilding, and Leadership Development. My recent favorite is this one with Romal Tune & Tony Kriz, both wonderful folks to follow.
This reflection on the Justice Conference in Chicago was really honest, and I feel like a good summary of the tensions many evangelical Christians are feeling right now. So far, guests have included popular blogger, Phil Yu, the Angry Asian Man, Charter School founders, Randy and Meg Palisoc (an inspiring story), and Asian American stand up comedian Paul Kim (hilarious and honest and slightly rated R.) Although not specifically Christian, because Ken Fong is a pastor, the conversation naturally includes aspects of Christian faith. Three years ago, when I attended the first Justice Conference here in Asia, I felt similar things. Even though it is only for a month, I’m not lying to you when I say I stress about the whiplash of culture shock.

LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST – it will help retire old stereotypes of Asian Americans when you hear stories of dynamic culture changers from the Asian American community. Jumpstart your sermon prep with interesting perspectives from DKirk along with guests on his show. For the most part the conference was encouraging and uplifting, and then there was a climactic session that left me scratching my head. Have you ever seen a police officer after a tumultuous situation…apologize to the said person? The human psyche is not meant to be transported to a totally different world in less than 24 hours. Every one of us can spark an idea and turn it into a project that can change the world for the better.
However, we persisted because our goal was bigger than our problems and we really wanted to help,” she said.

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