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Pastor Gregory Dickow, founder of the Chicago-based Life Changers International Church, is the popular host of The Power to Change Today - an international television ministry that reaches 625 million households weekly. The Pastor’s unique vision led to the continued expansion of the church and to a spiritual renaissance that would eventually embrace the needs of thousands in the Chicagoland area. The $30 million campus also houses the Valeo Academy, a dynamic day school from kindergarten through twelfth grade. Life Changers International Church offers 2 weekend worship services and additional services at one of our alternative locations. Add or update the information in this church listing to help visitors discover Life Changers International Church. Women of Power Conferenceon May 1, 2016The Women of Power Conference is a gathering of women who are committed to be strong women of God, walking in power and authority and taking action to bring about godly changes in their own lives, their homes, communities and the world.

He also hosts Ask The Pastor – a highly-rated live radio and Internet program heard five days weekly, which gives callers the chance to obtain practical answers to everyday problems.
His spiritual journey continued at Western Michigan University, where he immersed himself in God’s word and created an on-campus church.
From its modest start in the gymnasium of an elementary school in Elk Grove, Illinois, the non-denominational church grew rapidly and attracted a dynamic, ethnically-diverse congregation. In the fall of 2004, Gregory Dickow Ministries realized one of its dreams, opening its new world headquarters in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, a 160,000 square-foot facility located on 30 acres, incorporating a 3,000 seat sanctuary, a 400 seat World Prayer Center, a 1,000 seat multipurpose gymnasium, a leadership training center, and a fully-equipped radio and TV studio.
With Grace Dickow as Principal, the school focuses on an individualized approach to a classic curriculum, educating the next generation to walk in the character and power of God. A master of this live exchange format, the Pastor interacts with callers in a most personal way, challenging them to experience spiritual growth, and thereby empower themselves to become successful in every area of their lives.

He later spent summers on the mission fields of Asia, sharing his faith, building churches, and training young men and women in Christian leadership. When God created Adam and Eve, His original intention for them was to share everything He had with them.
But through the shed blood of Jesus it was all restored back to those who would simply accept Jesus as the Lord of their lives and walk with Him again.

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